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Food Delivery mobile applications are in trend. Why is it so?

Though this is because good food is the foremost need of any person, and food delivery applications serve you at your doorstep with the food that you wish to have. This is one of the best services coming from the mobile application framework which has achieved heights in the past couple of years. 

Let’s check what there is a food delivery application and what it is composed of and how to start with a food delivery application. 

  • Sign Up

Through sign-up, the user can start with the application. This step starts with entering the mobile no. or email address as a user profile. Then create their password and confirm it by re-entering it. 

The other option to Sign up is Google or Facebook. This enables the user to sign up with ease and saves time and effort for the user. The time invested in the OTP verification saves over here.

  • Guest Login

One can use the application without login or signup which means the user can visit the application as a guest. The applications with this option do not provide users access to avail themselves of the product or service they are delivering. 

  • Login

If a user visits an application as a guest login and wants to avail of the product or service then he needs to log in. The Login procedure is the same as earlier through the email/mobile and password or Google/Facebook

  • Forgot Password

Through a forgotten password, the user can recreate the password in case he forgot the previous one. The verification of this is done through Email or mobile no. 

  • Enter Location 

This step needs a user to enter their current location. This is done by entering the Pincode or by turning on the google location. 

  • Restaurant Lists

After providing all the sign-up details, the home page of the application appears to have a restaurant list containing the restaurant name, reviews, and menu. Through, clicking to see the menu tab user can get restaurant information such as name, address, rating, and a menu tab containing items, categories, and subcategories. 

  • Food Item Listing

In this step, one can check out the item like to order and select the quantity. In the Select quantity tab, One can add or remove items as well. Check out the price, and item image, and add it to the favourite. And finally can click on the to Buy option. 

  • Search

In the search tab users can directly search the option he is not getting in the provided lists. One can search restaurant names, food items, or categories. 

  • Filter

In the application, the user can also filter the options. Can select the restaurant name, then a category, after that the food type with veg and non-veg options and at last the price. 

  • Food Item Detail

Now comes the food time details which include various options. The options include category, quantity, price of the item, and Image of an item. Users can add the item to their favourites if they wish to buy it later. It includes item rating as well. If The user wishes to buy the product then they can move to the buy list by adding the item to the cart and can place the order through the Place Order tab.

  • Checkout Page

The checkout page consists of adding address, address type, and selecting payment method. In address, the user needs to fill in the full address, in the address type needs to be selected from work/home/Other. The payment option includes net Banking, Card, UPI, or Cash on delivery options. 

  • Your Orders

The tab of an application where one can find all the orders placed. This segment has the item name, category of the item, item price, item image, item status, and review.

Item status includes:

  • Order Received
  • In preparation
  • XYZ valet assigned to your order with valet information name, phone, and live location. 
  • On the way ( one can track the driver’s live location once he picks the order)
  • Delivered includes rate delivery as well.
  • Cancelled
  • Disputed
  • The review tab includes ratings and comments. 
  • Daily Deals

The user can encounter various deals inside the application and can get various daily offers on food items. These deals attract users to order and benefit from the deal.

  • Return and Refund

With various services the mobile application also gives users an option to return the food delivered if it does not fulfil the requirements. And the refund option ensures the payment is refunded in the given period. 

  • Chat support

A new feature has been added to the food delivery app. The chatbox is provided through which the user can chat with the concerned person and can ask questions.

  • Offers and Combos

In the food delivery app, one can get various offers and combos. These offers are provided on special occasions, days, and festivals. If you want to develop the best Food delivery app feel free to Contact us.

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