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How To Create An App Like Metrash2?

App Like Metrash2

At this point in history, we are living in an era in which the tsunami of digitalization has definitely expanded over not just the commercial sector but also governments.

Digitalization of government-level processes, such as obtaining licenses, applying for citizenship, safekeeping of digital copies of documents, and so on, has been a growing trend over the past decade as a result of the convenience, security, and demand of nationals and citizens from government bodies all over the world. This shift toward digitalization of government-level processes began in response to the demands of nationals and citizens.

Although practically every geopolitical region has adopted digitization to facilitate better communication and transactions between citizens and government agencies, the Middle East has been consistently in the news for taking major steps toward the effort. This has led to the region’s reputation as a leader in the effort.

Today, we are going to investigate one such endeavor that has been greatly lauded by the citizens and residents of Qatar equally – the Metrash2 app. Specifically, we are going to focus on the subject of how much it costs to make an app like Metrash2 and what the development process is like for it.

Things To Know Before Creating An App Like Metrash2 

  • Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority was the name that the government of the United Arab Emirates gave to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in the year 2021 when they decided to give it a new name. The TDRA then went on to issue its Digital Transformation Enablers Report, in which it highlighted the various digital achievements that the UAE government had accomplished, such as the creation of the digital ID known as the UAE Pass, the comprehensive cloud infrastructure of the Federal Network (FEDnet), and the national customer relationship management system (NCRM).
  • In March of 2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia formed what is now known as the Digital Government Authority (DGA). Following this, the body issued a regulatory framework for digital government, which included compliance and governance, beneficiary centralization, comprehensive government platforms, regulating the development of digital skills, and technology.
  • The Sahel mobile application, which combines all of Kuwait’s e-government services into a single package, was recently introduced by the country’s government. The “A New Kuwait” vision that the government of Kuwait has set for 2035 will be significantly advanced thanks to the mobile app.

In addition to these efforts, the Ministry of the Interior of Qatar has also developed and is responsible for maintaining a mobile application known as Metrash2 in Qatar. This application gives Qatari citizens access to more than 300 different services without having to leave the app itself.

Because of the excellent feedback that the app has received over time and the convenience of use that it provides to the citizens, it has been used as an example of how the management of documents and transactions should take place on an application used by the government. a model that administrations in several other nations have started studying with the goal of implementing in their very own countries.

In terms of the costs associated with the construction of the Metrash2 app, the range can be anything from $25,000 to $250,000 for a replica of the app in which citizens are able to keep their data, carry out transactions, and make requests to the Ministry of the Interior directly. The overall cost of developing an app similar to Metrash2 will increase in proportion to the degree to which its complexity is increased in terms of the adoption of new technologies and the inclusion of new features.

Let’s have a look at the specifics of how to build an app like Metrash2 in terms of its features, design system, technological integrations, and the whole development process, all of which have an impact on the associated costs.

Must Have Features For An App Like Metrash2


The defining of the feature sets is the first step in the Metrash2 app development process. This step then serves to establish the path that will be followed by the design system and the development process. The features of the Metrash2 app that are available at the MVP level are as follows.


Because the information and data that will be saved on the app is likely to be sensitive in nature, it is essential that various sign-up choices be incorporated into the app. When you create an app similar to Metrash2, you have the option of following the same path, which involves entering a QID number followed by the OTP being received on a mobile phone. Alternatively, you have the option of including additional layers of security, such as biometric authentication or receiving two distinct OTPs on the registered phone number and email address.


An app that is comparable to Metrash2 should not have a limit on the size of the service list that is included in the app. Every transaction that a resident or citizen can undertake digitally should be brought on the application, such as paying for a traffic citation, extending residency, issuing a new visa, or reporting lost items. The only catch is that you’ll need to construct a dashboard in which the services are organized in an appropriate manner in order to avoid data clutter.


When you are developing an app similar to Metrash2, one of the most important features to think about include is a wallet facility. This allows residents to save important documents such as their residence permit, Qatar ID card, driver’s license, vehicle registration, and ownership of crucial numbers. The facility relieves nationals of the burden of carrying the physical copy of the documents, which they would be required to do in the absence of the facility.

In-App Payment

In addition to providing users with access to a variety of governmental services, your iteration of the app that is comparable to Metrash2 should also come with the capability to make payments from within the program for a variety of transactions, including the extension of visas, the payment of penalties, and the resolution of traffic offenses, among other things. This would prevent them from having to go to the office of the relevant governmental entity.

Multilingual Support

Even though, much like MeTrash2, your application will most likely be geared at a Middle Eastern audience, it is essential to keep in mind that the end users will also comprise of people who are no longer living in the Middle East. It is essential to have an interface that supports multiple languages in order to simplify the process of using your program for everyone.

One thing is very evident now that we have investigated the features component of the cost to construct an app like Metrash2: the application will be jam-packed with information. It is essential that these elements be presented in such a way that consumers do not have a sense of clutter and are easily able to carry out transactions. This element of design must remain the primary focus of attention.

How To Design An App Like Metrash2?


When viewed from a design perspective, Metrash2 possesses a number of features that are beneficial to the application on the user journey front. These features include the division of services, clearly defined user movement, and inclusion-friendly font and symbol sizes.

However, the selection of colors and the list-based display of the services may still leave customers with the impression that there is too much going on. If you want to develop an app that is comparable to Metrash2, you might want to take into consideration the following strategies:

  • A color scheme that places an emphasis on contrast in order to facilitate reading.
  • Simple icon selection that does not use a lot of the available screen real estate
  • Placement of design elements based on visual hierarchy
  • Extra verification steps taken before granting access to confidential material
  • Prompts to make onboarding easier, among other similar features.

How To Create An App Like Metrash2?

The method of developing a mobile app and the process of developing the Metrash2 app are quite similar in terms of the stages that are required. It begins with conducting research on the customer base, followed by laying out the features, establishing a design system, and, last, creating and testing the application before it is made available to the public.

Even though we have covered the majority of the process parts, it is extremely important to build upon an ecosystem of APIs and integrations that would connect users with the various governmental agencies through a safe and real-time link.

The quantity of different integrations that can be found in an app that is comparable to Metrash2 is the essential component that makes up its base. In order to accomplish this goal, it is essential for all of the connected government agencies to undergo digital transformation and to implement security measures.

In addition to this, we strongly suggest that you integrate your app with a solid and cutting-edge set of technologies like as blockchain and artificial intelligence. This will not only make the platform more secure, but it will also make the user experience significantly better.

The incorporation of blockchain into the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, the use of smart contracts to record and keep track of transactions between the government body and inhabitants, and the application of AI and ML to proactively detect instances of fraud and hacking are all examples of use cases that illustrate the potential of the technology.

After going over the many aspects of the Metrash2 app development cost, you are probably curious about the ways in which it is possible to create a version of the application that is superior to the one that was first released.

Let’s take a look at some of the other elements that, when combined, can offer your version of an app like Metrash2 a competitive advantage in the market.

How To Create A Better App Than Metrash2?

To be able to create an improved version of Metrash2, it is necessary for you to have an understanding of the difficulties that users are encountering when using the application.

Now, the most common issues that customers have reported with Metrash2 concern unanticipated application crashes and the difficulties of signing up for an account.

These problems can be remedied by implementing a solid and scalable backend architecture that can handle sudden surges in traffic and by providing the appropriate logic to prevent sign-up problems from occurring in the first place.

In addition to finding solutions to these issues, you might also think about incorporating the following components into the app:

There are several different ways to sign up.

When accessing confidential material, an additional layer of authentication is required.

Individuals and businesses should have their own distinct entry points to prevent information overload.

A news feature that will keep locals up to date on the most recent events that have taken place in the region

There are a variety of additional components and features that can be included in your app in order to give it an advantage over similar ones. We can assist you in coming up with ideas and determining whether or not they are viable in terms of the market and technology.


Q.How can I construct an app similar to Metrash2?

Ans.The process of making an application like Metrash2 begins with finalizing the features, building a design system, integrating the essential technologies as part of the development process, and ultimately testing the program before it is released to the public.

Q.How much does the creation of an app similar to Metrash2 cost?

Ans.The cost of developing an application such as Metrash2 can range anywhere from $25,000 to $250,000, depending on the features you choose to include or the high-end technologies you decide to acquire and include.

Q.How long does it typically take to develop an app similar to Metrash2?

Ans.It can take between six and eight months to create an application that is comparable to Metrash2 and is an identical clone of the original. However, just like the cost of developing the Metrash2 app, the amount of time required to complete it would vary depending on the features and technology set you select for your app.

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