How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like AT&T?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like AT&T?

Cost To Develop An App Like AT&T

Think about leaving your adolescent kids at home with a to-do list while you go to work, only to get home to find that they’ve been playing Xbox and watching Netflix all day. Even though this is joking, consider the possibility of someone using your house WiFi without authorization and having malicious intentions.

In the WiFi and network-sharing environment, events on both ends of the spectrum occur often. The issues that AT&T’s Smart Home Manager software hopes to fix. The program makes it simple for users of the providers to remotely manage their network thanks to its many WiFi network and device management functions.

The solution is just a few steps away from becoming widely used because it is the first of its kind in the field of smart home management. Many internet service providers are anticipated to provide a similar product with an improved feature set in order to capitalize on this open market. This guide is for you if you want to create an app similar to AT&T Smart Home Manager.

We will delve further into the features, development process, and price of creating software like AT&T Smart Home Manager.

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The functionality of an AT&T-like App

Understanding the AT&T service is essential before starting to design smart home manager apps. The internet service provider has developed a method for users to view and control the gadgets connected to their home WiFi network from any location.

After entering their AT&T user ID and password to access the application, a series of network diagnostics on their home network instantly begin, including advice for how to make their network better.

Additionally, customers receive a “My Wi-Fi” section where they can customize their network, exchange WiFi information, and check connected devices in addition to network speed and data usage. The tool also gives customers the option to restart their WiFi, which keeps their home network functioning at its best.

After looking at the fundamentals of the AT&T app flow, let’s explore the various factors that influence how much it costs to develop the AT&T Smart Home Manager app.

The Price of Developing an App Similar to AT&T Smart Home Manager

Typically, an app like the AT&T Smart Home Manager costs between $50,000 and $120,000. The feature sets, design system selection, team size, and location of the software development services provider are what determine this estimate. These four factors combined determine the precise AT&T Smart Home Manager app development cost, which you can only find out when you share your needs and request a quote from an experienced development team.

Features of an AT&T-like smart home manager app

Understanding the essential components that will drive the development of an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager is crucial for ensuring that the procedure you use to create it is successful.

speed evaluation and signal quality

When creating an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager, the first feature to take into account is providing customers with the ability to test the internet’s speed and signal strength both within and outside of a network region.

AT&T performs the action automatically when the program launches, but when you design an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager, you can decide to need the user to make a manual selection. In this way, you will be able to speed up the app onboarding process to some level.

Managing connected devices

The fact that the AT&T Smart Home Manager app has a specific section for seeing and managing the linked devices connected to the WiFi network is one of its important features.

The software allows users to see how many devices are currently connected to the network, suspend their connection for a short period of time, and even establish a downtime plan that will cause their device to automatically disconnect at the appointed time.

Wi-Fi profile administration

Users should be able to alter WiFi details like the name and password from within an app comparable to AT&T Smart Home Manager. Additionally, it has a QR code feature that enables users to easily share network information with others.

Additionally, this feature makes it simple for users to construct device-specific profiles.

Reboot the gateway

Internet users who are away from home sometimes struggle to maintain the functionality of essential devices like security cameras due to their inability to reboot their home network. It will be helpful to add a function that would make it simple to reset the internet remotely without seeking assistance from a technician when creating an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager.

troubleshooting and diagnosis

Internet customers may experience downtime or abrupt inaction, which forces them to connect with their internet service provider and wait while they fix the problem. Having an in-app diagnostic and troubleshooting tool that users can use to solve problems without waiting in line for technicians is a remedy for this that may be implemented during the creation of your smart home manager app.

The architecture of an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager

Building a design system is the next step in creating an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager once the features are planned. AT&T has a reasonably simple organizational structure. It places all the information in their designated area, making it very simple for consumers to sign up and understand how the app functions.

Size of the team and location of the companies developing smart home manager apps

The choice of the development company is one of the most important factors affecting the price of developing an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager. Although it is well known that an organization from the USA or the UK will charge roughly $120-$150 per hour for its resources while one from India will only charge $60-$80 per hour, what is less discussed is the team composition.

The general rule of thumb is that the more experienced the individuals working on your project, the more expensive the resources will be and, at the same time, the quicker the project will progress.

The actual work on the steps to construct an app similar to AT&T Smart Home Manager begins now that the functionality and design system for the AT&T Smart Home Manager app have been finalized.

Creation of an App Similar to AT&T Smart Home Manager

Although the building of the smart home manager app is relatively simple, the app’s security and legal requirements nevertheless call for a decent amount of vigilance. This is the procedure we usually use when creating applications for smart home managers.


Usually, you have two choices when creating an app like AT&T Smart Home Manager: A. Make the app for your internet service provider firm; or B. Create white-label software that ISPs may use and fully customize. Whichever choice you select, the design system and functionality can continue to be the same.


The design guidelines are established at this stage of the procedure, with a focus on user flow and brand guidelines. Here, the goal is typically to offer a layout that will inspire customers to take charge of their smart home management.


The program has all the necessary feature sets and technological integrations at this point. Here, the emphasis is on utilizing the greatest APIs to allow customers to easily maintain connections with their home devices, regardless of how far they are from their original network region.

Evaluation and Launch

The app is now constructed, and the last step is to test it on various devices before launching it after confirming that it functions flawlessly on a variety of platforms and operating systems.

We have reached the point where you are familiar with the fundamentals of developing a smart home manager app and have a general notion of the elements that will affect the cost and workflow. The only thing left to do at this point is to work with the best bespoke software development firm that is aware of how intricately a connected ecosystem functions. Startups and businesses frequently seek Appic Softwares assistance in this area.

At Appic Softwares, we have created a ton of custom software for a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, and retail, each with its own use cases and applications. Technically speaking, the ecosystem we have worked on is the same, but each project has its own unique challenges that call for a thorough understanding of the project and the needs of the users—something our development team excels at. We are a top-tier mobile app development firm that excels at making captivating and user-friendly digital goods for our customers.


Creating an app similar to At&T is a time-consuming task, so partnering with a company that has previously worked on such projects is important. This is where Appic Softwares can help, we have previously created several applications for AT&T.

Moreover, our developers can also use all the latest technologies, such as Flutter, React, AI, and more, to launch your app.

So, what are you waiting for?

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