Astrology Zone: Revenue, Statistics, & More 2023

Astrology Zone: Revenue, Statistics, & More 2023

Astrology zone revenue and usage statistics

Founded in 1995 Astrology Zone is the leading horoscope information-providing platform that also sells spiritual products. If you are looking for more statistics on Astrology Zone, read this article. Here we have included some fresh information to help you get an overview of it. 

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Astrology Zone Statistics 2023

  • On January 2023, Astrology Zone had 2 million ( Approx ) visitors. 
  • The bounce rate of the Astrology Zone is 45.97%.  
  • Under the category rank “Community & Belief” Astrology Zone is ranked #137 in the United States of America. 
  • Consumers spend 3:59 minutes on Astrology Zone on average. 

What Is The Monthly Traffic In The Astrology Zone?

The monthly traffic on Astrology Zone is-

Month Number Of Users ( Million )
January 2023
December 2022 2.3
November 2022 2.2

Astrology Zone monthly visitors 2023

What Is The Annual Revenue Of Astrology Zone?

The annual revenue of Astrology Zone ranges from $5-10$ million ( 2022- 2023 ).

Astrology Zone Market Share 2023

The highest traffic on Astrology Zones comes via direct search( 48.93% ) and the lowest comes through emails ( 0.07% )

Market Channels Percentage Of Traffic
Direct 48.93%
Organic Search 47.19%
Social Media 2.15%
Referrals 1.66%
Emails 0.07%

Astrology Zone traffic

What Is The Social Media Traffic Distribution Of Astrology Zone?

Astrology Zone gets its social media traffic from 6 different platforms with the highest traffic coming from Douban ( 30.96% ).

Platforms Percent Traffic
Douban 30.96
Facebook 23.22
Youtube 19.57
Twitter 12.75
Reddit 10.67
Others 2.82

Astrology Zone Social Media Traffic

What Is The Device Traffic Share Of Astrology Zone?

Desktop drives 17.2% of traffic in the Astrology Zone, whereas 82.8% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. 

mobile traffic on astrology zone

Astrology Zone Demographics

Which Country Sends The Most Traffic On Astrology Zone?

The United States sends the highest number of traffic to the Astrology Zone which occupies 43.15% of the total traffic. 

Country Traffic ( % )
United States 43.15
Canada 8.63
United Kingdom 8.27
India 5.95
Australia 3.96
Others 30.02

Astrology Zone country wise

What Is The Gender Distribution In Astrology Zone?

58.03% of the users on Astrology Zone are female and the rest 41.97% are male. 

Astrology zone gender traffic

What Is The Age Distribution Of Visitors In The Astrology Zone?

25-34 are the highest percentage ( 26.86% ) of visitors and 65+ visits the least ( 9.90% )

Age Traffic ( % )
18-24 16.92
25-34 26.86
35-44 18.45
45-54 14.95
45-64 12.91
65+ 9.90

Astrology Zone age distribution

Technologies Used By Astrology Zone

What Technology Is Used By Astrology Zone For Marketing?

Astrology Zone uses Salesforce audience studio for marketing automation. 

What Are The Website Technologies Used By Astrology Zone?

  • Astrology Zone uses Cloudflare for content delivery whereas WordPress ( WP engine ) for content management. 
  • To track customer behavior and incoming traffic they use Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. 

Astrology Zone Competitor

What Is Astrology.Com?

Just like Astrology Zone, also provides daily horoscopes, tarot card readings, retrogrades, and more. 

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Astrology.Com VS Astrology Zone

  • The bounce rate of Astrology.Com is 40.83% whereas that of Astrology Zone is 45.97%.  
  • 90.2% of the traffic on is from mobile devices, whereas 82.8% of traffic from mobile comes from Astrology Zone. 
  • In December 2022 Astrology.Com had 9.2 million visitors whereas Astrology Zone had 2.3 million visitors to the website. 
  • Both platforms receive the highest traffic from females with receiving 60.79% of traffic and Astrology Zone receiving 58% of traffic.  

Astrology Zone Rating

Astrology zone reviews and ratings
Astrology Zone rating and reviews

Astrology Zone app has received 4.7/5⭐on both AppStore and Google Play Store. But the rating of the Astrology Zone is considerably low with a rating of just 1.49/5⭐. reviews and rating


Astrology Zone saw a decline in the number of 0.3 million visitors in January 2023 as compared to December 2022. Furthermore, the global ranking of the Astrology Zone has currently decreased from 30,172 to 32,323. 

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