Top 7 Astrology App Development Companies In 2024

Top 7 Astrology App Development Companies In 2024

Best astrology app development company

As per research, the astrology industry is increasing at a rate of 5.7% ( CAGR ) and is expected to reach $22.8 billion by the end of 2031. Thus, if you are planning to launch a business around astrology and looking for a company that can help you create an app then you are at the right place. 

Here we have listed the top 7 astrology app development companies that you must check out. So, let’s dive in and have a look at the content of this article-

Appic Softwares ( 5/5⭐ )

Astrology app development company

A leading astrology app development company based in India. They have an experienced team of mobile app developers that can include various services on your astrology app like a horoscope report, marriage horoscope report, tarot card reading, and so on. 

The developers can use the latest technologies like AI, Flutter, etc. which ensures that your app is user-friendly and highly scalable. 


  • Appic Softwares can create a selling portal on your app so that it’s easier for you to sell stones, idols, and more. 
  • They can incubate video, voice, and live chat on your app which makes communication easier for your customers. 
  • Appic Softwares also provides 180 days of post-maintenance support, which too totally free. 
  • It can include several features in your astrology app like appointment booking, secure payment gateway, push notifications, celestial calendar, and many more. 
  • 95% of the apps were delivered within the set budget and timeframe.
  • Provides Astrology API integration services!

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OrangeMantra ( 4.8/5⭐ )

astrology mobile app development company

OrangeMantra can assist you in developing an astrology app from the scratch. They can include various services like horoscope reports, western astrology, and Vedic astrology


  • 92% of the apps created by OrangeMantra were delivered within the timeframe. 
  • They use cutting-edge technologies like gamification, AR/VR, etc. to develop your apps. 

Tekniko Global ( 4.5/5⭐ )

astrologer app development company

Tekniko Global can help you build a user-friendly astrology mobile app that can be used by tarot card readers, numerologists, astrologers, and many more. Through their services, you can easily add and remove daily horoscope reports from your app. 


  • They provide 24X7 customer support.
  • Tekniko Global has worked with more than 100 clients across different industries. 

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Crest Coder ( 4.7/5⭐ )

best astrology app development company

Crest Coders can help you build an astrology app using various technologies like AR, Big Chain, and more. The astrology app created by them can have various services like numerology reports, horoscope reports, and so on. 


  • They provide an admin panel so that you can also make changes in your app. 
  • The app can be launched on platforms like Android and iOS. 

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Mutual Mobile ( 4.8/5⭐ )

horoscope app development company

Founded in 2010, Mutual Mobiles has a dedicated team of 70+ developers. They can include various features in the astrology mobile app like video calling, palm reading, calendar predictions, and so on. 


  • Just like Appic Softwares, Mutual Mobile is also an ISO-certified firm. 
  • They work across four technologies that are IoT, Blockchain, AR, and VR. 

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RipenApps ( 4.7/5⭐ )


RipenApps assist you in creating an astrology app that is secure and allows users to create their profiles. They can include games in your astrology app with the help of gamification. 


  • RipenApps can incubate a chat or message feature into your app. 
  • They can create an easy sign-up process for your app. 

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CognitiveClouds ( 4.6/5⭐ )


CognitiveClouds is a custom software development company that can help you develop an astrology app on Android and iOS. The app made by them is dynamic, which allows you to make changes as per your need. 


  • They can include various features in astrology apps like voice chat, video calls, palm reading, and so on. 
  • CognitiveCloud can also help you develop an app for smart TVs. 

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Now, in the end, we hope that through this article you were able to choose the best astrology app development company. We have listed the best 7 companies from a ton of companies available in the market so that it’s easier for you to choose. 

However, if you are still confused, then you should try Appic Softwares. It’s an ISO-certified company that strictly follows NDA guidelines. Moreover, they have dedicated astrology app developers who can help you develop a feature-loaded astrology app. 

Additionally, Appic Softwares has a team of business analysts that will help you create a future-proof strategy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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