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How Can Grocery Apps Help You To Grow Your Business In This Pandemic Period?

    Mobile apps undoubtedly are on peak. During this pandemic, it has become difficult for people to go out, and to protect everyone from COVID-19, social distancing is being followed. So, here the Grocery App plays an important part. Not only this, but in today's time, people have to go through a hectic schedule, and they hardly find time to do their household work. In this schedule, the time they get is spent on their personal care.  But in all these, there are also some imperative tasks that need to be taken care of, i.e., grocery shopping which is not possible during this crisis. Instead of stepping out of the house and going out to the grocery shop, carrying all that heavy stuff is really a tough task.  There is always a solution for everything, and for such issues, Grocery Applications will do wonders. Now, all you need to do is just pick up your phone, place an order as per your requirement, and have everything at your doorstep. There are n number of sellers and a number of buyers on this platform. You will be easily connected to the best grocery stores and have all that you want. Not only this, but you will also save your time and the margin on grocery as it is much lesser than on offline stores.   Features:  In grocery stores, the changes caused by e-commerce have been adaptive rather than innovative. The development of e-commerce in grocery has surpassed retail sales of bricks and mortar in developed and developing countries. There are many more purposes why you should opt for grocery apps: Convenience: It is extremely difficult for people at work to go and buy a grocery as it consumes so much time. However, with grocery shopping apps, anyone can buy groceries directly from the app in just a few taps. So now, you don't have to wait in the queue, just get everything delivered at your doorstep. Huge Discount: Another benefit of having this app is that it allows you to offer discounts to your customers. So it will attract more of its customers. Rich Variety: It is quite frustrating when you go out to a local store but fail to find the item of your needs; in that case, grocery apps will come to your rescue, which will provide ample varieties for its customers. Easy Categorization: To help customers pick the stuff quickly, there are categories defined separately. Thus, a mobile application is important for achieving new heights in your company.   Conclusion There is no doubt left behind that the Grocery app is still developing and helping people to adopt different technologies. Grocery store owners have also realized the importance of on-demand services that every grocery app is providing.  So, if you have a grocery store and want to create the best grocery shopping app for your business, then it is a peak time to grow and expand your business promptly. This is due to the fact that the growth of the grocery store will definitely be a booming market in the near future.  Also, a number of customers are willing to wait for their favorite grocery store online services. And no doubt more customers will be involved soon and this can only be possible due to COVID-19. So, do not waste your time; instead, go and develop your own grocery application to reach out to maximum customers.   Contact Us: [email protected]


  Fantasy Apps are part of the Fantasy Sports genre(defined by Indian Law). It is an online game where you create a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your chosen players perform in real-life matches. To win a tournament, you must work towards attaining the maximum points and the No. 1 rank on the leader-board. e.g. ICC IPL Fantasy league, IPL 2019 Fantasy league, etc… Fantasy Cricket A Fantasy Cricket Match is based on batting and bowling orders which are the most debated part of the cricketing strategy. A little change in the order can change the course of the game. The concept involves selecting a team of 11 players from the pool of players who will play the match. There are no budget caps and player selection is not limited to a particular number of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders. A fantasy team can have any type of players. The main aim in a Fantasy Cricket Match is to out-score the opposition by an as big margin as possible. Fantasy cricket matches can be played in all 3 international forms: One Day International, Twenty20 and Test Cricket. The legality of Fantasy Cricket in India: Gambling, Wagering, Betting are some of the words that are considered illegal in India by the general public but actually, there are many fantasy apps that are 100% legal and authentic to play. Fantasy Cricket is classified as a Game of Skill similar to other games like horse riding. Fantasy Cricket for Cash is at the hub of three dynamic industry spokes, namely, Internet, Gaming and Cricket. Now you can play almost any sports over these fantasies applications, here is the list of some prominent sports which are available as the Fantasy Apps: Cricket Football Rugby Kabbadi Hockey Baseball   What we are Doing We provide both custom solution as well as from-scratch development depending on your requirements. We have an expert team of highly professional’s individuals who are more than capable to handle start-ups as well as pre-established businesses. Discuss your plans today and pave the way to the future of online gaming. Contact Us: [email protected]


    Itegrate your Magneto E-Commerce with Amazon and be prepared for rapid revenue growth Seamless Integration From the ease and familiarity of the Magento Admin, you’ll have continuously synchronized product catalog, inventory, and order information. Intelligent Pricing Almost 90% (~82%) of sales are from the Amazon Buy Box position. Leverage Magento’s competitive intelligent repricing to automatically reprice your Amazon listings to increase the chances of winning the Buy Box. Listing Management Easily control which products sync to your Amazon marketplace using listing rules, and build new products in Magento from Amazon listings. Fulfillment Management Fulfill your own orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination of both to get orders into your customer's hands. Order Management Manage your orders from a centralized location within the Magento sales order grid. Ship or cancel orders, and build customer profiles from a single console. Inventory Management Automatically maintain inventory synchronization between your catalog and Amazon listings. Utilize inventory marketing tactics on Amazon to increase the urgency to the buyer. Business Pricing (B2B) B2B functionality allows merchants with business accounts to purchase from each other with the expected performance of the shopping experience within Amazon. With B2B pricing, you can offer other businesses tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased. Looking for Magento Development Partner? Contact [email protected] #magento #appicsoftwares #wewilldoit credits @Magento


  Here is the complete guide! Is your WordPress site is not enough to handle the existing inventory? Do you need a scalable platform for your E-Commerce need? Here is the Magento the best solution for you....... Migration is often considered a tricky task and if not done right can have an adverse effect on the site as a whole. Emerging technologies have made it possible for a website migration to be carried out in a manner in which site traffic does not go down. The most complicated type of migration is that of sites that contain a lot of data, for example, eCommerce sites. There are a huge number of processes involved in the migration of a WordPress website to a Magento platform. Team Appic has worked with a lot of WordPress to Magento migrations and we have compiled an ingenious step by step migration process which encompasses all aspects avoiding unnecessary pitfalls. Here are the technical steps involved in the migration of WordPress websites to a Magento platform: Install and configure the Magento setup in the server. Login to the admin panel of the WordPress website and create the same user roles in the Magento backend. Design the Lay-out and extra Magento features like search, product view, shopping cart etc as per the client requirement. Create pages & posts on the Magento website and copy the content from the existing WordPress site manually. Create Header, Menu, Logo, Slider & Footer manually. Products Export – We will export the products along with its description, categories, size/quantity, price into an excel by logging in the backend of the WordPress website and the excel sheet will be converted into Magento format. We will download the images of the products from WordPress and the same will be converted into the Magento folder structure. Both the excel sheet and images will be uploaded by logging in to backend and FTP respectively. OR We can move bulk products and its details (categories, orders) using product export plug-in. Configure the shipping method and shipping fee manually. Integration of Payment method and payment gateway as per customer requirement. All the additional features like newsletter subscription, enquiry form, live chat, social streams etc available in WordPress can also be adopted in Magento. Magento features like Product filters, extensive search options can also be added to the website as per customer requirements. Testing on both design and functionality in the Magento website. Thus the migration process from WordPress to Magento is done! For any Magento, related development contact us @ [email protected]

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