Top 7 Educational Websites Made On Drupal

Top 7 Educational Websites Made On Drupal

Educational Websites Made On Drupal

What do universities and Drupal have in common? Both are driven by communities and support neighborhood-based projects. We’ll look at some amazing educational websites developed on Drupal in this article, along with the rationale behind their CMS choice.

Did you know that 71% of the top 100 universities worldwide utilize Drupal, and every Ivy League school website is built on the platform? Statistics say eloquently about a strong CMS, but there are a ton of other factors that support our claim that Drupal is the finest CMS for e-learning websites. Find out by reading on.

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Reason Why Top Universities Rely On Drupal

Drupal is the CMS of choice for prestigious universities like Stanford, MIT, Oxford, and others. Large communities form the foundation of universities. These communities include those of students, faculty, departments, management, and other employees. Drupal, a community-driven content management system, aids in bringing all these communities together. Issues are dealt with by Drupal in a method that facilitates communication among all of its communities. 

  • Drupal offers scalability to support the many web projects and always expanding communities that go along with them. The CMS is also renowned for handling big user bases and heavy website traffic, which is perfect for universities with expanding student populations.
  • Drupal enables academic institutions to create a wide range of versatile solutions, from intranets to sophisticated web applications to straightforward static websites.
  • Universities may simply maintain and build independent websites from a single codebase thanks to Drupal’s multi-site strategy.
  • With Drupal 8, features like multilingual support, adaptable design for mobile devices, efficient workflow management, access control, and others are now included out of the box, making it the perfect solution for educational institutions.

Top 7 Universities Using Drupal

George Washington University

George Washington University (GWU) relies on Drupal to build an engaging web presence because it is best known for turning forth outstanding leaders in all fields. 

Why Drupal was chosen: 

  • They can now launch new sites more quickly than ever thanks to Drupal’s multisite capability. 
  • Web accessibility is something that both GWU and Drupal are devoted to.
  • The GWU website is fully responsive on all devices thanks to responsive web design.
  • ability to create scalable features and capabilities with adaptable layouts.
  • GWU anticipated a dependable digital platform for its users. And Drupal did so.

University Of Oxford

Five years running, the prestigious University of Oxford has held the top spot in the global university rankings. With a student body of more than 24,000, they provide more than 250 different programs.

Why Drupal was selected

  • They benefited financially from Drupal’s open-source nature, which also meant they wouldn’t have to rely on a single business for all of their development requirements.
  • a worldwide group of committed developers working daily to improve Drupal.
  • to more effectively collaborate and work with university departments that previously used Drupal.
  • The White House was one of the high-caliber case studies on Drupal’s list that convinced decision-makers.

Rutgers University

With more than 71,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey and one of the top-ranked public colleges in the country. They switched to Drupal more than ten years ago for their website.

Why they choose Drupal:

  • They wanted a design that looked amazing on all devices, which is why Drupal was picked.
  • to provide a unified user experience across all of their school locations.
  • Differentiate between their various schools while offering a cohesive experience.
  • enables quick and simple admissions application processes at many university locations.


Although not a university, we felt compelled to highlight the Bookshare website because it is so effective at educating the blind and those with learning challenges. The novels are available in audio, large-print, or braille forms, among others.

Drupal was chosen because:

  • Web accessibility – To assure accessibility by the visually impaired, they have to have the greatest degree of compliance (AAA).
  • Due to Drupal’s multilingual capability and translation modules, Bookshare is made accessible to users worldwide and is currently available in 7 different languages (and counting).
  • in order to facilitate extensive interoperability with their current APIs.

Georgia Tech Professional University

One of Georgia Tech’s several academic divisions, Georgia Tech Professional Education serves more than 36,000 students worldwide. One of the top 10 institutions in the US is Georgia Tech.

Drupal was chosen because:

  • its capacity to integrate with different marketing and communication solutions from third parties.
  • data security to safeguard student data.
  • enhanced performance with intelligent caching.
  • to offer a user-friendly, simple-to-use, and accessible website.

UChicago News

The University of Chicago News office focuses on releasing fresh content on a variety of topics, including current events and academic information for students. Every year, they publish over 1000 articles, many of which are then picked up and published by other media outlets.

Why they choose Drupal:

  • Drupal was selected to enhance website performance and speed during periods of high traffic.
  • Their large websites, which have over 20,000 content nodes and over 10,000 taxonomy keywords, were migrated effectively and without any issues.
  • in order to support their expanding range of pages, content types, and access levels.
  • Easy content generation and maintenance thanks to an efficient workflow system.

University Of Minnesota

This prestigious university was established in 1851 and currently enrolls more than 50,000 students. The University of Minnesota is one of the few colleges that can claim to have a veterinary school, an agricultural school, a law school, a school of engineering, and a school of law all on the same campus! They needed to move 600 sites to Drupal, each with a large amount of storage and millions of users per month.

Drupal was chosen because:

  • They required a flexible CMS that could easily manage their enormous volume of visitors and material.
  • to be able to use Drupal install profiles to easily develop new sites using standardized design and functionalities.
  • to provide a platform that can be used by other departments, satellite campuses, organizations, staff, etc., and is centrally maintained yet dispersed autonomously.
  • to provide a safe platform with a very small margin for error.


Now, in the en, we hope that through this post you were able to gain knowledge on the top 7 universities using Drupal.

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