Cost Of Creating A Pet Care App Like Chewy

Cost Of Creating A Pet Care App Like Chewy

People don’t just treat their pets like animals anymore; they treat them like best friends and treat them with the same care they give to their own families. They buy protein supplements, healthy foods, toys, and even clothes for their dogs. Of course, people who love pets are also spending a lot of money on spa and salon services for their cute but bad pets.

This is why more and more people around the world want and download pet care apps. Pet care items, toys, supplies, clothing, and many other things are selling more and more online around the world.

It’s amazing how big the online pet care market is in the US. alone makes $8,891 million in sales, makes $1,040 million in net sales, and and run businesses that make more than a million dollars.

In the United States, there are a lot more shopping apps for pets. But making a Chewy clone app will help your business make money in a market like the US, where Chewy is very popular in the online pet care business.

As the best on-demand mobile app development company in the US, we’d like to share some information with you that will help you understand the pros and cons of making an app like Chewy for pet lovers in the US. Let’s go! 

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The pet care app in the US is the Chewy Mobile App.

Chewy is the biggest pet care app in the US, as we talked about here. Pet owners trust it the most and find it easy to get to where they can get the best food and care items for their dogs.

Pet owners can also use this popular mobile app to buy prescription drugs, orthopedic pet beds, and even nail paint for their dogs, cats, and farm animals.  One more thing you can buy on Chewy is GPS trackers and activity trackers for pets at reasonable prices.

Pet owners can book an online vet appointment for a video call or live chat right from the Chewy mobile app. They can also get timely help from experienced vets.

Chewy has teamed up with more than 2,000 trusted names of pet food and supplies, such as Blue Buffalo, Nutro, and Tidy Cats, to offer reliable door-to-door delivery. Over 10 million people in the US trust it because it has a wide range of brands, high-quality goods, and great delivery services. 


What it costs to make an app like Chewy for pet care 

The most popular and downloaded pet care app, Chewy, has the following main features:

Here are the basic features that every on-demand pet care app, like Chewy, needs to have.

Sign up for and log in to the app

An e-commerce or trade app should have an easy-to-use sign-up and login form for its users. The chewy mobile app makes it easy to sign up and quick to get to the app.

Account for Users

This function is very important for making e-commerce apps. Chewy-like, the best pet care app in the US helps its users make a profile so they can quickly access their past sales, pet prescriptions, and favorite treats, among other things.

Making a Pet Profile

“Create your pet profile” is a crazy feature of the app that delivers pet food on demand. Pet owners can use this tool to make a profile for their pet that includes the pet’s name, age, weight, habits, favorite foods, and more. When people speak to a vet online, the doctors can easily understand what’s wrong with the pet and give personalized advice.

Ability to Search

This feature should be included in all e-commerce apps for pets in the US and anywhere else to make it easier for users to find what they need. People who want to shop online faster can just put in the rough words of pet foods, treats, and supplies.

Tracking an order

Market apps should have a function that lets users see their orders in real time. It lets users see when their items will be delivered and makes the app better overall.

Your Shopping Cart

Here, users can see what goods they’ve chosen and go to the checkout page to pay faster.

Gateway for Payment

Adding safe online payment APIs to pet care apps for Android and iOS will make it easier for users to pay for their orders, whether they are online or not.

Comments and Scores

This will make it easier for users to leave comments on the service or product’s quality.

Extra Features 

  • Prescriptions

People who own pets would be able to buy medicines for their health online with this feature. People who love pets can get over 4,000 different kinds of prescription drugs and over 600 different kinds of pet food through the Chewy app.

  • Talk to someone live

It’s one of the coolest features that makes your new pet care app more useful. The best pet shopping apps in the US, like Chewy, let you chat live with licensed, experienced vets to get food tips and advice on how to help your pet grow up healthy.   

  • Option for Video Call 

If your online store that sells pet supplies also lets customers make free video calls, that will really take the app to a whole new level. In this way, Chewy has won the hearts of its fans. Pet owners can choose when and how to have a live call with a famous vet.

Integrating a robot that is based on artificial intelligence (AI) into pet care apps will help users get answers to their problems right away.

Voice-enabled Ordering System: This system lets users use their voices to order the goods they want from their favorite stores. When speech recognition features are added to pet shopping apps, users will be able to easily place orders by voice.

Social Media Access: Making an e-commerce app that lets people buy and get delivered pet supplies online and connects to social media will make the experience better for users. Users will save time and be more likely to stick with an app if they can access it through their current social media accounts.

To begin, let us look at some basic and must-have features for store owners and managers.

The Basic Features Unique to Each Vendor To Make an Online Pet Store Like Chewy

  • Sign Up and Sign In
  • Managing a retailer’s account and product list
  • Keeping track of inventory numbers
  • Taking care of order pickup and delivery
  • Management of deals and savings
  • Access to push alerts and feedback

The Chewy pet care app also needs to have a login page, the ability to manage users and retailers, the ability to manage offers, the ability to track orders and fees for delivery, tech support, and a monitor view.

How much does it cost to make an app like Chewy for taking care of pets?

The price to make a simple app like Chewy will be between $25,000 and $35,000. The actual cost of making a Chewy-like pet care app with lots of advanced features could be higher than the expected price and go over $50,000.


We’ve talked about this a lot, but the final cost of petcare mobile app development will depend on the application development platform, type, and location of the mobile app development companies.

If you want to start making a pet care app, you can choose Appic Softwares, which is a top company that does it. 

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