Build your next real-estate app in Flutter

Build your next real-estate app in Flutter

Real Estate app


Developing a flutter real-estate app is a challenging task but it is not impossible. With the understanding of Dart language and widgets, any flutter developer can develop a fluent real-estate mobile application. 

We have recently built a prominent real-estate mobile app with enormous functionalities. You can check out our project case study here. We have developed RoccaBox a real-estate mobile application delivering various functionalities stated below;

Screens of real-estate mobile application

  • User interface
  • Registration Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Sign Up 
  • Home 
  • Chat
  • Guides
  • Profile 
  • Search
  • Forgot Password
  • Explore / Property Listing
  • Property Details
  • Filters
  • Favourites
  • Chat
  • Voice Call Screen
  • User Profile
  • Help
  • Settings


How it happened on Flutter

We have chosen Flutter because of its interactive designs and built-in quality. Flutter runs on one codebase which makes it easy to develop an app for cross-platform with ease. Besides this, it’s Google’s in-house product which is a plus point and helps in various domains. 

We have started with our project on flutter with some basic functionalities which need less effort such as login, signup, home, forget the password, profile, etc. These features are similar to all the mobile applications we have developed and are essential to progress with an application.

While going through the development process on flutter we have progressed with some major features of the app. These were on-time chat & video calls, searches, property listings, property descriptions, etc. Flutter assisted to incorporate all the features very smoothly through its native solutions. 

The best thing about flutter is that it provides very smooth and flexible designs with scalable UI elements. With auto-sync capabilities, it provides users with up-to-date information about the app. Our real-estate app is loaded with the latest features which deliver productive outcomes to the users.


Benefits of developing a real-estate app on flutter


  • Optimization with iOS and Android

As we know flutter is a cross-platform mobile app development framework providing native functionalities for both iOS and Android. It runs on a single codebase natively compiled using GPU. though, make it accessible to use platform APIs.

  • Reduced time, cost, and efforts

Developing applications on flutter serves best to effectively reduce the time and effort and consequently the cost. Flutter has various ready-to-use widgets which one can use in its app framework resulting in fast development.  

  • Fast market delivery

Flutter makes it simple to deliver the solutions fast in the market. It does not need to write extra codes for the app visuals, flutter possesses a 2D UI that can be implemented easily. Else, flutter boosts the app performance by using declarative API. developing a real-estate app on flutter helps to get good Ui features. 

  • Animated UI solutions

The best thing about flutter is that it is super customizable, whatever you see on the screen is customizable according to your wish. It serves enormous advantages in having the solution with the possibility to do custom UI. In case, real-estate apps benefit from 2D UI features to showcase properties. 

  • Advanced OS features

Real-estate applications are based on real-life OS features such as security permissions, Bluetooth, GPS locating, sensor data, etc. Though, flutter leverages many advanced OS features as a ready-to-use plugin. Being Google’s in-house framework it is supported by google rendering luxury in dealing with complex functionalities. 


Summing Up

We have developed a fully-functional real-estate mobile app and are functioning well in the market. Check out our real-estate app development story here; to get more insight into our development process and the success of our project. We can develop the best real-estate app for you. 


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