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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are highly sensitive web applications for mobile platforms that can be a great alternative to an ever-expanding range of native applications. PWAs allow pushing notifications and sync with your personal information to provide quality services like any iOS or Android application. PWAs are extremely powerful for eCommerce.

Mobile e-commerce is far ahead of e-commerce, thanks to highly functional and engaging mobile applications or progressive web applications (PWA). As technology advances, consumer behaviour and shopping will change. And mobile is just becoming more common – 62% of smartphone owners have bought something with their device in the last six months. These values will change the shopping ways and will immensely grow your business.

Introduced Late But Was Adapted Easily

PWA’s were introduced in 2015, and many companies have taken great advantage of this technology. They are able to provide a very engaging user experience while reaching a new user base. Companies like Alibaba, Twitter, Walmart, etc. are using Progressive Web Apps and are growing themselves faster. 

PWAs include high-performance features of a native application, but they are still websites that can be accessed directly in a web browser, not when downloading an application store.

If you want to offer your customers a convenient and faster shopping experience, getting PWAs designed for your store is definitely useful for you. Keeping all these in sense, PWA is immensely growing day by day as it is easy to access and use. So in this post, we’ll review everything you need to know about Advanced Web App Stores.

Benefits of PWA for All Businesses

Google reports that as the store transitions to a progressive web application, its revenue growth will generally be 20%; in some cases, the mobile phone conversion rate has doubled.

Every new and existing online store should consider offering its services not only as a regular online store but also as a progressive online application. As most store websites have not yet adopted this new technology, they represent a rare and appealing way to stay ahead of the competition. So if you want to adopt this web app, you can consider the below-mentioned points as the benefits.

1. Fast & Reliable

For eCommerce, Progressive Web Apps are 4 times faster than or responsive websites as it has real and perceived performance enhancement. The pages are loaded in milliseconds, and user interaction happens at 60 frames per second. The websites made by PWA are loaded instantly, and you wouldn’t find the dreaded dinosaur in your Chrome even if there are uncertain network issues.

2. Engaging for Customers

PWA websites are fast and give immense experience to the customers, which makes it more engaging. Web Alerts also provide a channel for real-time engagement with customers based on their behaviour or location. They provide a true experience of using local applications, including web capabilities such as the option to send push notifications and display them on the home page.

3. Quicker Release Time

PWAs are designed with reusable codes, whereby developers can repeat the same codes and modules in quick succession. Moreover, as the application mainly redirects to the original e-commerce site, the foundation has already been established. Implementing PWA for e-commerce business owners who want to offer customers native application-like features in a short period of time can be the most effective alternative to developing a native mobile application or sensitive site.

4. Improve Your SEO

Since PWA is web-based, everything is discoverable by search engines. Any content in the PWA can be linked, shared, and ranked by Google and Bing. This is in contrast to native applications that do not allow search engine robots to crawl. By breaking down blocks between the web and the native language, users can directly link to the most sophisticated digital products on any device at any time. Google generally ranks well-designed PWAs higher than other websites.

5. Reduces Development costs & is Easy Maintainable

A progressive Web Apps completely eliminates the need to develop, maintain, and market a platform other than the PWA website. This provides a unique opportunity to serve all channels from a single platform, built, maintained, and serviced by a single team. This drastically reduces costs and time to market, while serving the same user experience and capabilities for all customers and maintaining a multi-channel strategy.

PWA incorporates many technical advantages that entirely translate many offline capabilities into direct business benefits, which has pr-caching that makes for a smooth and fast shopping experience. PWAs promise a lot in the near future. Features such as ease of use, easy functionality, and less demand for resources keep users from looking for alternative technologies.

PWA audits in Chrome DevTools (Google Lighthouse) allow you to identify and resolve performance issues quickly. They also help increase user engagement metrics, which can be a prominent SEO ranking signal and then subsequently reduce the development budget. This one application has the features of both web and mobile applications. If you are looking to hire a web application development company for your business, contact our experts, and discuss your needs. contact our experts, and discuss your needs.

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