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Today having an account on Google is crucial as google delivers abundant services and can be synced to almost every platform. So, having an account on Google is a necessity for being technologically advanced and to be able to access online services. Looking towards these progressing needs we have bought a guide book for you. A stepwise play store set up an account.

So, to have an account on the play store it is necessary to have an account on google. If you already have an account on google then you can proceed with the second part of the blog that states how to create an account on the Play store.

Creating Google Account

1. On your mobile phones go to Settings, find accounts and click to add an account, represented in the top right corner as a plus icon. 

2. Click on google and then Create A New Account. 

3. You’ll then need to fill in your personal information such as your name, age, and gender.

4. Next, you’ll have to choose a username for your google account. Choose a username that is accepted by google and move further with the account. 

5. Now create a password for your account including some special characters such as #@ etc and should not be less than 8 characters. Also re-enter to confirm

6. Next, add a phone no. to your account. Remember, add a phone no. which is accessible because it will be used to log in and verify your account further. And even it is used in case you have forgotten your password. 

7. Then, Google terms and conditions appear, simply click on I Agree.

8. Finally, you are on the screen of your new google account. Add the information and requirements as required in an account. You can even customize your google account and can easily create a new Gmail account for others. 

As you have created your new google account you can easily set up your play store account now. This will allow you to download apps from the play store and to access abundant other google services. 

Set up your Google Play Store account

1. Click on the Google Play Store icon on your android phone screen. 

2. Now, enter your Google username and tap next.

3. Now you will need to complete the verification and security process. Here, you need to enter billing information so that google acquires access to not charge you for the central apps provided in the Play Store. 

4. Now you are on the Backup and Restore page, where you will have to select a checkbox, here you need to choose to Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account check box. 

5. Finally, tap next to scroll through the app store and download your application. 

It was a complete guide to setting up a play store account to access Play Store app install and other purposes. This will now allow you to download all applications on your android phone. And for further queries regarding any other android, you can talk to our expert and can consult.

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