How To Hire Developers For Startup In 2024?

How To Hire Developers For Startup In 2024?

Hire Developers For Startup

This is the harsh reality. Hiring engineers is a very challenging task for startups, especially those in their early stages. A startup with little more than a shell is often managed by a single person and is unable to compete with larger organizations on benefits and pay.

If it does, developers typically seek employment at well-established companies because the terms and perks there are typically more fixed and offer opportunities for advancement.

But don’t worry. A lot of early-stage firms have switched to a different kind of hiring in recent years. They hire outside organizations to handle their development requirements. Well-known companies that outsourced their development in their early years include Slack and WhatsApp.

In the industry, hiring developers as an outsourcing team has become standard practice. In 2023, 83% of small firms will continue to spend on outsourced business services or grow their spending, per a Clutch report. Inflation is another major concern mentioned by small business owners, yet 96% of them anticipate maintaining or increasing their workforce in 2023.

Based on the available data and forecasts, it appears that small and medium-sized firms will continue to rely heavily on outsourcing. For your startup, you should absolutely think about employing engineers if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

This post will provide you with advice on how to hire developers for a company, as well as how to overcome hiring-related obstacles and reduce expenses by selecting qualified candidates.

Why Startups Finds It So Attractive To Hire Developers

When recruiting developers for your startup, you must have a clear understanding of how the new hires will contribute to the company. Priorities need to be carefully considered because, outsourcing or not, a startup cannot afford to make the incorrect employees.

These are good reasons to bring in developers for your new business.

Set Up The Tech Stack For Startups

What are Golang and Node.js? For most company entrepreneurs, the former conjures up an enormous snake, while the latter sounds more like a jewelry line. They are a component of the technology utilized by developers to create mobile applications.

It is not uncommon for startup owners to know very little or nothing about developing apps. Instead of learning how to program, an entrepreneur’s job is to translate ideas into software that solves problems.

As a result, a startup needs to hire developers that are knowledgeable about the tech stack in order to create the app.

Fast Growth

In December 2020, over 3,400 apps were added to the Google PlayStore every day. That is the level of competition in the app store. That is the level of competition in the app store. As a startup, you should test and develop your idea fast after coming up with it. Everything must be completed quite quickly.

You must have something to present to investors if you plan to rely on loans for your startup. This entails creating an MVP. 

As an early-stage startup, you’ll need a staff of engineers if you want to advance quickly. You cannot let your skill as a programmer distract you from overseeing business development because doing so will cause you to lose focus on other aspects of your company.

Staying Within Budget

Early-stage startups depend heavily on cash. Your spending must be carefully monitored whether you’re operating on a shoestring or have funding from investors. Hiring developers is also part of that.

This forces you to be very selective in the people you choose. The key is to select the most qualified applicants to ensure that the app launches smoothly onto the market. Employing a developer with significant experience—especially in creating apps relevant to your niche—is necessary for your startup.

In situations where you lack bargaining power, you feel compelled to make the correct hire within the constraints of the budget.

Build A Strong Team

Working with a skeleton structure is not sustainable. There is just so much you can handle in a startup, no matter how skilled you are at multitasking. Soon, you’ll have to assign assignments to your staff, including IT development-related activities.

To assemble a team of developers as you proceed, you should therefore seek out applicants who align with your startup’s objectives and core beliefs. Rather of integrating the team into the startup later on, it is preferable to have them handle the development from the beginning.

A knowledgeable team is one that understands the company procedures and the product. That’s the rationale behind startups hiring coders.

Challenges Of Hiring Developers For A Startup 

Every business founder hopes to work with an ideal development team to transform their concepts into functional software. They must, however, deal with the hard realities of hiring, which presents unwelcome obstacles for their enterprises.

These are the typical grievances that arise when a startup has to hire developers.

Lack Of Local Talents

The world is becoming increasingly digital. Businesses of all sizes are rushing to shift their operations to the internet. The need for IT specialists soars as a result. Regretfully, the increase in local IT talent is not keeping up with the rapidly increasing need.

When searching the market for candidates, new startups frequently come out on the short end. Skilled developers are rapidly acquired by major companies. Choosing from a narrow pool of prospects makes hiring a laborious and costly procedure.

For your startup, you cannot recruit developers merely to make up the crew. You’ll thus need to wait several months or even years to find the proper individual. That deadline is unsatisfactory in the quick-paced startup industry.

Retention Benefits Competition With Large Corporates

There’s no assurance that the talented IT developers you’ve brought on board will stay with you long enough to finish the project. Not with so many big companies stealing from them.

Big businesses are free to entice engineers with benefits that much beyond what startups on a constrained budget can provide. In the end, you’ll have to match the incentives provided or risk losing the talented engineers you’ve worked so hard to hire.

Losing team members might cause scheduling disruptions and set you back several months. You will also have to pay extra for job advertisements and interviews if you plan to employ again.

Financial Concerns

For a startup, hiring a developer means making a big financial commitment. Startups, which typically have tight budgets, are more vulnerable to monetary losses. Along with the developer’s compensation, you’ll also be responsible for paying for benefits like social security and any legally mandated yearly leaves.

You will have to pay for upskilling and certifications because your developers must stay up-to-date with the latest technologies. For startups, the overall cost of employing full-time developers might be exorbitant.

You will still be responsible for paying the salary of each developer on your team even after the app has been published, and the bare minimum of support is needed.

Hiring Issues

The absence of brand credibility for a new firm further hinders their attempts to find competent developers. Even with the best of intentions, a new firm is frequently linked to instability and reduced compensation for its employees.

This becomes even more difficult if you need a developer right away and don’t know where to look. An HR department, which handles all of the hiring and interviewing, is not a luxury for a company.

Since it’s challenging to operate a burgeoning firm while wearing the hat of an HR manager, startup owners are turning elsewhere for developers.

Benefits Of Hiring Remote Developers For A Startup 

Many startup owners opt to hire remote engineers to supplement their in-house development team or outsource development work instead. This is the reason.

Tech Talent Availability

You are no longer limited to hiring from the local pool of developers—which is frequently very small—when you outsource. Rather, you’ll enjoy the luxury of selecting the world’s top IT developers. For instance, there is no shortage of skilled coders in Eastern European nations such as Ukraine.

Not only does outsourcing provide you with top talent, but it also saves you the long-term commitment that comes with hiring a permanent employee. Considering the risks that an early-stage firm faces, hiring developers on a project basis makes sense.

Faster Recruitment

There are more factors to take into account when hiring full-time employees than when choosing to bring on remote workers for a business. When it comes to the former, you’ll need to think about if the applicant has the hard and soft skills necessary to work for the startup for many years to come. Finding such people and coming to a judgment are difficult tasks.

Outsourcing to a remote developer is considerably easier, though. The only thing to think about is if the specific developer have the necessary skill sets to work on the project at hand. You don’t need to be concerned about how he or she will fit into the long-term strategy of the business.


You’ll need a variety of skills in order to create a working app. To create a native mobile app, for instance, you’ll need an iOS and Android developer. For the backend software to be developed, you will also require a backend developer.

You can select developers that possess the necessary expertise to complete the task at hand through remote outsourcing. Concerning a long-term financial commitment, there is none because the contract is solely for the project. A rise in workload also gives you the opportunity to hire extra developers.

Make The Best Of Your Budget

An essential quality for a startup entrepreneur is thrift. Making every expense matter is something you should strive towards, and outsourcing IT development helps with that. You are not required to pay set salaries, allowances, equipment, software, or training costs, in contrast to a full-time hire.

When your company is located in a nation like the US or the UK, outsourcing is also cost-effective. The cost of hiring local IT specialists is higher than that of outsourcing to foreign developers. For instance, you can pay $25–$50 for developers in Eastern Europe and $18–$40 for those in Asia. The crucial thing is that the quality of the output remains the same.

app development


More Experienced And Expertise

Hiring developers with suitable experience for your startup increases the likelihood of creating a successful app. Through outsourcing, you can select startup developers with the expertise that meets your needs. It stops novice errors, which can impede the pace of progress.

Professionals with a variety of specializations make up the global pool of IT developers. To create your app with the least amount of hassle, you can choose the ideal lineup. These professionals accelerate quickly and require little hand holding.

7 Steps For A Startup To Hire Developers

7 Steps For A Startup To Hire Developers

You need an action plan when hiring engineers for your startup is urgently necessary. It saves you the trouble of conducting numerous fruitless interviews or, worse, selecting the incorrect applicant. Here is a detailed how-to for achieving that.

Step 1 – Specify Your Business Needs

Every startup is different, and it also applies to the kind of employee you should choose. Think carefully about the reasons you should hire an IT developer. Are you launching a new app concept and in need of developers to create an MVP fast?

Or are you trying to find iOS developers to help you publish an app on the Apple Store? While some firms could already have a core development staff working on their apps, they might still require extra specialists with knowledge of emerging technologies. For instance, if you don’t have a data streaming expert on staff, hiring one out is the best course of action.

The kind of developers you require will depend on your list of criteria. It will help you determine how much to spend for their services and where to begin your search.

Step 2 – Determine The Employment Model

After your business needs are apparent, you must choose the kind of employment model that will be used for the developers that you outsource. That’s accurate. 

Consider the project-based model if you’re working on a small project. With this strategy, developers are paid a fixed fee and the project can have pre-defined specifications. Nevertheless, it lacks flexibility because it isn’t appropriate for projects whose needs change over time.

You should choose the dedicated team model if you don’t yet have a clear vision for your product. As the name suggests, a development team dedicated to your project will be allocated to you. The developers will work on a project-by-project basis with your startup. 

When you collaborate with a committed team, your flexibility will increase. You can give the team your thoughts directly and get prompt feedback. Additionally, there are no restrictions on modifications made during development.

Now, if you already have an internal team, you should select the third option, which is the extended team. The purpose of outsourcing to IT experts is primarily to cover skill deficiencies. The development is being handled by an outside developer, with your in-house team handling coordination.  

Step 3: Select the Nation From Which to Hire

It’s critical for startups to hire developers from the appropriate nation. Although some nations are more affordable than others, there are still issues with time zones and linguistic barriers. The ideal candidates for outsourcing are developers that can work with you in your native tongue, are reasonably priced, and are skilled at what they do.

Step 4 – Finding Necessary Specialists

To employ a developer for your startup, you must first identify potential applicants. If you’re not sure where to look, it might be very overwhelming. You might have to communicate with employment agencies, which can be expensive and may not always meet your needs.

It’s best for startup entrepreneurs to conduct their own research. If you’re seeking for developers that work with various collaboration models, the best places to start are talent marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. You may choose to pay for completed jobs or by the hour. These platforms let you screen applicants based on skill sets, which makes it easier to add qualified specialists to your team.

Check out websites like Clutch and SoftwareWorld if you want to collaborate with a committed team. Clutch is an excellent location to start looking for trustworthy businesses because it lets customers rate the IT development companies they’ve worked with. SoftwareWorld offers lists of the best IT development companies by area and kind.

Additionally, the knowledgeable IT development company that published this piece might be able to assist you with your employment demands. Please do not hesitate to contact the editor with the kinds of developers you are looking for.

Step 5 – Verify The Expertise

You must conduct thorough background checks on all candidates, whether you’re recruiting independent contractors or an IT development firm. Make sure they can handle your project and that they have the experience they say they have.

If you’re hiring through websites like Guru and Upwork, look through the reviews that previous customers have written for the freelancers. Request a list of the tasks they have completed. It assists you in weeding out those who lack essential abilities required for your project.

Apply the same strategy to the hiring of an IT outsourcing company. Go over the references provided by previous customers, and if you can, get in touch with them directly to get their opinions. Looking through the business’s LinkedIn profile can also provide a wealth of information about its reputation.

Here are some comments from one of our clients, Emanuel Possnert, co-founder of the Swedish foodtech startup Eatable.

In addition to their level of experience, you need make sure the developers have soft skills like anticipation, teamwork, and communication. You and the developer must communicate clearly for the project to be successful in large part. Make sure that there is a common forum for opinion sharing and that language is not a barrier.

Hiring a committed development team for your startup will provide excellent collaboration, openness, adaptability, and quick outcomes. The developers ought to be self-sufficient and able to work through problems on their own. The candidates must take the initiative to offer recommendations and bring up problems on their own initiative.

Step 6 – Conduct Interviews

How do you make sure applicants has all the necessary hard and soft skills? There’s nothing more effective than conducting interviews. Ask the candidates to discuss their prior project-related experiences. You can determine if they have a strong sense of passion for what they do.

Step 7 – Start The Job

You can then give the position to the selected candidate after you’re happy. Make sure that everyone is in agreement with the conditions outlined in the contract. Give the developer the start work order after outlining the precise tasks that must be completed.

How Appic Softwares Helps Startups With Their Development Needs

Appic Softwares has been assisting entrepreneurs in hiring developers for their projects for many years. We have a tried-and-true method that helps entrepreneurs with everything from needs analysis through idea execution. 

We begin by compiling the client’s specifications and assessing the project’s complexity. After that, our group converts the requirements into workable tasks. The assignments are divided into manageable chunks and given to our development staff.

We’ll have a long talk with the client once we have a good plan in place. We start the job on time and with a written contract once both sides are happy. 

Our group is renowned for being prompt in offering suggestions and criticism. Our cooperation with the Yaza team is proof of this. Yaza is a social app that was created to allow friends to share locations of interest via a map visualization. But it’s unclear what issue it’s trying to solve.


This is a simplified calculation, and actual costs may vary. Remember to adjust your budget based on specific factors like your location, the expertise you require, and the specific needs of your startup. Additionally, it’s important to continuously refine and adjust your budget as your hiring needs evolve throughout the year.

Additionally, Appic Softwares is a business you ought to take into account if you want to hire developers and are looking for one. You are free to assign your project to our group of knowledgeable developers. We even offer professional development services for contract.

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