What are the Essential Features of a Restaurant Management System?

Restaurant Management Systems –                      An Introduction!

From ages, the preliminary practice of ordering and serving in the Food and Beverage industry has been evolving. From selling food items in local barter shops to serving well-plated fancy plates in Michelin star restaurants, a lot has changed. And one of the biggest factors that saw changes throughout the journey is the restaurant management system of each establishment. 

With the culinary evolution, the restaurants from time to time have seen the addition of new cuisines and the revolution of the management system of accounts. It all started from the date people started selling food for profit and maintained the written documents of their business. With the emergence of Information Technology and the revolution of bookkeeping methods turning everyone’s interest towards maintaining computerized data has deeply affected the management system. 

Computerizing the records and account maintenance is not new for the Hospitality Industry. But the Restaurant Management System is very young and underrated in today’s day and age. A restaurant Management system provides the business owners, managers, and even employees with certain benefits that help them in:-
1. Making their work easier.
2. Make their Analytics accurate
3. Make their Management smooth
4. Helps them in taking fast action on every Mis-hap
5. Assists in keeping track of the inventory.
And many more benefits. 


The bigger establishments such as Star Restaurants and Ranked food chains have turned their heads towards Restaurant/Hotel/Property Management Systems as soon as they realized its potential. The Hotel brands have been using customized Property Management Systems (PMS) for a long time now in order to keep track of all the business they are generating from each different aspect of the property.
Chain Restaurants like KFC and Mcdonald’s have been using the customized Restaurant management system for inventory management and trailing the business flow. Making the emerging F&B enterprises realize the importance of a Restaurant Management System is the sole purpose of this article, let’s start.

Why should one take Restaurant Management Software as an alternative?

Primitive bookkeeping was the longest practiced method throughout the globe. Yet, in the last few decades, the Hospitality Industry along with all the other industries has seen a tremendous change. A method that was valid and popular last year has been topped by a new and easier method.

The restaurant Management System features are exceptional in the hospitality industry because it offers services such as:-

1. Point of sale system. 

You might have seen staff at popular food chain/quick-service restaurants such as Dominos, entering your order details into a flat-screen (Which is basically a computer) while you dictate your order to them. It is a POINT OF SALE management system. Such a system makes the accounts which include Transactions, day-to-day sales, profit analysis, and record-keeping, easier.
It reduces the order time for both the customer and the staff attending them. It generates a cleaner printed Kitchen Order ticket as compared to the handwritten notes, which eases the kitchen staff as well. 

Today’s new-age POS systems act as a modern cash register for the desk. It collects digital payments, allows the operator to enter the cash entries manually, prints receipts for customers, prints a Kitchen Order Ticket for Kitchen Staff, and maintains the data on the cloud as well.

2. Reservation Software.

This is one Millenial-Must feature that every restaurant should look for. Imagine a date night with your special plus one only to be spoiled by the “Sold out” board outside your favorite dine-out place. All this mishap just because your attendant at the restaurant forgot the piece of paper left somewhere after you made your reservation via a phone call.
Online reservation systems are the backbone of every dine-out and specialty restaurant. If an outlet cannot manage its flow of guests, it is likely to be removed from the favorites list of its guests despite its finger-licking delicious menu.

The restaurant management system has plenty of other perks as well such as:-
– Predict and handle No-show guests
– Manage inventory
– Prepare for sold out sessions
– Improve services when sales begin to drop without losing guests
– Manage bookings without human error
– Assign tables and manage the flow of outlet by planning ahead
– Flaunt the online presence of their outlet.

3. Inventory Management System.

With the introduction of Restaurant Management Inventory Software, one of the major hassles of physically going through the inventory is in order to maintain the minimum stock in inventory. This eliminates human error as an affecting factor and gives oneself a computed count of the inventory.
With the elimination of manually going through the stocks, restaurants now have the availability to focus their manpower on productive matters such as running their business more smoothly.

Some of the benefits of having an inventory management system are:-
– Helps in keeping an accurate count of the stock.
– Keeps things organized within the back of the house in restaurants.
– One gets detailed analytics of the performance of each specialty of their establishment via inventory check.
– Saves time and manpower!!!

4. Waitlist software.

It acts as a personal assistant for the restaurants that alerts the guests waiting for tables to clear at their favorite restaurant. If you have noticed you must have seen waiting in queues outside the town’s favorite eat-out place. Guests tire themselves waiting for the tables to clear for their availability. Waitlist software enables the users to garner their precious time by tracking the availability at the said restaurant and even alerting them upon clearing each table.
Waitlist software is a blessing in disguise for the management of Restaurants that usually face situations such as overbooking, understaffing, and massive crowd outbreaks.


5. Cashflow management system.



Keeping track of the money flowing in the system of any restaurant’s monetary aspect is important in order to maintain the profit any restaurant makes. A credit system is not news in the industry and keeping track of all the expenses is as important as making money itself.
In such a situation- Cashflow management systems come in handy. It would track the list of investors, money in debt, money in credit, and the profit earned as well. Calculation of your Gross and Net sales would have never been any easier.
Tracking is as essential as earning. 

6. Restaurant Analytics System.

A combined study of all your algorithms and POS reports along with the sales chat and employee tip management, a Restaurant Analytics System, and every other report helps the restaurant management in finding out the current standing and evaluating the performance of the Restaurant.
A restaurant Analytics Software plays a pivotal role in presenting detailed reports to the investors if any.
Usually, Restaurant Analytics systems are combined with other main software such as POS systems and reservation systems.

7. Online ordering and delivery software.

This one is trendy. Door-step delivery is the current fashion. Small restaurants make more money via Online food order delivery than their in-house sales. Restaurants have two options handy, either build out their customized online food delivery platform by collaborating with a Food Delivery Mobile App Development Company or register themselves with Food delivery Giants like Swiggy, Zomato or even Uber Eats. The catch is, when the restaurants sell via Food delivery software- they are bound to pay per sale commission from their margin which reduces their profit margin.

Having a customized food delivery platform has its own perks, the important one being INDEPENDENCE. 

Apart from these services, there are other Restaurant Management Systems as well such as:-

  • Employee Management Systems. 
  • Customer feedback and service review software
  • Customer retainer software
  • Promotional services
  • Menu building software
  • Customers’ platform to customize their bookings.


Technology has taken a huge leap in the last decade and with the emerging IT emphasis, the competition has fastened their shoelaces as well.
The time is now to decide for yourself by choosing whether to remain on the backlists by following the primitive methods or taking the lead by jumping on the IT flight!

What we offer.

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