7 Easy Steps To Plan Drupal Content Migration

7 Easy Steps To Plan Drupal Content Migration

Are you preparing to move the material from your previous website to a new one? Perhaps you are moving data from Drupal 7 to either Drupal 9 or Drupal 10. Or, you may be transferring data from another CMS to Drupal. These kinds of issues are something that every business organization must deal with in order to stay up with the speed at which the digital business environment is developing. 

Let’s imagine that your website has a well-liked blog post that has received a lot of shares. In the event that it is completely absent from the new website, there are significant financial ramifications. Moving content without a well-thought-out approach could interfere with your SEO migration. It is crucial that you carefully transfer your material to a new website.

The procedure of transferring your stuff is not easy. In fact, it takes up a lot of time for your developer. One thing you may do is meticulously plan before tackling the content migration. 

While thinking about content migration, keep the following questions in mind:

Why Content Migration Is Needed?

If this make sense for your business? Is this really what you need? What’s the best way to go about doing that? Can you get guidance from someone who has already gone through this process? These kinds of questions have to cross your thoughts. Why not, too? Given that it affects the direction of your digital business, it is imperative that you make this choice.

If Your Sites Is Outdated

Digital marketers may first want to know exactly what content migration entails. Basically, content migration is the process of moving data from one website to another. When data is transferred from an old website to a newer one, this occurs. In this case, data is moved from Drupal 7 to either Drupal 9 or 10. 

Take The Advantage Of Drupal 10

Your new website will load faster than ever thanks to Drupal 10’s real-time cache invalidation feature. Users can stay on your website longer as a result.

You save a ton of money and effort, and site maintenance is much simpler.  It is completely free to integrate and includes all the functionality you may want for your website. It significantly shortens the time it takes to build new code and continuously enhances the current one. Do you want to use Drupal 10? Learn more about Drupal 10.

7 Steps To Plan Content Migration

It all comes down to how this migration process is approached now. Your data is undoubtedly very valuable because you took a long time to compile it. 

If you work in the publishing or media sectors, the material on your website greatly speaks to your trustworthiness. The digital government and healthcare sectors are subject to legal requirements. It makes sense that site content is important to them. 

Not to mention, if done incorrectly, content migration can negatively impact your website’s traffic. It’s possible that this will cause your SEO rankings to decline. 

The choice to migrate your content becomes crucial for your company.

What moves your material and how to organize it effectively? Let’s dissect the procedures involved in moving Drupal content.

Functionality Check

Any business that wants to relocate its content does so primarily to update its old website. 

You should review the characteristics and capabilities of your previous website. It can be useful to do a content audit to determine which features are still in use and which ones are unnecessary for the new website.

Content Evaluation

Examine how many different content kinds there are and the fields in which they are entered. You need to check the quantity of comments on these kinds of articles. 

Spreadsheets are a useful tool for efficiently monitoring the kind of material that should be included on the new website.

In order to properly analyze your information and create a spreadsheet from it, there are a few things you need to know. Your content type should be divided into fields such as Count, Migration, and Field Mapping Status.

There is a maximum amount of items that each content category can have, which you refer to as Count. This helps you visualize just how complex your content migration will be.

The number of fields in the set will also help you gauge how hard the migrating procedure will be. It falls under the Migration category.

Drupal migration

While you begin to understand Count and Migration, developers can get to work on producing new kinds of content. They are aware of the current state of the fields in which their content types are set. As such, it assists them in figuring out how much development work would be necessary. You can find this process under Field Mapping Status.

You can get ready with a few predefined fields now that you have the listicle of content types. This guarantees that fields won’t need to be prepared for each and every kind of material. You can use fields like Source Machine Name, Requirements, and Implementation Notes. Under Global Field Mappings, this is displayed.

Drupal content migration

It is crucial to determine which of these fields needs to be moved, just like content types. It is advisable to verify which fields are crucial for your current website and which ones are unnecessary for the new one.

Drupal Content Migration

Sanity Check 

Take a look at how many users on the new Drupal site need to go through the authentication process. Do take into account data that can be shifted, such as ratings and reviews, views, or statistics. It is imperative that you ensure no taxonomy terms are omitted.

After finishing the process of going over and evaluating the information on your website, it’s time to get the new site rebuilt. It implies that you will need to develop new content categories. For the recently created content types, you will additionally need to set fields.

Task Assignment

It is crucial to assign the responsibilities to the appropriate individual or group.

Since they have access to the entire business architecture, business analysts are essential. They can help you with the procedure because they are aware of the business compliances that must be followed when transferring to a new location. 

Web content information is easily accessible to content editors. They understand what stuff on the internet can be combined with the new site and what should be left out. 

Naturally, those who are adept at technicalities are the developers. They ought to possess the requisite Drupal technical know-how.

After that, you can begin determining if you can complete the task on your own or if a digital agency will be necessary. Consider if you require help off-site or on-site. Examine if your development team can do the migration chores on their own and merely require outside assistance with the strategies. Alternatively, if you require a digital partner to handle everything.

To put it succinctly, every team member needs to possess the required skill set to ensure the Drupal content migration is a huge success.

Time Constraints

There is not much time left. The biggest amount of time is taken at the business planning. The development hours are significantly reduced if this is handled correctly because they are aware of exactly what to do. Keep in mind that moving content takes a lot of time and is an arduous and complicated operation. When you plan your procedure in advance, your developers can carry it out more efficiently.


Your content is not moved every other day. It seems that your website content is critical to your business. It’s a crucial business choice, and in order to prevent data theft or security breaches, you need to take a few precautions.

You need to have the most recent upgrade installed on your development infrastructure and database. Delete everything on your computer, including user accounts stored in database infrastructure. Make sure that no risky channels are used to transmit the database dump. Make sure without a doubt that your git repository is private.

Import Data

A few days before your new website launches, import all of your updated data onto it and make your old website read-only.

Who Has Done Content Migration?

Planning your business is obviously essential. It may be questioned if a corporate entity has truly migrated its Drupal content. Seeing them navigate this new stage of their digital business would be fascinating. 

Speaking with businesses that have migrated their content to Drupal is always beneficial. Allow me to present one of them.

Everyone at Acquia, from developers to content editors, came together to make a crucial business choice. During the crucial process of moving material to Drupal, they came to understand how crucial it was for everyone to stay in agreement. Working together with the developers has improved the content authors’ comprehension of how to use the new Drupal UI. 

Their content was categorized into blogs, eBooks, case studies, and other formats, which aided in the development of content transfer methods. In the more recent site, their material categories drastically decreased. Their digital partner’s advice was also helpful to them during the process. 

Their content editors now have more creative freedom when it comes to how they structure and arrange the material of their sites thanks to the paragraph module.

Acquia’s production site went live in 4 business days. They moved hundreds of different kinds of content from their Drupal 7 website. The expertise and skills of their content team were needed by developers.

The people who collaborate to plan content migration are developers and content editors. The content team is informed of the developers’ content migration strategy when it is made. Most of the complexities are beyond the comprehension of the content team. However, they are aware of the content that is posted on their website. Thus, they can be useful in deciding what can be combined and what needs to be moved.

As a result, not only did they successfully unite content creators and developers, but after the move was finished, everyone was happy. 


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on steps that you should take before migrating to a new Drupal version. Drupal 9/10 is way faster as compared to any other version of Drupal. This gives you an added advantage in the SEO factor and also helps scale up user experience. 

Moreover, if you are looking for a Drupal development company that can carry out the migration process for you, then you should check out Appic Softwares. We have an experienced team of Drupal developers who have assisted clients all around the globe and helped them efficiently manage their migration process. 

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