Flutter Financial App Development 2024: Know Everything Here

Flutter Financial App Development 2024: Know Everything Here

Flutter Financial App Development

What did you know? Google says that 73% of smartphone owners have used a financial app in the last month. Okay, then! These days, not having a money app can be a problem. Does your company have one?

We all know that in today’s digital world, people with high hopes and financial needs are using financial apps more and more. Users need to be able to handle their money, invest in financial products, and make payments from anywhere using their phones or computers. This is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a competitive necessity.

Creating a fintech app can be hard because you have to make sure that data is kept private, that the system works well, that you follow the law, and that the app’s design is easy for people to use. This blog post will talk about why Flutter is a great tool for all of these problems and adding different features to a single app. Allow us to begin!

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The rise of Fintech apps in the finance business

Little by little, fintech apps have been shaking up the financial world. Mobile banking apps were downloaded 573.1 million times in the US in 2021, according to the Chase – Banking Consumers Study.

Two out of three people who answered said they couldn’t live without their banking app.

This not only shows that banking apps are becoming more popular, but it also shows how useful they are. In today’s fast-paced and technological world, it’s important for businesses in the banking sector to make things easier for customers and add new features.

People do a lot more with these apps than just pay bills and check their bank accounts. The top money-related searches that Google users have made in the last 30 days are shown below. There are a lot of them, yes!

Problems and Solutions for Making a Fintech App with Flutter

There are more and more companies that have to make financial apps for their customers as the fintech business changes. One problem that needs to be thought about and planned for is what technology to use for development. Flutter is the best choice for many reasons.

Google made Flutter, an open-source development kit for software that lets makers make apps for phones, the web, and computers all from the same codebase. Let’s look at the main problems these apps have and how Flutter’s technology can help make them better.

1. Ability to grow

For the large amounts of data that these apps handle, financial apps need to be able to handle a lot of users and activities. To do this, you need infrastructure and the power to quickly and efficiently grow.

This is solved by Flutter, which is a cross-platform framework that lets writers write one set of code that can run on both Android and iOS. This cuts down on the time and money needed for growth and makes it easy for finance businesses to grow.

2. Safety with Flutter apps for all screens 

One of the biggest problems is making sure that users’ info and safety are protected. Some of the private information that these apps handle is bank account and ID number information. Because of this, fintech apps need to make sure their app has security features to keep data safe.

How Flutter answers this problem: Its technology can give users safe access by setting up biometric authentication through Face ID or Touch ID. It can also protect data with data encryption algorithms.

3. How the user feels

Fintech apps should be easy to understand and use, and they should run smoothly. When you’re making something, you need to think about what the users want and what gadgets they use most.

What Flutter does to fix this:  Due to the large number of tools and libraries on the platform, Flutter makes the design development process smooth and easy. As an example, let’s look at ProWallet, one of our team’s successes that has an easy-to-use design and was praised by Forbes as a quick and simple app.

ProWallet is an example of a mobile app that has done well in the fintech industry.

ProWallet is an example of a mobile app that has done well in the fintech industry.

4. Follow-through

Another challenge that comes up when making a banking app is making sure that all rules are followed and compliance is maintained.

How Flutter fixes this problem: the platform’s code language supports encryption by default. This makes it easy for developers to follow the rules and encrypt private user data. Also, Flutter has libraries and plugins that support PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance standards. This can help banking apps meet the rules set by regulators.

5. Integration with a third party

Most fintech apps need to connect to outside services like payment systems, banking systems, and more.

In order to fix this, Flutter is used. As we have already seen, it has many tools and packages. You can use these to connect to different fintech sites and APIs. Like connecting with Stripe, PayPal, and Plaid, which are all payment gateways and financial data providers.

So, let’s talk about the most important reasons why using a cross-platform technology like Flutter to make a banking app is a good idea:

  • Information that is sensitive is well protected.
  • More quickly getting products to market
  • Saves time and money
  • Better UI design and a better user experience
  • Maintenance is easier
  • Being on more than one site helps you reach more people.

A lot of great companies, like Nubank, ING Business, Google Pay, Nextbank, Credit Agricole, and more, have put their money on Flutter for their banking apps. Even smaller finance startups use Flutter to make apps, and with just one team of cross-platform experts, they get great results.

Types of apps for finance

Finance apps are made to help people keep track of their money, make smart choices about it, and reach their financial goals. So, it’s important to know what kind of financial app your business needs before you start making one.

These are some of the most important money apps:

  • Banking apps
  • Payment apps
  • Personal finance apps (Budgeting apps, Expense Tracking Apps)
  • Cryptocurrency apps
  • Investment apps
  • Trading apps
  • Tax Preparation Apps

Top Financial companies using Flutter

Now, let’s look at some companies that have done a good job of giving their people cross-platform experiences with Flutter.

Google (Pay Google)

Even though Google isn’t a bank, one of their most important new products in recent years, Google Pay, is a strong rival in the field.

Over 100 million people use Google Pay as a payment platform. The company had to deal with the challenges of handling multiple platforms and expanding to new areas. They picked Flutter as their cross-platform framework to make the development process go more quickly.

By writing their app from scratch in Flutter, they merged their engineers’ work, sped up development, and made things run more smoothly. Even though it was hard at first to restart the team and write the app from scratch, the end result was great.

The Flutter-based new Google Pay app is smaller, faster, and easier to keep up to date. The team thought they could save 60–70% of their workers’ time and give users a smooth experience at the same time. With Flutter as its base, Google Pay will grow quickly on both iOS and Android. It will start with a restart in the US and then spread around the world.


The biggest FinTech bank in Latin America, Nubank, used Flutter to speed up its development process and make sure it delivered high-quality products on time.

One thing that makes this business stand out is that it offers a credit card that can only be managed through a mobile app. Users can keep an eye on transactions in real time, protect their credit card, ask for a higher credit limit, and get in touch with customer service through this app.

Nubank was able to launch new features faster, cut down on build times, and make the UI more consistent by using Flutter.

Developers switched to full-stack jobs, and it didn’t take long for new engineers to join. Flutter became an important part of Nubank’s culture, encouraging new ideas and making development faster across the whole company.

ING Business 

The magazine Global Finance says that ING Business is the best mobile app for businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. The app’s current look makes it both nice to look at and easy to use. It provides a smooth and natural experience that lets users complete important tasks quickly and without any problems.

ING Business looked into a lot of different technologies on its way to the current form. Even though they were skeptical at first, after making a proof-of-concept, they decided that Flutter was the best option for their needs. Native and hybrid approaches were also thought about, but writing two native apps was thought to take too much time, and the hybrid answer didn’t have the native-like performance that was wanted.

The app lets you swap currencies, and it can do so quickly in 26 different pairs. Users can easily find nearby ING offices, ATMs, and CDMs and stay up to date on the latest exchange rates.

Security is very important, so the internet connections are protected, you can instantly log in using your PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID, and the app will log you out automatically after a certain amount of time.

Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole Bank Polska made a new mobile app that would do well in the market in order to meet changing customer needs. They decided to try something new and built a whole new app from scratch with Flutter.

For making apps that work on multiple platforms, Flutter gave them the modern, responsive, and design-focused answer they needed. One of the biggest Flutter apps ever made was made by Crédit Agricole, which had a team of 250 people working on it, including almost 30 Flutter workers. The Flutter-based design system made it easy to make changes and made sure that everything was the same.

After a year, they released the MVP of their new app. Since then, it has been easier to maintain, changes have been made more quickly, work management has become easier, animations stand out, and new features are added more quickly.



ProWallet’s new payment solution is changing the building industry by digitizing and streamlining the payment process to make it more efficient and cut costs. The company mainly works in building, but its goal to improve and protect payments is shared across all financial sectors.

Now, ProWallet, the first instant payment option for the construction industry, will speed up the movement of money with a mobile app that lets people send money to each other right away. According to Forbes

ProWallet has beautiful design features, smooth animations, and responsive interfaces. It is built on Flutter. The app is quickly built and customized using Flutter’s large set of widgets, which results in a polished and easy-to-use interface.

It has never been easier to pay with ProWallet. It’s now easy for users to send money, messages, photos, and invoices, which is changing how building deals are done. Adding QR codes makes sure that money transfers are quick and error-free, which is a big step forward for building payments.


Putting together a finance app can be hard. It’s important to pick the right technology, work with a skilled team, and have the best technology for your app. You’re in the right place if your business needs to be digitally available on a lot of platforms quickly and with technology that can be scaled up or down.

Our team of experts in Flutter can help you make any kind of game you want! As a team, they know how to balance the needs of the market for quick solutions, legal requirements, and data privacy laws while making banking apps with nice user interfaces and digital solutions that can be expanded.

Also, don’t worry if you already have a mobile app. It’s okay, though. We can make it better with Flutter! You can attach tools that work on different platforms, which lets you test or add new features like Fast Payments, Cryptocurrencies, Savings Accounts, and more.

Appic Softwares is a well-known and top Fintech app development company that makes high-quality mobile apps for people all over the world at low prices. If you want to get into the Fintech business too, you can tell them about your idea to get better help and ideas that work better for you.

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