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Top 11 Countries To Hire Offshore Development Team in 2024

Countries To Hire Offshore Development

To stay afloat in the digital world, outsourcing has become a staple for many firms. Actually, outsourcing has been around for a while, and you may even be familiar with the process. If you give it some thought, you probably outsource a lot of things. From making your coffee in the morning to using a virtual assistant to plan events and meetings, the list is long.

Saving time and concentrating on important topics is the primary motivation for such actions, isn’t it? Outsourcing software development works just like that. Nevertheless, it provides a great deal more; you are not limited to your local area. You may tap into a larger pool of talented individuals by reaching out to developers all across the globe! 

However, how can you determine if offshore outsourcing services are the right choice? In a number of cases, it’s a good option. As an example,

Managing the software project is becoming increasingly challenging due to your team’s focus on more vital activities and your limited time.

You have outgrown the usefulness of mass-produced goods and still lack an in-house staff.

The team working on your project does not have what it takes to take your vision and make it a reality.

You have to prioritize other tasks since your money is tight.

You should stop wondering if it’s a good idea to outsource software development at a time when businesses are racing to improve software development processes. The more accurate question would be: which nation can best facilitate successful offshore software development?

Some of the top nations for developing software remotely are included in this article. Stay tuned!

What Is Offshore Software Development?

When you outsource software development to a foreign nation, you are engaging in this form of outsourcing. To put it plainly, you look for a trustworthy service provider in another nation that can complete the job you need done and provide the finished result. 

Just pretend your business is headquartered in the United Kingdom. To complete your project, you contract with a Polish software development firm. Put your trust in them to take care of the tedious programming and testing so you can focus on running your business.
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Benefits Of Offshore Software Development

In order to have access to seasoned specialists, organizations have decided to work with agencies outside of their nation. In light of the constraints imposed by a shortage of funds and personnel, it is prudent to investigate this option. Do you still feel apprehensive about collaborating with merchants located kilometers away? Your company can benefit from offshore software development in the following ways.

Cost Effective

One advantage of outsourcing that is highly valued is the ability to optimize costs. In an effort to save money or minimize expenses, around 59% of businesses use outsourcing. You may avoid the costs and hassle of hiring an in-house staff by outsourcing your project to a third-party provider.

Innovation And Perspective 

A wide variety of international businesses have collaborated with offshore development companies. This paves the way for them to start the process with an eye on the global community and mold it accordingly.

Addresses Skill Gap

If there aren’t enough developers in your area, you might not be able to get the most out of your money. There may be a worldwide scarcity of developers, but there are places that do have plenty of competent programmers. You may recruit experts at affordable rates through offshore software development.

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Top 11 Countries To Hire Offshore Development Team

Countries To Hire Offshore Development

One great approach to keep costs down and stay up-to-date with technology without sacrificing quality is to outsource software development. Assuming, of course, that you execute it correctly. Before anything else, you need to be aware of which nations are ideal for outsourcing a project. The eleven best nations for offshore software development are shown below.

1. India

Businesses often look to India, the world’s second-most populous English-speaking nation, as a prime location. When it comes to software development, Indian professionals know their way around a wide range of frameworks, technologies, languages, and cross-platform possibilities. Roughly half a million recent graduates work for IT companies every year. Consequently, there are an astounding 98% of young and competent developers in the country who are between the ages of 18 and 35.

Popular Programming Language

C++, Java, and Python

Average Pricing

​​Software engineers in India may expect to earn an average of $2 to $18 per hour.

2. Poland

Offshore software development finds Poland to be an appealing location. It is home to prestigious educational institutions that consistently turn forth talented new grads. Actually, about a quarter of all developers in Central and Eastern Europe are from this nation. If you work with an outsourcing firm in the nation, you may also be eligible for financial incentives and tax rebates.

Popular Programming Language

C++, Java, Python, and SQL

Average Pricing

The cost to hire Polish developers ranges between $50 – $99. However, it can vary depending on the project’s complexity and requirements.

3. Romania

Romania has an abundance of talented individuals. With less money going out the door, businesses may be able to more readily find affordable outsourcing services. With over 100,000 developers at their disposal, new and current organizations have a plethora of outsourcing possibilities to choose from. On top of that, the Romanian government offers certain benefits to companies who move their activities to Romania.

Popular Programming Language

PHP, JavaScript, .NET, ReactJS, NodeJS, and C#

Average Pricing

The typical hourly rate for Romanian software development services ranges from $18 to $50. The intricacy of the project and the engagement approach determine it.

4. Ukraine

One such country that often has outsourcing done overseas is Ukraine. Its robust investment climate and plenty of skilled workers have created a thriving innovation industry. To fulfill the demands of the global market, the country’s IT sector welcomes more than 36,800 tech graduates per year, and almost 200,000 professionals provide outsourced services.

Popular Programming Languages

Java, Ruby, C++, PHP, and Python

Average Pricing

The level of competence you desire determines the pricing, as it does in other nations. Prices for Ukrainian developers usually range from $800 to $4000.

Czech Republic

Central Europe’s Czech Republic is quickly becoming a hub for outsourcing. The region boasts a diverse talent pool that guarantees a steady supply of experts in every sector, thanks to its 200,000 IT specialists and more than 15,000 STEM graduates each year. Outsourcing projects to countries with educated workforces, close proximity to Western Europe, and friendly economic environments may be a lucrative offer for firms.

Popular Programming Languages

Swift, Python, Java, C, C#, C++, Ruby on Rails, and PHP

Average Pricing

Depending on their degree of knowledge and experience, software developers may make an hourly income of CZK506.


On a worldwide scale, Brazil is quickly becoming a top location for offshore development outsourcing. Forecasts for 2026 indicate that Brazil’s software business will bring in $16.135 million. Based on metrics like digital resonance, financial attractiveness, availability of technical talents and investment favorableness, and business climate, it ranks in the top five places for IT outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is a great fit because of the high standard of education, fluency in the language, and work experience available.

Popular Programming Languages

Python, Java, and SQL

Average Pricing

Salary range for software engineers can be anything from $5 to $16 per hour, based on experience and the nature of the project.


The Chinese talent pool and rapid economic growth have made the country famous. In the event of a programming Olympics, research asserts that China would emerge victorious. Developers and specialists with years of expertise are readily available. Software engineers, computer programmers, artificial intelligence instructors, and data scientists make up about 7 million of the country’s workforce. Businesses often use software outsourcing firms in China to make money off of their expertise in user interface design, full-stack development, and web and mobile app development.

Popular Programming Languages

The Algorithm, Python, and Functional Development

Average Pricing

About ¥179 per hour is the prevailing rate for software development outsourcing in China. The intricacy and specifics of the task at hand will determine the actual cost.


The low cost of living in Egypt makes the country a desirable location for offshore development. According to the Global Sourcing Association, Egypt was crowned the best outsourcing location in 2016. In addition to first-rate services, the country’s labor expenses are comparatively cheaper. The IT industry receives a boost as around 50,000 individuals get degrees in related subjects. The thriving IT cluster is a result of its closeness, talent pool, affordable prices, and minor time zone difference.

Popular Programming Language

JavaScript, C#, PHP, Python, and Java

Average Pricing

The going rate for programmers in Egypt is around EGP 127/hour.


With its thriving tech industry, highly trained workforce, and business-friendly laws, Canada continues to be a top destination for offshore software development. Research ranked Canadian developers as the twenty-first most skilled. Because of the modest cultural and time zone differences in Canada, contact is possible at every stage of the outsourcing process. There are 900,000 highly skilled IT workers who contribute to the development of the IT business on a worldwide scale.

Popular Programming Language

Swift, Java, Python, HTML, PHP, and Ruby


Developers in Canada base their fees on factors such as the city and the technology. An hourly wage of $19 to $50 is typical.


Ranked among the world’s 50 most innovative cities, Taiwan is one of four Asian Tigers. Out of fifty nations surveyed, Taiwan was found to be the seventh best in software development on a worldwide scale, according to the report. The nation is home to a large number of innovation centers and a committed workforce. You shouldn’t think twice about entrusting software development to professionals in Taiwan. Their level of expertise, originality, and quality of work will astound you.

Popular Programming Language

Java, ASP.NET Core, PHP, and Ruby on Rails

Average Pricing

Outsourcing in Taiwan typically costs around NT$912,408 per year.


One other fantastic place to send your job to be done is the Philippines. Because of the abundance of native English speakers, getting your point across is a breeze. Its reduced cost of living allows developers to save a ton of money on labor. As the market is graced with fresh and competent developers, the IT sector in the Philippines continues to evolve. As a result, it expects to earn $840.8 million from the software sector this year.

Popular Programming Languages

ASO.NET Core, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, and PHP

Average Pricing 

Pay range for a software developer in the Philippines is $25–$49 per hour, prorated by experience, region, and kind of project.


Businesses are actively seeking outsourcing experts all around the globe as a result of the fierce rivalry in the market. Your time, money, and resources will play a significant role in determining whether or not to outsource software development. Hence, it is important to monitor the nations that provide reliable and reasonably priced software development outsourcing.

Prior to delegating the assignment to a contractor, you need to think about a lot of things. Consider the challenge of collaborating with individuals located in various time zones.  Or would you rather have meetings in real-time with a team that’s in the same time zone?

Moreover, if you are looking for an outsourcing company that can assist you with outsourcing then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have pre-vetted developers that you can hire at just $15/Hour. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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