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How to develop magnificent food ordering applications?

  Today, we all wanted to have the most delicious food from a far place at our doorstep. We need a service which can feed our stomachs. We want quickly accessible services in the comfort of our homes. Here, food delivery applications come into the picture. These applications provide vibrant services to their customers and engage people due to their diversified features. Though, new app development technologies like Flutter are even more effective to get customer and client base.    Here we share our journey of developing a food ordering application and guide you through the process of how you can develop a food ordering application.    The journey started with the client interaction. Although our client is cool and is been supportive throughout the app development journey. He reached us and we brief him on our version of a food ordering application. He liked our version and after some more interactions and modifications we came up with an abstract idea of an application.  Though with his support we have developed this application in a time period of only one month.  So did you also want to know how we get our application developed in a shorter time and what are the key measures to take care of while developing a food ordering application?    Here are some tips:   1. Ensure modifications   Throughout our journey of developing a food ordering application, we have observed that after having an abstract idea you may need various modifications in an application framework. So always desire to develop the best and allow your client to make changes this will help to come out the best. So, modifications assess to get the best app design.    2. Be on the track   This is one of the important aspects while developing a food ordering application. Food ordering application includes multiple tabs and domains which sometimes create complexities. To be distant from these complexities is needed but to be on track is a necessity. The most important is to keep the unique idea of an app at the center while app development.    3. Frequent interactions with client Interacting with the client frequently creates a base idea of an application. This also alleviates keeping the idea on track and helps developers to get updates on application development. Even this saves time and energy invested in further modifications.    What do food delivery apps offer?   Basically, a food delivery application offers a service to avail food from the listed places at your doorstep. It has a restaurant list, menu, ordering services, and all in one convenient place. Even these applications are not time-bound and can deliver you services 24/7 without and hindrance. For instance, if you are starving at 2 a.m and do not have enough ingredients to cook. You can open an application and find a place open to deliver food. Isn’t it a luxury that we can avail our best food anytime? Food delivery apps offer not only food it offers comfort. And we develop the best food ordering application so that you can reach your food in less than an hour.    Features of Food Delivery App   Though while developing our application we step on to add features in the food delivery application. The features of the food delivery application are listed below.    SignUp Guest Login Login  Forget Password Enter Location Restaurants Lists Food Iten Listing Search Results Food Iten Detail Cart Check Out Page Your Orders   Hindrances in App development process   Throughout our journey of developing a food delivery application, we have faced some interruptions and hindrances. These hindrances can increase the development time and can create issues in the development process. One of the major issues we have noticed is the client addressing a new feature in the middle of the app development process. If this is an independent feature then it does not create many issues but if the feature has a dependency on other features that it takes a lot of time and energy of developers to create an app.  The other most frequently noticed hindrance is the design.  The changes in the design trouble a lot is the development process. The sudden changes in the design can interrupt the whole process and is hectic to change the same design again and again.    Summing Up  While developing a food delivery application a key element to be considered the most is the listing of the features.  Though it has vibrant and even complex features. And client interaction is a must so that it does not create any hindrance in the development process.  We have developed successful food delivery applications. Check out our food delivery application from our portfolio.   

How does a Minimum Viable Product work?

  Digital transformation has been accelerated in the last decade and is embarking on heights. We know change is the necessity for innovations and coming up with the best solutions is the foremost need of the market. These innovations are key to new ideas and new mindsets. In the transforming world, everything changes but the idea to come up with something new has always been constant. The idea to develop the best product tops the list. Though, in this digitalized world showcasing the product to provide an ideal mindset about the thought behind the product processing is important.  Though, the need to validate a product seems essential to know if the product is on the page or not. MVP is the approach that lends to set an idea about the product and helps in the further preceding in the project.  So let us get an overview of what MVP is and how it helps in the product development process.   What is MVP?   MVP means Minimum Viable Product. It is a basic or the simplest version of the product. The idea behind MVP development is to get a product idea of how the product is gonna perform and what areas are focused on to create the product. It helps in getting client feedback.  Let me help you to understand it more clearly. MVP is the product’s basic model with its principal features so that if you need some modifications in your product it can be easily done. It usually saves your time and effort. Many times it happens that the product is prepared and the client adds modifications that result in the creation of the product from scratch. Here MVP serves as the best alternative to develop the application with the least misleading tracks.    Though, nowadays many companies launch MVP in the market to get market feedback and users’ responses to their product. This helps them to analyze the product’s performance and credibility.    The first step to build an MVP   The thought behind product development lies in the concept of solving a problem; is the product indicative of solving any problem or not? Your thought should provide a unique issue tackling a solution to the market so that it can grab the attention of the solution seeker.  So the initial step is getting your thought approved to ensure there is an issue that is projectable or not. Start by recognizing problem areas and convert them into a promising circumstance proclamation.  To develop a user-oriented app one should recognize a specific problem. Relate it to your target audience and analyze their needs. In this way, you need to distinguish your specialty crowd.  The next step is directed towards the research. Interacting with the target group analyzing their problem and coming up with the solution.  Being an app development company we know it costs a lot to develop an application and risking it at this point is not fun. So, having a hypothesis analysis to get an ultimate solution for the target audience is a must. And though it helps in the MVP development.    Why Building a Minimum Viable Product is important?   The MVP approach is not only considered essential for the development of mobile applications it also serves to develop websites or other products. Why is it so important to let us pick some points to know its benefits?      1. Evaluating the reaction of the potential clients   The thought behind MVP is to gather the client’s input and evaluate it. Through MVP one tries to establish an insight into the product performance in the market. In the case of app development, the app will do well in the market it has no guarantee. But with MVP companies can access the app performance and can get the audience's reaction to it.    2. Keeping away from disappointments   An MVP saves time as well as helps in keeping away from gigantic capital misfortunes. This means that developing an app costs a lot even if it takes time and effort with the finance. MVP avoids failures as it helps to check out the market as to whether the product will be profitable or not.    3. Attracts the Investors   Although, it can also work well as a marketing stunt. Before the launch of an app through MVP company can advertise its app in the market and reach market giants. This helps in attracting investors. Investors can take their funding decision.    4. Quick Launching in the market   MVP helps to analyze the market and also get into other initial factors. This saves their market analyses process time and leads to quick launching. Quick launching helps to gain attention.    Summing Up    Innovations are key to have a successful future and for that innovations a tried and tested methods are also vital. Today, taking a risk in this competitive market is essential but when you have an alternative then why take a heavy risk. MVP is a solution for not only enterprises but it also works well for startups. Startups can take advantage of MVP development and can proceed with their innovative idea in the market. The app development process involves huge time, energy, and resource. But with MVP these all can be minimized and can get the best results.  Here, Appic softwares develops the best MVPs for your app with its dedicated app developers. Check out and connect with us to get a one-stop solution.   

Why Flutter is considered by the developers? 

  Flutter is a cross-platform open-source UI toolkit, a hybrid app development framework that is basically designed for the frontend but helps profoundly in the backend. While planning to develop an application mobile app developers find it easy to develop diversified mobile applications on flutter. With the growing market and increasing on-demand applications by enterprises, the need to develop applications smoothly and fastly is rising. Though, with the rising popularity of Flutter, it has become the developer’s preference. What makes developers fall for flutter as a one-stop solution to create a hybrid mobile app? Let us check this out in the blog.  Flutter being a complete UI toolkit assists developers to develop the best mobile applications with hybrid services such as icons, typography, and scrolling. Flutter uses Google’s language Dart so designers acquainted with languages like Java or JavaScript can rapidly learn and comprehend this language. Though, flutter dart greatly serves developers. Let us get a deep understanding of how flutter is considered by developers?   1. Use Of Dart Language Flutter depends on Google's in-house language Dart, which is usually considered easy to learn and developing language from other languages. Even the developers who know how to write Java or JavaScript can easily learn dart and can write in this language. Flutter helps developers to learn the languages by offering community support and even tutorial guides. This helps mobile app developers to learn the language fastly. The developers with any degree or experience can start up with a flutter dart with no issue.   2. Quick development on Cross-Platform Application As the development of Cross-Platform applications is based on a single codebase, which states that a single code is required for the development on various platforms. In this manner, there is no need of composing codes over and again to make the application run on various working frameworks. Composing fewer codes will save the time and effort of developers, and allow them to work on other mobile application development projects. Even the Flutter framework is employed with diversified and a wide variety of plugins which confronts developers to go through a smooth app development process with ease and comfort.    3. Flutter Widgets Flutter widgets are the best feature of flutter. Regardless of whether it's a startup or an enterprise, the greatest concern is the performance of an application. The performance is enhanced through various factors employed in the development of an application but the most important factor is widgets. Though, flutter has outstanding widgets for the native performance of an application.  The catalog of flutter widgets includes scrolling, navigation, icons, fonts, and various other app development resources. These widgets help in easy development and provide customizable outcomes.    4. Effortless testing While developing an application on various platforms, testing is the major step in the app development process. Though, testing is crucial to encounter the defaults and the lacking in the performance of applications on multiple platforms. When the application is developed through a cross-platform development framework, it ensures effortless testing and compresses the testing efforts. As on cross-platform applications are written on a single codebase. This helps in easy and faster testing.    5. MVP development  The MVP development in Flutter is generally fast which allows flutter developers to develop versatile mobile applications with ease. Flutter SDK accompanies the least coding which helps flutter developers to employ less time and effort. Thus, the Flutter app advancement cost, particularly for MVPs, is altogether diminished which is also a winning sign for the startups. Though, for the development of MVP developers do not need a heavy system to build the app they can usually coordinate with the simple arrangement as well.    Wrapping Up Flutter is Google’s in-house toolkit and has the potential to develop the best application, even most of the mobile development companies around the globe prefer flutter. Given Dart Language, it has the potential to be grabbed easily with an easy learning framework. Though developers with experience in Javascript, Java, C++ can quickly get into writing the language. The luxury for developers to use flutter is they can assist them throughout the process in a limited time and half of the effort. This also employs startups to reduce their investing cost.  To develop the best flutter app you can reach out to Appic Softwares. Our dedicated flutter developers work to develop the finest application for you.   

Best React Native UI libraries of 2021

  We bet your day doesn't pass without looking over an Instagram post or checking out on Facebook. It simply states the top-notch applications that have been a part of our daily life. Did we have seen any failure in these applications or any stopping point, these run so fluently and frequently that we never found any hindrance? But did we ever think about how we never get any interruptions while using or which technology is used to develop these apps?  The applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Shopify, Pinterest, and Uber were built with user-friendly and eye-pleasing programming systems - they were developed with React Native, a cross-platform framework used to make engaging UIs. In this blog, we'll look into React Native features and see top React Native libraries for UI, which will help you and your team to develop the best applications in your future projects.    What is React Native? React Native is a mobile application framework used to develop cross-platform applications. It was made in 2015 by the tech giant Facebook. The applications made through React Native are portable for all the platforms such as iOS and Android. This framework is appreciated all around due to its all-over performance and impressive libraries. The libraries of native have won the hearts of developers as it made it easy for developers to work.  React Native segment libraries can be a  time-saver and efficient for your next projects. Ordinarily, while building segments in React, you'll need to style them to fit the guidelines of the platform you're focusing on. That is where React Native works as the best assistance. It's a platform you can use to foster versatile applications by utilizing React alongside the native abilities according to the targeted platform.   Let’s look into the best React Native libraries of 2021    NativeBase If you are rewriting codes for different platforms then do it with React Native as it has a dynamic front-end framework. The library is an assortment of cross-platform React Native elements and is a decent platform to begin building your application.  NativeBase is completely open-source and has 13,000+ stars on Github. Though, the themes even come at a premium in case of having additional features. Working with a similar JavaScript codebase and performing tasks with a platform-specific design for both; Android and iOS, you can accomplish a native look and let your app justify itself.    Material Kit React native Material Kit React Native with its material design offers a free native application template Built with the Galio framework, it helps in modifying the widely recognized elements to keep things negligible and be on top of Google's material design. It's not difficult to use and incorporates 200+ carefully assembled components like cards, navigation, buttons, and inputs. By changing the theme one can add more color variations on components according to the designs.    React Native Elements React Native Elements are a cross-platform React Native UI toolkit that assembles in one spot with various incredible open-source UI elements developed by developers.  It's not shocking that it has gotten 17,000 stars on Github. Because of the set of  React Native Elements providing API a steady look and feel. The elements include segments such as pricing, overlay, divider, badge, and a platform-specific search bar. These are customizable and easy to use. It has React Native for the web for web-based projects.    Lottie For React Native Lottie is a library from Airbnb for mobiles to assist you to add animations to your application. Though, many times developers find it difficult to convert the designs made on Adobe after effects. This library is usually helpful in converting format. It works by exporting the animated files in JSON format from After Effects. On Github, it has around 12,000 stars. The best part about this library is that it is available for free. Through this one can develop the application to be attractive and interesting.    React Native Vector Icons This is one of the best React Native libraries. If you're searching for icons to use in your application then this is the best. With a library of 3,000+ Icons, one can discover the icon according to their requirement. Likewise, it's customizable, style, and extends the icons according to the need of the project and the design.  This library supports TabBar and Toolbar Android, image source, and the various multi-style fonts as well. This library is also close to 12,000 stars on Github.    React Native Mapview This library offers map components for Android and iOS as React Native Mapview. This controls the features of the map to help in assistance in the application by featuring a map option. One can modify the map style according to the requirement. You'll have the option to change map view position, find district/area, track, etc. The amazing thing about this library is that it has draggable markers even customized with the use of images. It has 10,000+ stars on Github.   React Native UI kitten This React Native Library helps in developing e-commerce mobile applications. This is one of the most vibrant kits that can be used in the development of any domain. It offers more than 20 specialized components styled to keep the visual appearance stable and attractive. It has 5,000+ stars on Github. It is an open-source library, provides differentiated themes to work on, and is customizable which means themes can be added anytime. One can install it from NPM and start working by importing the components.    Build your Apps with Appic Softwares React native works exceptionally well by providing libraries that are user-friendly and help developers to build mobile applications best. Appic Softwares has a team of the best React Native developers working on various successful projects. Work with Appic software for the best experience! Reach us on  

Is Flutter Future-ready for Enterprise Application Development?

  In the present scenario, Flutter does not need any explanation as it is four years old as of now. However to have an itemized clarification on flutter look at With Flutter developing a mobile application regards as the best future-oriented and cross-platform.  According to Google, around 500,000 developers utilize its software development toolkit every month. More often the question that arises is what to choose to react native or Flutter check for better understanding., Flutter is getting prominence with time and will surpass React Native very soon.    Enterprise Mobile App Development As the name proposes, Enterprise applications are designed for in-house works. The Small or startup business intent to move forward with the creation of large applications can think of enterprise mobile applications. Enterprise applications are created for a particular use; to serve various operations with the enterprise. It is restricted and secured underneath the enterprise. Administrators can direct the information midway, execute wide-scale mechanization, and take on an occasion-driven methodology when needed.  Flutter does not require any hybrid code to develop an enterprise app. Flutter permits executives to deal with information midway, carry out wide-scale computerization, and keep a smooth work process. The luxury and most impressive section of developing applications on Flutter is it has 4000 libraries to construct an app.  But, is that the only reason enough to work with Flutter to have the best application design? Obviously not!  Here, we are putting some key subjects who direct potential gains of Flutter. The section will expound on all the prerequisites of the enterprise mobile apps. We’ll try to put up the causes of why Flutter is a portable application development platform for enterprise apps.   What is the reason we urge you to utilize Flutter for enterprise application advancement?    There are many reasons; hence,  Flutter's application provides a Provider framework and approaches such as Redux, BLoC, InheritedWidget, and setState.  RxDart coordinates Flutter with the state management framework.  While keeping up with UI responsiveness simultaneously Flutter permits computationally intensive tasks.  The DART execution excludes the background processing. In this way, you might have to adapt the features of the native platform which is beyond the DART execution. Though, the DART packages provide access to various outside libraries to perform tasks. GetIT locator is an easy-to-utilize DI library that works flawlessly with the state management framework to guarantee the partition of the application layers. Flutter uses dependency injection to make the code units free and reusable. This ensures the designs patterns to easily test the code.  The JSON serialization/deserialization is useful to any RESTful customer. Though, its deep linking navigate to the website or a pop-up message to explicit regions inside the application. These push notifications require backend incorporation that illuminates clients about due dates, updates, and so. Even the Local storage helps the application to run behind the scenes or when it stops.  The larger data chunks are organized through the use of SQLite.  Flutter widgets are effectively testable by unit tests, widget tests, or integration testing instruments which ensures maximum test output in the limited or accessible time.  Flutter accompanies a magnificent toolset for Android and iOS to convey applications to Google Play Store and Apple Store. This offering of Flutter makes it a most vibrant toolkit in the present time.  The enterprise applications are centered to provide a magnificent UI. To develop the best user interface one needs to add various features with fluent work this includes image loading, transitions, list scrolling, animations, and give more admittance to Google and Apple Maps on Flutter mobile applications.  Flutter has intrinsic security provisions to execute biometrics, thumbprint, and other required security measures. This helps in having versatile application security. This also ensures to provide users a sense of trust to secure their important documentation or confidential records.    Concluding! Flutter for application development is a suitable alternative not just for associations searching for one-time application advancement, yet additionally for different organizations, tech firms, new companies, startups, and miscellaneous developers. Flutter for enterprise applications is increasing from Android and iOS to Windows, macOS, support web, and Linux stages. It makes conveying an application consistent with one code across all the platforms and even then performs well.  Appic Softwares is where you can recruit Flutter application developers at moderate costs. And can develop the best enterprise mobile application. Feel free to consult our developers free!  

Why On-demand staffing Platforms are growing?

  The on-demand staffing platforms are upsurging and getting a lot of reach in recent times. These platforms are getting huge attention as they are providing various benefits to Blue-collar workers. Basically, the Blue Collar workers are the ones who engage in hard manual works and usually engage in typical works such as electricians, plumbers, beauticians, repairing, carpenter, maintenance, etc.  The blue-collar workers are not seen to make exactly the same as white-collar specialists. The white-collar workers work on the front as professionals. while the blue-collar specialist takes care of business doing physical work or working in a division of manufacturing. With the introduction of more advanced technologies, prevailing aspects are transforming themselves into better possibilities and creating a different set of ideologies. The tech solutions for Blue Collar Jobs have worked well in recent times as they are helping this section to upgrade and work for hand in hand with technology. As with the availability of resources and technology the weaker section of our society is educating and enhancing their skills to perform well in their domain. Due to the On-demand staffing frameworks, various applications are developed with respect to upgrading Blue Collar Jobs. The mobile application frameworks helped Blue Collar workers to find work according to their niche and according to their wishes. They do not need to rely on others to offer them work and to offer them a price. Mobile applications helped Blue Collar workers to cross obstacles and prejudices by just availing the services of these applications.    Features of On-demand staffing applications   1. User role This includes two user types; helper and user. A helper is someone who wants to get associated with the projects. The second type i.e. User consists of the persons who want to hire workers. So through this platform, the workers and the service provider can easily collaborate. Hence the application is categorized into two interfaces according to their need, the User interface, and the Helper interface.    2. SignUp/Login Through, SignUp or login the users can easily search their niche and start getting benefits through the application. The application does not charge on signup or log in.    Helper Interface features   1. Create Profile Through this feature, the user can upload their profile by filing the required categories according to their preferences. Can add the work details, working hours, rate per hour, etc.   2. Dashboard The dashboard consists of various segments including upcoming work and coming work. This ensures workers sort the upcoming works and can chat with the service provider and in respect of the service provider they can contact the workers and can share the work details.    3.Wallet One of the most important features of an application as the wallet showcases the earned money till date and provides an option to transfer to the linked bank account.    User interfaces   1. Find Helper The User can search for the helper according to their preference. And can chat according to their wish. The service provider after searching for a helper sort the helpers suits the work. Then involve with chatting with those people and select out of them.   2. Send Money Here the service provider can send money to the helper. The money can be easily transferred to the respective’s account according to the agreed terms.     3. Bookings This tab in the application showcases the upcoming bookings and the past bookings of the user.    Advantages of On-demand work platforms   1. Can negotiate on wages The foremost challenge of working as a Blue Coller worker is the salary size. Basically, the Blur Collar workers work on hourly wages basis and they are eventually paid less in comparison to the White Collars. These are the partial behaviors that have been seen in various instances. These platforms help workers to get jobs in their expected income rate. They can negotiate according to their wish but these platforms provide them the luxury to work on their demanded wages.   2. Work stability The Blue Collar workers even do not have job stability and are insecure about the stability of the job. The issue of having an insatiable job is solved through the mobile application frameworks by providing workers abundant opportunities to work and can get back to back work.    3. Contractual agreements The Blue Collar workers work on hourly wages basis and do not get any contracts. The on-demand platform even provides workers a well-constructed contract including all the terms and conditions which provide workers security. The assurance gives them work stability.    Work with Appic Softwares Appic Softwares have worked on an on-demand staffing platform and developed a mobile application that has all the features listed above. These mobile applications have built-in the most unique design. Check out    

What to choose: Flutter or React Native for app development?

  Do you want to get the best mobile development solution and to develop your app more quickly and with ease? Want to reduce the cost of development on cross-platform development. But do not have an idea of which technology to choose?  Here we got you the solution by comparing the two best market technologies of cross-platform development the Flutter and React-Native from the developer’s perspective. This will help you to gain an insight into what to choose for your mobile development.  So, first foremost we understand what these two technologies are and what they are best in.    What is Flutter? Flutter is a cross-platform development framework to develop natively combined apps across mobile apps, web, and desktop from a single codebase. Development on a single codebase is the luxury that flutter provides to the developers.  Flutter is officially released by Google in 2018. Recently, in May 2018 Google launched a newer version of Flutter its Flutter 2.2.0   What is React Native? React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework basically used to develop native applications for cross-platforms. It uses JavaScript language. Introduced by Facebook in 2015.  Let’s look deep into the pros and cons of both frameworks and try to get a better understanding.    Pros of Flutter   1. Hot Reload  From a developer’s viewpoint, Flutter offers more powerful – and quicker – app advancement. It is probably the best thing about Flutter, appreciated by each top mobile app advancement organization. Developers can make changes to the codebase on-the-fly, and see them promptly reflected in the application. This is the Hot reload component, and it normally takes (milli-)seconds for changes to show.  The element assists groups with adding highlights, fixing bugs, and investigating with novel thoughts in a moment. Furthermore, Hot Reload is extremely helpful with regard to the developers-designers joint effort.    3. Single codebase for different platforms With Flutter, developers can compose only one codebase for two applications – covering both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter is a platform-agnostic as it has customized widgets and designs which help to access the same app on two platforms.   4. Customized widgets Flutter doesn't depend on native framework segments. Flutter has its own customized designs and widgets. This is all because of the user-friendly UI which helps in this development. One of the main aspects of Futter development is its customizable widgets which allows customizing the existing widget and to develop the new one.    5. Perfect MVP development In order to develop MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for an application. MVP helps to showcase the product to the investors and works effectively to get a better insight into the product. Flutter is the one-stop solution to develop MVPs.    6. Supportive UI Mobile applications developed from Flutter are supported on all devices. This means that the mobile app runs on the older devices of iOS and android effectively without any hindrance. You do not have to worry about running the applications on older devices.   7. Faster Apps Flutter apps perform tasks frequently and quickly – without hanging. The reason behind this is the Flutter utilizes the Skia Graphics Library. On account of this, the UI is redrawn each time when a view changes. The vast majority of the work is done on GPU which helps in smooth UI working conveying 60fps (frames per second).  The redrawing while developing can create bugs while using the app. Redrawing the entire view rather than simply those components that change, can influence the performance and speed of the application, particularly on the off chance that you need to reload the view frequently.   Cons of Flutter   1. Experienced Developers community? The majority will advise you: a vital benefit for React Native over Flutter is its more settled, more experienced developers. And even the flutter uses dart language which is not widely known, even JavaScript is broadly utilized and known. Flutter developer’s community needs time to establish as DART language is the biggest hindrance in performing tasks through Flutter.    2. Affluent Libraries and support Noteworthy, the libraries and the backend support are impressive but are not that rich as a native framework. Google's support for Flutter is great, yet Flutter is still very new. This implies that you can't generally discover the functionalities you need in existing libraries, so your developers may have to construct custom functionalities by themselves, which takes extra effort and time.    3. Platform Risk  Even Flutter is written on open-source and if Google chose to pull support for the project then it will be a big issue. That said, since the Google group delivered the Beta form of Flutter, it has just increased its endeavors, as outlined by Flutter's role during Google IO '19.    4.Extended App size Applications framed on Flutter are relatively bigger in size than native. The bigger app size may be an issue to run on various devices.    Pros of React Native    1. Faster Refresh and coding Basically a similar feature as Flutter. Hot Reload speeds up the improvement interaction by permitting a developer to infuse new code straightforwardly into a running app. In this way, a developer can see changes quickly, without modifying the app. Hot Reload additionally holds the application's state, staying away from the danger of losing it during a full reload which is accelerating the mobile app advancement measure much further.    2. One codebase, 2 mobile stages This is also similar to Flutter: compose a single codebase to control 2 apps – covering both Android and iOS platforms as a cross-platform developer. The React Native libraries provide a distinct variety to develop the application by creating codes for the different platforms. The libraries such as React Native for web, RectXP, react-native windows, etc.    3. Use of JavaScript  It utilizes a popular mainstream language JavaScript, a programming language that has numerous well-known developers while Dart is yet not really broadly known or utilized. This is one of the biggest advantages of the React Native framework as it has a lot of well-known writers who can efficiently perform tasks on the native platforms.    4. Developers freedom to choose React Native allows developers to fabricate cross-stage apps. It provides developers the way to make decisions with respect to perform various tasks. The benefit is that React Native permits the developer to choose decisively what arrangements they need to utilize; both as per the task's necessities as much as the developer’s ease.    5. Easy to learn and comprises a vast community Respond Native has a huge developer community. Yet, there are innumerable instructional exercises, libraries, and UI structures that make it simple to get familiar with the innovation which helps in speedy and simple to perform tasks. Even though it is easy to learn. Even the react developers can easily work on this. The developers utilize mainstream React arrangements, and can undoubtedly work with React Native, without learning new libraries.    Cons of React Native   1. Supports only basic components  React Native supports only some fundamental segments out of the box. It has limited the changes as the developer can utilize components in a project however which requires extra exertion and time. Though the Flutter is designed to help in customizing elements, the system upholds significantly more gadgets. It saves time. A developer utilizing Flutter can make better perspectives from developed widgets that are effectively adaptable and customized.   2. Opportunity to take a decision This works both ways as an advantage and disadvantage for a Native developer. While creating a new project a developer needs to decide various aspects including a navigation package and which global state management to use. It usually takes a lot of time to understand the variations of each solution and to choose the best one out of them.    3. Delicate UI  The React Native uses native components in such a way that after the UI update the components in the app will be immediately upgraded. In some instances, this can break the app's UI however it happens very rarely. What's more terrible, updates can turn out to be considerably more hazardous as they can key to change the Native components API.  While with regards to Flutter the app UI is significantly more steady. Though, because of the manner in which the system recreates the native components itself.     Concluding... In respect to this comparison between React Native and Flutter, we have gone through various aspects containing the pros & cons of both frameworks. The comparison come upon some significant points: React Native is simpler and easy to learn and has a large developers community.  For Flutter everything is a widget and plays a major role even the components in Native are basic. Flutter has a fast-performing base as it includes arm or x86 native libraries. The react comparatively is less performant.  Bugs on the React Native take time to fix though, on Flutter this happens even faster.    Even both Flutter and React Native is doing great as cross platforms. At last, it depends upon the developers to choose its platform for development. And on the client’s preference.   

Basic features of a food Delivery mobile application?

  Food Delivery mobile applications are in trend. Why is it so? Though this is because good food is the foremost need of any person, and food delivery applications serve you at your doorstep with the food that you wish to have. This is one of the best services coming from the mobile application framework which has achieved heights in the past couple of years.  Let's check what’s there is a food delivery application and what it is composed of and how to start with a food delivery application.    Sign Up Through sign-up, the user can start with the application. This step starts with entering the mobile no. or email address as a user profile. Then create their password and confirm it by re-entering it.  The other option to Sign up is Google or Facebook. This enables the user to sign up with ease and saves time and effort for the user. The time invested in the OTP verification saves over here.   Guest Login One can use the application without login or signup which means the user can visit the application as a guest. The applications with this option do not provide users access to avail themselves of the product or service they are delivering.    Login If a user visits an application as a guest login and wants to avail of the product or service then he needs to log in. The Login procedure is the same as earlier through the email/mobile and password or Google/Facebook.    Forgot Password Through a forgotten password, the user can recreate the password in case he forgot the previous one. The verification of this is done through Email or mobile no.    Enter Location  This step needs a user to enter their current location. This is done by entering the Pincode or by turning on the google location.    Restaurant Lists After providing all the sign-up details, the home page of the application appears to have a restaurants list containing the restaurant name, reviews, and menu. Through, click to see the menu tab user can get restaurant information such as name, address, rating, and a menu tab containing items, categories, subcategories.    Food Item Listing In this step, one can check out the item like to order and select the quantity. In the Select quantity tab, One can add or remove items as well. Check out the price, item image, and add it to the favorite. And finally can click on the to Buy option.    Search In the search tab users can directly search the option he is not getting in the provided lists. One can search restaurant names, food items, or categories.    Filter In the application, the user can also filter the options. Can select the restaurant name, then a category, after that the food type with veg and non-veg options and at last the price.    Food Item Detail Now comes the food time details which include various options. The options include category, quantity, price of the item, Image of an item. Users can add the item to their favorites if they wish to buy it later. It includes item rating as well. If The user wishes to buy the product then they can move to the buy list by adding the item to the cart and can place the order through the Place Order tab.   Checkout Page The checkout page consists of add address, address type, and select payment method. In address, the user needs to fill the full address, in the address type needs to be selected from work/home/Other. The payment option includes net Banking, Card, UPI, or Cash on delivery options.    Your Orders The tab of an application where one can find all the orders placed. This segment has the item name, category of the item, item price, item image, item status, and review. Item status includes: Order Received In preparation XYZ valet assigned to your order with valet information name, phone, and live location.  On the way ( one can track the driver live location once he picks the order) Delivered includes rate delivery as well. Canceled Disputed The review tab includes ratings and comments.    Daily Deals The user can encounter various deals inside the application and can get various daily offers on the food items. These deals attract users to order and benefit from the deal.   Return and Refund With various services the mobile application also gives users an option to return the food delivered if it does not fulfill the requirements. And the refund option ensures the payment to be refunded in the given period.    Chat support A new feature has been added to the food delivery app. The chatbox is provided through which the user can chat with the concerned person and can ask questions.   Offers and Combos In the food delivery app, one can get various offers and combos. These offers are provided on special occasions, days, and festivals.   

How to grow your business through an E-commerce online application?

  The emerging consumers in the world with increased demands are shifting towards E-Commerce. This shift has not only because masses are attracted towards the offerings of e-commerce products and services; this is also because in the fast-paced life no one has time to visit the outdoors when they can have the offering just a click away.    Smartphones are the key factor to avail online access and Mobile applications intervention is a new driver of the market. The rapid reception of cell phones and resulting acceptability of the web has permitted developing market consumers to be a significant worldwide power to employ various factors such as retail, gaming, education, consumer services, etc. These all the factors are viable through the mobile application and delivering an efficient mobile application is the need of e-commerce startups now.      Though, spending power has not devalued consumers across rising economies to access the web, even with the emergence of e-commerce mobile applications benefiting consumers to access a wide range of products. The Success of the Biggest Online Retail markets is the Mobile Applications. So, let us get a quick look at the reasons why and how Mobile Applications are known as the heart of e-commerce and are growing rapidly. Here are Seven Reasons why E-commerce mobile applications are growing how enterprises can grow their business through e-commerce.   Convenience Mobile Applications are convenient because they are handy and carry plenty of offerings with them whether it's a cab booking or online shopping or food delivery or healthcare solutions. Mobile application is the one-stop solution to avail any product and service. E-Commerce is 24/7 and 365 days accessible. The single touch has changed the buying behavior, now they can discover the desired service or item, order it, and get it at that point and with the structure convenient to the shopper.  To have the best results and provide the best consumer experience the enterprises need to have the best mobile and web solutions. The need for an hour is to be updated and frequent. So, the mobile application should be made out of the best technology to offer technologically advanced services to the market.  Here comes the best mobile application toolkit in the frame, it is Flutter.    Greater range of offerings   E-Commerce offers an abundant range of products and services. It drastically reduces its cost of operations while operating worldwide through an online channel and can offer products and services to a worldwide customer base. As the geographic area is not a hindrance in the online marketplace it works out to be an economical way to deal. It permits enterprises to outsource products and services across borders to increase their value in the marketplace. Though the E-Commerce business largely contributes to the import and export.  Customers can avail all these products and services on their smartphones.  Ecommerce likewise permits businesses to outsource their administrative backend operations to specialist support services providers located anywhere on the planet through a mobile application.   Individualized Products and Services More Sophisticated development toolkits permit organizations to offer more customized, customer-driven proposals. With the advent of new technologies, this complex process is simplified and offers a vast range of customized stuff. This results in customer attraction towards the mobile application as it is customized and technologically upgraded.  E-Commerce also works on syncing customers to their preferences and needs. This allows customers to go through the pop-up suggestions and grab the opportunity. This helps startups to get market attention and consumer interest resultant motivate traditional businesses to shift online.     A shift from Traditional to online Study your ordinary customers' qualities and guarantee your contribution enhances their lives. You don't have to take an account of a wide segment, rather work in offering the best service or product is the sole objective. With technological advancements and flourishing online trends, traditional businesses are shifting towards e-commerce.  The recent trends in e-commerce and its marvelous development open up various ways to develop a business. The professionalism online and the response is something that attracts the traditional business. And even it is very easy when one can get everything managed through a mobile application while allied on various resources.    Mobile Adaptability Today, mobile phones have entered people’s lives and been a part of them. Being an important part of our lives all the websites and portals want to be mobile adaptive so that they can reach a large no. of people. This adaptability has come a long way in the last two decades and is increasing day by day. The need for mobile applications is increasing and with it startups and various other business outlets trying to adapt to this change to expand their business.    Cross border services Due to the mobile applications and web people can access various foreign brands and can avail various cross border products. Before this online culture, it was difficult to access foreign products, as these were costly and time-consuming. Now, one can easily access these products through online shopping.  The import and export have got a boom through this advent. Mobile applications carry a lot of advantages with them and uplift the economy.     Mobile Payments Non-cash payments are more convenient and easy. E-Commerce and online payments are complementary to each other with the rise in online business non-cash payments or digital payments are also getting the drift. This also helps the economy to float less cash in the market resulting in improving economic conditions and solving various economic problems.    Summing Up Mobile applications are a new age that comprises a world in itself. It makes everything accessible to everyone in the world. The speed of technological advancement and the decline in technological cost has allowed various developments to shape their way in the developing market. E-Commerce is shaping its way and growing with the mobile adaptability of people.  Be a part of this development and bloom with the growing market. Develop your mobile application from Appic Softwares  

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