What Is The Cost Of Hiring an IT Consultant In UK 2024?

What Is The Cost Of Hiring an IT Consultant In UK 2024?

The Cost Of Hiring an IT Consultant In UK 2024

While some companies would rather work directly with software engineers on the project, others would rather use expert consulting services. As long as you obtain high-quality software that satisfies your company’s requirements, either of these strategies is perfectly acceptable. However, there are instances where selecting one strategy over another is preferable.

For instance, the absence of internal tech knowledge and project management abilities might be made up for by hiring a seasoned IT consulting business.

Consider the cost-benefit ratio if you are unsure whether hiring an IT consultant is the best course of action for you at this moment in your life. We’ve compiled a summary of average prices for IT consulting in the UK to get you started.

But first, let’s examine the nature of consulting and the reasons why companies use IT consultants.

What is IT consulting, and who does it for?

In the event that an organization does not have the necessary in-house IT competence, IT consultants are the experts who offer counsel and guidance. “IT support” is their primary responsibility for non-technical businesses. For instance, they can oversee an organization’s digital transformation project or assist in creating and implementing a successful IT strategy. For startups and small enterprises that understand their demands and want to engage a development team that can match them and help them put their ideas into action, that is the most affordable option available. Additionally, IT consultants are excellent communicators and frequently oversee the development team.

The following are typical duties of an IT consultant:

  • maintaining client awareness of the development process through progress documentation, report preparation, and consulting presentations that showcase the client’s current state of development.
  • assisting in the evaluation of possible suppliers and securing the necessary resources. IT consultants also guarantee seamless integration between the internal team and outside developers from an agency and offer ongoing IT support.
  • articulating the needs of the project and defining its parameters with the vendor. In order to guarantee that the expenses are distributed properly, IT consultants also help with cost estimation.
  • ensuring that the deadlines and requirements are met by the vendor’s other IT employees or the IT department as a whole.
  • updating the clients on the development process through reporting and progress documentation.

In general, hiring advisors, product/project managers, and even C-level executives can be constituted by IT consulting firms and their agents. However, this does not imply that they can fully replace the mentioned internal experts.

An outside IT consultant, as opposed to internal employees, is supposed to offer an objective assessment and assist you in reaching better strategic decisions. Hiring an IT consultant is a financially sound decision because IT consulting firms typically have extensive first-hand industry experience in addition to deep subject understanding in areas like blockchain technology, finance, healthcare, automotive, and fintech.

Advantages of using a consulting IT firm

IT consultants have experience in a range of technical fields, which gives them access to a larger breadth of knowledge and an outsider’s perspective on a company’s operations. The following are the key advantages of using IT consultants:

Giving a glimpse of how software works

Expert IT consultants assess the requirements and nature of the company to guarantee more seamless and effective operations. They thoroughly examine regular operating procedures before recommending which ones the business can automate.

directing the development of software

A software project is overseen as it moves forward by an IT consulting business. At different phases of the development lifecycle, they assist with implementation and debugging and share their knowledge with the internal engineering team.

Keeping a software team updated on new technology

IT consultants are skilled in a wide range of technical settings and business areas. To help businesses keep current on cutting-edge technologies and maintain their competitive edge, they offer their industry knowledge.

Increased security

An IT consultant with a focus on cybersecurity finds holes in networks and computer systems, sets up data security procedures, and eventually assists in creating defenses against hostile assaults for the business. Additionally, they can teach contractors and other members of the business how to spot potentially dangerous activities.

The cost of IT consulting in the UK as of 2023

Like any other wage, IT consulting rates differ significantly based on a wide range of characteristics, such as experience level, job type, company size, region, and employment type. Finding out average rates will help you grasp the local market if you want to look for consultant jobs in the UK, regardless of whether you prefer hiring in-house staff or outsourcing.

What is the average UK rate for an IT consultant?

The average annual compensation for an IT consultant in the UK is £50,000, according to Glassdoor. The average hourly fee for a specialist that you want to recruit on a part-time basis is £52.

Source: Glassdoor

So, what is the price in the UK for hiring an IT consultant?

Similar to most other occupations, the basic pay for an IT consultant is determined by a number of variables, including the consultant’s experience, location, and familiarity with the industry. The statistics that follow will help you comprehend the most important things to think about before selecting an IT consultant. They will provide you with a more accurate estimate of the price.

prices for IT consultants according to experience

The length of employment and experience a consultant has in the field determine their pay. The average salary of an IT consultant is displayed in the following chart.

Experience Average IT consultant salary in the UK, $ Average IT consultant salary in the US, $
Entry-level IT consultant $43,112 $72,770
Junior IT consultant $59,887 $99,188
Middle IT consultant $67,500 $119,398
Senior IT consultant $93,202 $143,219


Indeed.com, according to Glassdoor

What is IT consulting and who does it for?

Naturally, London pays slightly more for IT consultants, and salaries might vary from city to city. Here are some variations in important regions, given that the average hourly rate for IT consultants in the UK is £45:

  • Specialist salaries in London are typically 7% lower than the national average.
  • 13% more in Edinburgh than the national average
  • In Reading—ten percent higher than the national average
  • 10% higher in Manchester than the national average rate
  • Birmingham’s rate is 3% higher than the country as a whole.

Extra well-paid competencies of IT consultants

IT consultants receive higher compensation than other professionals when they advance their specialization, gain recognition in other fields that benefit in their work, and better comprehend the demands and companies of their clients. The following is a list of higher-paying specializations where IT consultants frequently have a need for their valuable skills:

  • Experts with knowledge of Microsoft Azure get paid 24% more than the norm.
  • Infrastructure & IT Security: 31% more than the national average
  • Analysis of Requirements: 31% more than average pay
  • Software Development: 26% higher pay than the national average
  • Cloud Services: 25% higher than the mean pay
  • e-Commerce: 13% higher than the mean pay
  • Agile Software Development: Pay is 6% more than average

What is the price of hiring a tech developer?

As you are ready to launch your tech project and are aware of the typical salary for consultants, uk.talent.com provides a list of the most popular programming languages together with the developer rates for these professionals in the UK.

Taxes, bonuses, and other costs that you may incur during the hiring and onboarding process are not included in the values in the accompanying chart.

Average developer salary in the UK, $ Average developer salary in the US, $
Python developer salary $93,987 $121,770
Java developer salary $78,237 $138,094
JavaScript developer salary $73,462 $120,450
Ruby developer salary $69,622 $116,429
C++ developer salary $57,513 $102,861
C# developer salary $63,567 $105,049
PHP developer salary $67,288 $108,728
.NET developer salary $64,902 107,764


As stated by Glassdoor, Payscale, and Indeed.com

What are the hourly rates for freelance IT consultants in the UK compared to those of IT consulting firms?

According to data from Upwork.com, a top freelance marketplace, the hourly prices for independent IT consultants in the UK range from £35 to £180. That being said, the average rate is somewhat low, at about £57 per hour. But, you should be aware that hiring a freelancer means you are in charge of thoroughly screening this expert, and it could take a while to locate and select the ideal advisor.

Regarding IT consulting companies, you can look up consumer testimonials and choose the most dependable partner for your needs. In terms of rates, they also frequently change based on a number of variables. Based on information found in the profiles of 682 UK-based IT consulting firms on Clutch.co, more than 70 percent of these firms charge between £72 and £107 ($50–149) per hour for their services.

freelance IT consultants in the UK

Average IT consulting rates in the UK

When compared to offshore rates, hiring a software development consultant in the UK can be quite costly. The average hourly wage of IT consultants on Appic Softwares platform is 2-3 times less than that of UK consultants, and they are primarily located in India. It could be more affordable to hire a software development consultant in India due to the short time difference.

Please keep this in mind: Even though an internal employee’s hourly wage is typically lower, you should always compute the entire cost using the yearly rate. In addition, you can always decide on an hourly rate for a brief assignment when working with independent freelancers.

As we can see, there are prices for IT consulting to suit all budgets.

You must decide whether option—a long-term internal employee or an outside contractor specifically hired for the project—works best for you in order to make an informed choice.

In the long run, engaging individual consultants is more cost-effective than working with a seasoned consultancy if you go with the latter option. However, rates for in-house full-time workers at software consulting firms are often lower than those for independent contractors.

Using the greatest aspects of both an IT consulting firm and management consulting specialists, Appic Softwares provides a hybrid approach. You have unique access to a group of well-screened experts with extensive resumes and track records in a variety of fields. These experts work for and are overseen by eminent organizations that provide professional services, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

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