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How To Integrate Chatgpt With Whatsapp?

How to integrate chatgpt with whatsapp

Do you know, Chatgpt gained 1 million new users within one week of its launch? Due to its popularity and high usage now, there is a plus membership available on the internet of Chatgpt. 

OpenAI the parent company of Chatgpt is not stopping there, they recently introduced a new feature of Chatpth that allows you to integrate it with Whatsapp and provide better customer support on the platform. 

If you are looking for ways to integrate Chatgpt and Whatsapp then you are at the right place, here we have listed 2 simple ways by which you can do it. 

So, let’s dive in and check out the content in this article-

Benefits Of Chatgpt And Whatsapp Integration

Integrating Chatgpt and Whatsapp can help you in various ways-

  • Automated Customer Service

Whatsapp chatgpt integrattion

Chatgpt can attend to your customers in real-time and solve some generic inquiries. However, it may face difficulties in solving some inter-organization issues like pricing queries, refund queries, and more. You can use Chatgpt on Whatsapp to attend to customers and make them wait until your customer support representative attends to them. 

  • 24X7 Support

Chatgpt can operate continuously and without a break. This can help you attend to your customers when your customer support team is on a break or once they have left for their shift. It can attend to them and inform about your unavailability. 

  • Increases Customer Satisfaction

chatgpt and whatsapp integration

80% of the customers said that they want quick responses from a customer support team. Thus, Chatgpt can help in increasing customer satisfaction by quickly attending to your customers. 

2 Ways To Connect Chatgpt And Whatsapp

Here we have listed 2 simple ways by which you integrate Chatgpt and Whatsapp to upscale your customer experience on the social platform- 

  • Connecting Whatsapp Chatbot With Chatgpt

To do so you need to have a Whatsapp chatbot linked to your Whatsapp business account. 

Step 1: Integrating Whatsapp With A Chatbot

There are several Whatsapp chatbot-providing companies like Wati, Chatimize, etc that you can select and create a chatbot. 

  • Register on a chatbot and create a flow for the chat. 
  • Utilize a chat builder, test your chatbot, and then put the chatbot API on your phone. 

Step 2: Collect OpenAI API 

  • Sign in on the OpenAI account and navigate to API key page. 
  • Click on API key page and create a new secret key. 

Step 3: Connecting Chatgpt API With Chatbot

  • Now use the OpenAI API and Whatsapp Chatbot. You can do that by going to your Chatbot dashboard. Every chatbot has a different way of integration. 

*This integration should be at your own risk as there are chances of Whatsapp blocking you due to the integration not being genuine. 

  •  Use Python Script To Set Whatsapp Number And Launch Chatgpt Simultaneously 

  • Step 1: Open Gifthub and download the Python code of integration from it. 
  • Step 2: Click on download>download zip and then execute the Whatsapp-gpt main file in your terminal. 
  • Step 3: Then execute the file from your terminal and enter IS>hit enter. 
  • Step 4: Then enter the Python and your number will be automatically configured to the OpenAI chat page. 
  • Step 5: You just need to verify yourself as a human by clicking on the box. Now your Whatsapp account and Chatgpt are linked.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to integrate Chatgpt with your Whatsapp account. If you are confused about whether to integrate it or not, then we have listed some benefits for your to make up your mind. 

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