Step-By-Step Guide To Build An App Like Brightwheel In 2024

Step-By-Step Guide To Build An App Like Brightwheel In 2024

Build An App Like Brightwheel

These days, working parents need child care more than ever because they have to balance work and parenting duties. Parents have to leave their kids with nannies or daycare centers sometimes.

In 2022, 97.4% of families with children had at least one adult working. Two parents were working in those families. In addition, both parents worked in 65.0% of these homes. These numbers show that we need childcare services that are stable and work well.

Parents need regular updates, whether it’s to make sure their kids are safe or to keep an eye on what they’re doing all day.

If you look at the market for child care, it is growing. Research shows that the market will be worth USD 189.07 billion from 2022 to 2027. 

market for child care

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Because the market is so big, technology is very important for providing services that parents are happy with.

Entrepreneurs who are good at business are using technology to make apps like Brightwheel that help parents find child care.

These apps make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids’ progress by streamlining contact, keeping track of attendance, and activities.

This piece was written for businesspeople who want to make an app like Brightwheel for child care. A babysitting app and the features it should have are just a few of the things we need to work out. 

Then we’ll talk about how much it costs to make an app like Brightwheel for child care. Finally, we’ll go over the steps needed to make such an app. 

Let’s find out everything one by one.

Table of Contents

What is an app like Brightwheel for child care?

A childcare app like Brightwheel is a phone app that helps parents and childcare workers with their daily tasks. With its simple features and easy-to-understand interface, it can make the often stressful process of making childcare arrangements a lot easier. Also, this kind of app can help parents in many ways, such as

  • Keeping track of what their child does every day
  • Checking where they are right now
  • Looking at pictures and hearing from the childcare provider
  • Quick and easy payment handling
  • Making plans for meetings

Childcare workers, on the other hand, can use the app to keep track of their daily tasks, such as

  • Keeping an eye on attendance
  • By keeping records,
  • Making plans for lessons,
  • keeping parents up to date,
  • Running a staff
  • Taking money payments

An experienced and trustworthy Android app development business in India can help you with the technical side of making this kind of app.

Knowing what to do and having the right training are important for making an app that works well on both Android and iOS and gives people a good experience.

How much it costs to make an app like Brightwheel for child care

Developing a babysitting app like Brightwheel can be a very interesting and rewarding project. But it’s important to know how much it will cost. You pay a lot less than you would in the US if you hire an iOS app creation company in India to work on your project. 

Even so, there are other things that affect the price that you need to think about too, or you could run into problems.

Brightwheel-like app for child care

Brightwheel-like app for child care

When figuring out how much it will cost to make a babysitting app like Brightwheel, here are some important things to keep in mind:

01- Making an app

The childcare center that uses the app would want the design of the app to fit with their business and values.

But keep in mind that good things cost money, so don’t skimp on spending. Also, to make the design part go more smoothly, you should buy the design software and tools you need.

It is important for the babysitting app to have a well-thought-out design so that it is easy for people to use. If developers want personalized user interfaces, graphic design work, or images, app design could cost more, depending on how much work goes into it.

02: Platforms for development

To make an app for the iOS platform, you need to hire a skilled mobile app developer. Their knowledge would help you deal with the system’s complexity. It may be necessary to pay them a much higher wage to make sure the job is finished successfully.

On the other hand, making apps for Android might be less expensive, but as the user base grows, testing and fixing bugs may become more expensive.

But the needs of the app and the people who will be using it must be thought through before a choice is made. Be smart about your choice so that nothing gets in the way of the quality and performance of your app.

03- What the App Does

How much it costs to make an app is directly related to what functions and features it has. Adding more advanced and complicated features, like personalized content delivery or smart search engines, would cost more because they need more resources. 

It is important to keep in mind that the more complicated and detailed the features are, the more they cost to make.

04: Integrations with Third Parties

Adding tools like Google and Apple Calendars, Stripe, QuickBooks, and other software can make development harder and cost more.

So, the price is based on how complicated it is and how many third-party connections there are.

05- How the Team Works

The programming team needed to make a child care app like Brightwheel would usually be made up of skilled individuals like

  • Managers of projects
  • UI and UX designers
  • Developers who do everything
  • People who run databases
  • Testers for quality checking

The number of pros and the size of the team that work on your project will also depend on how hard it is and how long it takes to build.

Since there would be more salaries and management work to do, a bigger team would typically mean higher development costs.

6. Where the development partner is located

Because wages change from country to country, where the development company is located will affect the total cost. The cost of growth may go up if you work with a partner in a more expensive country, like the US or UK.

While hiring the best app writers in India can cut costs by a large amount.

7. The Tech Stack

Creating an app for child care requires using a lot of different technology stacks.

  • Use React Native
  • You can use Node.js
  • Feeling Flutter
  • The Kotlin
  • Move quickly
  • The objective-c
  • What is MongoDB?
  • AWS

The technology you use to build a babysitting app can have a big impact on how much it costs in total. The technology stack can make the cost of making such an app go up or down.

Blockchain, AR/VR, machine learning, and other cutting edge technologies cost more than simple stacks.

You can better plan and budget your app development project if you figure out which factors have the biggest impact on the cost and rank them in order of importance.

Important Parts of a Child Care App

What Makes a Child Care App Like Brightwheel Great?

This section is going to be split into three parts. The first part is going to be about the important qualities a parent panel should have. After that, in the next part, we’ll talk about the most important features that childcare providers need in an app. The third part is the last one. It’s about the advanced features that your babysitting app like Brightwheel should have to make it better at what it’s supposed to do.  

#1: Things that the parent panel in a child care app must have

Feature Description
Registration and Login Parents can make an account, log in, and see their child’s actions and information.
Child Profile kid Profile lets parents make and manage a profile for their kid that includes information like age, allergies, and more.
Booking and Scheduling Parents should be able to see open times and book childcare services and activities.
Messaging and communication Parents should be able to talk to the daycare provider through the app’s messaging feature or video calls.
Billing and Payment Give parents a safe and simple way to pay and let them see their past bills.
Real-time Updates Let parents know about their child’s plans, meals, naps, and other things in real time.
Photo and Video Sharing Parents can see and share videos and photos of their child’s daily actions and important events.
Review and Feedback Let parents write reviews and give feedback on the activities and services of the childcare company.

#2: Things that the Child Care Provider Panel in a Child Care App Must Have

Feature Description
Registration and Login This feature lets childcare providers make an account, log in, and handle their activities and services.
Child Profile Let people who care for kids make and handle profiles for each child that include information like age, allergies, and more.
Booking and Scheduling This feature lets childcare providers handle their booking and scheduling systems and see what times are open.
Messaging and Communication Let childcare workers talk to parents through video calls or in-app messages.
Attendance Tracking Provide childcare workers with an attendance tracking system that lets them keep track of the records of the kids who are there.
Meal planning and tracking Let childcare workers plan, keep track of, and share meal plans with parents. Also, let them keep track of kids’ dietary needs.
Daily Activity Tracking Provides child care providers with a daily activity tracking method that lets them keep track of what each child does every day.
Billing and Payment This feature lets childcare providers handle their payment and billing systems and see a history of their bills.
Reporting and Analytics Give childcare providers reports and analytics on events, attendance, and past billing.
Review and Feedback Allow childcare providers to see reviews and feedback that parents have left and reply to them.

#3: More features for the child care app

Feature Description
AI Chatbot AI robot gives parents and providers access to an AI-powered robot that can answer common questions, make suggestions, and help them.
Personalized Recommendations This feature uses machine learning to give parents and workers suggested items based on their likes and how they have behaved in the past.
Predictive Analysis Predictive analysis tries to guess what parents will want and then suggests services and activities that will make the child’s experience better.
Sentiment Analysis Sentiment analysis looks at how parents and providers feel and what they say to find ways to make the experience better generally.
Voice Recognition Add voice recognition so parents and providers can use voice cues to do things like message and schedule.
Image and Object Recognition This feature uses technology to automatically name and arrange photos and videos of kids doing fun things.
Virtual Tours and 360° Videos Digital Tours and 360° Videos gives parents and childcare workers virtual tours and 360° videos of child care centers to help them make smart choices.
Emergency Alert System Emergency Alert System gives parents and caretakers an emergency alert system that can quickly let them know about important events like crashes or natural disasters.
Data Security and Privacy Strong data security and privacy measures should be put in place to protect the privacy of sensitive information for parents, providers, and children.
Multi-Language Support Provides support in multiple languages to meet the needs of a wide range of families and workers.

How to Make an App for Child Care Like Brightwheel?

To make a child care app like Brightwheel, you need to set goals, make a plan, create an easy-to-use interface, code, test, and release. It’s a good process that needs developers, engineers, and artists to work together and have great skills. Here is a full breakdown:

App for Child Care

Step 1: Write down the app’s goal.

  • What is the point of the app for child care?
  • What issue does it address?
  • Are you trying to reach parents, people who work with kids, or both?

You need to know the answers to these questions before you can move on with the creation process. Create a unique value offer to get people to listen to you and keep them listening. Not only that, but a clear goal sets the stage for the app creation process.

Step 2: Make a plan and stick to it

This means looking into best practices and industry standards and coming up with the app’s unique features that will make it stand out from others on the market.

  • What the app does
  • How users move
  • Making a schedule,
  • Setting a budget
  • Figuring out any problems

Step 3: Make the UI/UX

As the next step in making a child care app like Brightwheel, you should focus on making a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that are simply amazing.

Make sure the font size, style, and color scheme you use are good enough to draw attention to your app without being too much. The app’s goal and its design should go hand in hand for a good implementation. 

Step 4: Making an app

Now that the goal, planning, and design steps are over, it’s time to start making the app.

At this point, the app is actually being built. There will be a group of writers working on this to make sure everything goes as planned and that all the features of the app work well together. 

Step 5: Test it out

When you’re making an app, testing it is the most important step. To keep your app running smoothly, it’s important to test it thoroughly to make sure it doesn’t have any bugs, meets all the design requirements, and works as expected. This is very important to make sure that the user experience is smooth and fluid.

A/B testing, speed testing, and user testing are all very important to make sure that the app meets the standards and gets rid of any problems that might come up so that users are happier. 

Step 6: Start

Without a doubt, the demanding process of making and testing apps is now over, and it’s time to start the launch phase for both iOS and Android. Because of this, your work can now be downloaded, and people can get to and use it. Also, App Store Optimization is important for making the app more visible and increasing the chances of getting people to download it.

Step 7: Check up and help

Putting out your app is just the start of the process. The work never ends because you have to keep fixing bugs, making the app better based on what customers say, and making it work better. The process keeps going and never stops.

These are the main steps that are needed to make an app like Brightwheel for child care. But, depending on the purpose of the app, there may be other unique needs or features that need to be thought about.

How Can Appic Softwares Help You Make an App for Child Care?

Without a question, the market for apps that help with child care is growing very quickly right now. Being unique and having advanced features are important for businesspeople who want to stand out in this crowded market. It’s also important to have an app that parents and childcare workers can easily use. 

Our team of skilled app developers at Appic Softwares can help you make your idea come to life. Our team has made a number of successful applications because we have full faith in our skills and abilities. You can be sure that the best possible work will go into making your app.

Not only that, but our team will also spend time coming up with a solution that is perfectly tailored to your wants and budget. Our services for making mobile apps include:

  • UI and UX design
  • Building apps
  • Checking out
  • Setting up
  • Help and upkeep

Our approach also uses the Agile method and involves close teamwork with our clients to make sure they are completely happy with the end result. We also offer competitive prices for our products while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Our mobile app development business in India is reliable and skilled enough to help you make any kind of app, from a child care app like Brightwheel to an app that tracks your pregnancy progress like Ovia.

Appic Softwares can help you make an app like Brightwheel. At Appic Softwares, we have a team of trained Educational App Developers who know how to use the latest technologies, such as ReactJS, Flutter, iOS, Android, and many more.

So, what are you waiting for?

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