A Comprehensive Guide To Hire Flutter Developers

A Comprehensive Guide To Hire Flutter Developers

Hire Flutter Developers

Flutter is a tool for making mobile apps that lets you make apps that work on web, desktop, and mobile devices. Even though Flutter is still pretty new to the tech world, it has quickly become an important tool for making modern, interactive mobility solutions. It’s very popular because it’s easy to use, doesn’t cost as much as making native apps, is quickly developed, safe, and has other benefits.

We thought it would be helpful to share some tips on how to hire experienced Flutter developers since more and more businesses want to make apps with Flutter. You may also find this information useful if you’re looking to add Flutter experts to your team. For example, we’ll talk about why you should hire Flutter engineers, what their duties are, what skills you should look for, and how much it will cost.

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Who makes Flutter apps?

A Flutter developer is an engineer whose specialty is making cross-platform apps using the Flutter technology. Their roles and responsibilities can change, but most of the time they are based on these things:

App coding

With the Flutter SDK, developers can focus on writing code to make creative apps.

Tests of apps

Developers have to make sure that the app doesn’t crash, works well with other parts, and gives users a smooth experience during the testing process. Testing will also make sure that the delivered app fully meets all the standards and specifications.

Delivery of apps

Platform-specific code generation in Flutter makes it easy for developers to quickly release their apps on multiple platforms without having to write different code for each one.

As we already said, Flutter is a cross-platform app creation kit that helps developers make apps more quickly. If you want to make an app, hiring a Flutter developer and writing it in Flutter is often easier and more universal than hiring separate native app developers and only providing native apps.

Why Should You Hire Flutter App Developers?

Flutter is good for businesses and workers alike. We’re going to now give you a list of reasons why businesses should hire Flutter app writers.

More rapid growth

A lot of businesses want to hire Flutter developers because it’s one of the fastest ways to make an MVP. With a system of widgets, you can build an app from ready-made parts, and it will work on 6 platforms at the same time, so you won’t have to spend as much time making changes for each platform.

Savings on costs

Instead of making separate apps for Android and iOS, Flutter app developers make one app that works on all of them at once. This saves you a lot of money on development costs. This is possible because Flutter builds apps from a single code base, which cuts down on the cost of development.

Help with building websites

Flutter websites are simple to make and keep up to date, which makes this tool perfect for engineers who are just starting out in the field.

With Google’s help

Google made both Flutter and the computer language it is based on, Dart. This means that all of Google’s systems and the search engine can understand it. Google’s services and APIs are easy to connect to apps that use Flutter.

Making an MVP

The Flutter team just released a tool called Flutterflow for rapid MVP development. This tool helps startups cut their MVP development costs by a large amount while still providing a modern prototype within hours. These prototypes can then be used to get funding or test user experience hypotheses.

Quick Reload

The hot restart feature in Flutter is well-known for keeping the output state even when changes are made to the code that is running. In other words, if the code is changed while the app is still working, no important state is lost. We’ve talked about how to write clean code in the past to cut down on bugs and technical debt.

What Flutter developers need to do

If you want to hire an app developer for your startup, this part will go over all of their duties in detail.

1. Cross-platform creation for Flutter

People who work with Flutter are in charge of making apps for a variety of devices, such as

Flutter for Phones

Developers of Flutter mobile apps have to make sure that both iOS and Android users have the best experience possible. When making cross-platform mobile apps, Flutter is a great pick. As a fun fact, the newest version of Flutter even lets you make apps for devices that can be folded up.

Flutter for the Internet

No matter how complicated the features you need, Flutter lets you make web apps and websites that are quick, modern, and very interactive. It also has great security, speed, and scalability.

Flutter for your computer

Developers don’t just make apps for phones; they also make apps for computers. Because they only use one source, they can target Windows, MacOS, and Linux without having to write new code for each one.

Flutter for systems that are built in

With Flutter, you can make online and mobile apps that work with hardware. It has a clean interface and code that can be used in other languages. It works well with other components written in other languages. This page tells you more about Appic Softwares services for making embedded software.

2. Following the most recent approaches and trends in growth

Developers all over the world already love Flutter, even though it is fairly new to the tech world. There are a lot of companies that offer stand-alone Flutter development services to businesses that don’t want to hire and train their own Flutter coders. Appic Softwares has been using Flutter for a few years now, and some of our engineers are so in love with it that they recommend it for all of their projects and can’t wait to see how it grows and what new uses and trends it brings to the world.

3. Putting in place strong security steps

It is up to Flutter developers to make sure that their apps are secure by reducing dependencies, encrypting data properly, and setting up a role-based access system. Our team at Appic Softwares has made apps that are safe, follow HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA rules, and are even FDA-approved.

4. Making sure the code is of high quality and works well

Developers who use Flutter are in charge of the quality and speed of the apps they make. Appic Softwares has a strict quality management process that all of our development hubs must follow. This process includes peer code reviews, thorough unit testing and test automation, regular training and project health checks, reducing technical debt, and more. For Flutter, here are a few tips that can help you write code that is clear and easy to maintain:

  • Turn the code into widgets.
  • Let the build tools be pure.
  • Take care of the state
  • Stick to a clear architecture
  • Follow the useful guide to dart style.

If you need to speed up app creation, use Low-Code or No-Code methods.

5. Tech help during the whole process of making a product

The people who work with Flutter are called project managers, artists, and quality assurance engineers. Our Flutter engineers don’t just build the product based on the specs; they also know a lot about business and help come up with the design and product requirements based on what the client needs for their business. They can help with the Discovery process if needed, along with a Business Analyst. Basically, they are involved in every step of making a product:

Planning: making a development roadmap, choosing the best tools, designing the system, coming up with product specs, and so on.

Design: Making a thorough plan of all the product’s parts, use cases, and features, as well as finding possible problems and risks that need to be fixed during the development process.

Development is the most active part of making a product. It involves putting the product together according to the requirements and making sure it meets all the rules and meets customer standards.

Test: This is where QA experts come in handy. During the whole process, our Flutter apps are tested in many ways, such as smoke testing, failure testing, usability testing, integration testing, and more. This is done to make sure the product works well and gives users a great experience.

Deployment:When the team has finished all of the steps above, they can put the product on the market so that people can buy and use it.

Maintenance: Though the process doesn’t end with release, it does end with maintenance. Developers have to keep working on maintaining the product and putting out changes all the time. We usually offer level 2 and level 3 tech help, as well as services for re-engineering, refactoring, and modernizing your old applications.

Skills for Flutter Developers

In almost every area, it’s important to pay close attention to the skills someone shows. Hard and soft skills are important in software development because they show how the workers will work together, solve problems, and do their jobs. We should talk about the skills that Flutter workers should have in order to do their jobs well.

Skills that are tough

Hard skills for a flutter coder

For Flutter writers, the most important tech skills are computer science basics, programming principles, mastery of different tools for making apps that work on multiple platforms, and so on.


This free and open-source version control system can handle projects of all sizes and should be easy for developers to use.

Computers Science 

As someone who uses a different framework or computing language, you may find it hard to understand computer science.

Know-how of SQL

SQL is known as the “language of databases,” and it lets you get specific data from databases so that you can study it further. Those who work with Flutter need to know SQL in order to organize data stored in a tabular database.


Developers must use the Dart language to work with the Flutter platform. With Dart’s libraries and tools, you can write almost anything, from scripts to full-featured apps, and the code will run on all of them.

Swift or Kotlin?

Along with being able to manage Flutter’s Dart language, being able to handle Kotlin and Swift will be a big plus. They both work very well and have great support for features that are unique to each OS. That’s why coders should be able to deal with them.

Both Android and iOS

With Flutter, you can make cross-platform apps that look and work like native iOS and Android apps without having to write separate code for each device. This is why developers need to know about both platforms and how they work, what problems they can cause, and other details that make them unique in order to handle the development process well.

Soft skills for a Flutter coder

To be able to work well with clients and get along with their coworkers, Flutter developers need to have good soft skills. If you hire a nearshore or offshore software engineering business to work on your Flutter development, make sure they speak enough English to understand you (the client) and your in-house team (if you have one). At Appic Softwares, we hire engineers from all over the world, including those in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. However, the minimum level of English required is B2, which we check during the hiring process and then keep up with language classes, speaking clubs, and other learning activities.

How to talk to people

To be able to effectively explain their solutions, points of view, etc., developers need to have great communication skills. They will likely have to work together to come up with ideas and find answers, so they need to be able to understand and support others’ feelings.

Working Together

Engineers don’t work alone on projects that involve building things. They need to be able to work well with others, like designers, Q/A engineers, project managers, and so on. They also need to be able to divide up the work well, ask questions and get help when they need it, accept and value other points of view, and so on.

Problem solving

Every process has problems and slowdowns that engineers have to deal with. Because of this, it is very important for Flutter developers to know how to solve problems correctly, how to use design thinking, how to think outside the box, where to find tools and ways to solve different technical problems, how to use their imagination and modeling skills, and so on.

Outsourcing vs. hiring Flutter developers: Which is better?

Outsourcing and hiring people in-house are not the same thing at all. It makes sense that many companies would rather hire their own experts. Businesses often outsource their development to nearshore or offshore engineering vendors because there aren’t enough engineers to go around and the hiring and training process takes a long time. They also need to handle, supply, and support engineers to make sure they stay with the company. It’s the best choice for you if you:

  • There aren’t enough engineers with the right tech stack and amount of experience.
  • Have a short-term job and can’t give full-time work full-time
  • want to lower your growth costs and get a better return on your investment?

If You Choose to Hire Experts to Do Your Flutter Development,

  • Let’s talk about why getting app developers from an outside company is a good idea. When a company hires dedicated Flutter developers, they need to think about some things that are different from when they hire workers to work for them.
  • Getting along. It’s important to think about the role of the outside resource and how they will work with your team if you already have a product development team and only need to hire Flutter development.
  • Getting together. Be honest and open with your vendors when you’re looking for them. It will save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. In the past, Appic Softwares has re-engineered projects for clients who worked with providers who didn’t meet their needs and weren’t honest about it until it was too late.
  • Keep safe. It’s a little different to protect your IP and code when you hire a vendor, but it’s still pretty easy to do. Make sure you sign an NDA and talk about the terms ahead of time. Also, choose companies that are ISO27001 and SOC2 certified and follow the OWASP security guidelines. To make sure your product is safe, our tech team offers security audits and penetration tests as separate services.
  • Knowing how. One of the best things about working with an outsourcing vendor is that they probably already have a lot of experience with projects like yours and don’t need to be taught again. A good partner is always on the lookout for ways to make your project better. They want to build a long-term relationship with you, so they’ll be your guide and tell you about the best ways to do things and the best tools to use.
  • Turnkey Answer. You only need to worry about your product development plan and roadmap. The vendor will take care of the office space, tools, training and education, legal and HR support, and other things. All of this is covered by the fee you pay the outside coder you’re working with.

Hiring Flutter engineers to work for you

You can always hire a Flutter developer on staff if you don’t want to outsource. The inhouse involvement model, on the other hand, can be tricky because it can be hard to find and hire the right developer in your area. Also, growth rates in the US, Canada, or Western Europe are often two or three times faster than those in Asia, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. Added taxes to that too. It can also be expensive and take a lot of time to hire the resource, train them, and give them the tools and help they need to do their job. If you decide to face these tasks, here are some things you’ll enjoy:

  • Hard work. Your in-house team only works on your project and changes as it does.
  • It’s easier to share knowledge. You don’t have to travel far to see your team, and there is no language barrier or time zone difference. This makes a lot of things easy. But the prices are fair.
  • All the power. over your team’s work, process, job growth, getting to know each other, managing HR issues, and other things.

How much does it cost to get a Flutter developer?

The cost to hire Flutter app writers can change based on where you live, their level of experience, how complicated your project is, and many other things.

Rates per hour

How much do Flutter coders make per state?

United States of America

In the US and Canada, Flutter writers usually charge between $100 and $250 an hour. The rate for Flutter developers can change based on experience, location, and other things.

The Americas

You can save money by outsourcing your Flutter development to South America. It’s easy to find senior mobile engineers who know Flutter in Mexico or Bolivia for ±$60/h, and rates for less experienced engineers start at $40/h.

The European Union

You can hire Flutter writers in Europe for $50 to $150 an hour. Most of the time, European engineers charge a little more than Latin American engineers. But if you don’t have to work with an EU partner, you can look at countries in Eastern Europe. In Western Europe, someone with the same amount of experience and rank can make between $70 and $90 an hour, but in Eastern Europe, they can make between $45 and $65 an hour.

Pay each month

Talent says that Flutter coders make between $11,000 and $14,00 a month. The difference in pay might depend on where you live and what you do for a living.

The average salary for Flutter developers may be different based on where they live, how they are hired, and even how hard the project is.

Why are the best Flutter developers the best to hire?

  1. Companies can work with contracting firms, hire developers to work for them, or hire freelancers. You can get great Flutter app creation services from either of these. If you give a Flutter app development business like Appic Softwares job descriptions for the team you’re looking for, they can usually set up interviews right away. No matter what scenario you pick, make sure to look at the portfolio, ask for customer reviews, and if you can, give them a test job.
  2. How to get the best flutter developers to work for you
  3. Figure out your goals and needs. Before you look for Flutter developers, you should have a list of your needs that is as detailed as it can be for the stage you’re in. If you need help with specifics, explain what you want and be clear about what you expect.
  4. Set a due date and a budget for your job. Think about how much you can spend and when you think it should be done. Think about the risks and problems that could happen. If you’re not sure how long the job will take, ask a professional to give you a technical estimate. If you use the form below to get in touch with Appic Softwares, we’ll be happy to do it for you.
  5. Make a list of what your Flutter development team needs in terms of technology. How old should they be? Have experience in your field? Is the time zone important? Do you have any limits on your budget? Will they need to be able to speak more than just English? Try to keep your plan as realistic as possible and be open to new ideas and chances.
  6. Choose a trustworthy Flutter development partner. Ask for portfolios and customer references, and look at client review sites like Clutch or Goodfirms. Ask a lot of questions about their process, experience, communication style, security and quality guarantees, employee screening procedures, and anything else that is relevant to your needs and will help you be sure you’ve found the best price-to-quality ratio.
  7. Sign a contract and an NDA. When hiring a Flutter developer, both sides should sign an NDA agreement, no matter what the engagement model is. This is needed to protect private data and keep your IT safe. If you can get a lawyer to watch over the signing of the papers with an outsourcing company, that’s great. Make sure that your wants, needs, and top goals have been thought about and given the attention they deserve.
  8. Choose a project management plan. Who will be in charge of the project? Who can monitor it? Do you have an in-house Scrum master or Agile project manager? If not, will you need help from your vendor? Together with the project manager, choose the best method and set of practices. Set up how often and how to report issues, do regular project health checks, and know what to do if something goes wrong.

Workflow for Flutter Development at Appic Softwares

Appic Softwares has built Flutter apps of different levels of difficulty before. A group of our committed developers has made Flutter-based apps for Healthcare, Energy Management, Enterprise Automation, and other fields. This is how our normal Flutter development process looks:

The discovery phase. We make business goals, product specs, and a rough architecture with the client and talk about them. There are a lot of different ways that our Business Analysts can help define user stories, create the best user journey, help the client choose features, and more.

Roadmap for architecture and development. Our software architects come up with the best tech stack and the right product design. We put together the right development team for the job, train them, and then, using the tools we have, make a roadmap with clear goals.

Making prototypes and wireframes. Our Design company makes an interactive prototype of the product, a design system, and a UX flow. Once the client approves all of these, they start working on the full-scale UI. If the client needs it, we can also help them make a brand, a landing page, marketing materials, and other things.

Put into action. We write the code, making sure to meet all the standards for security and code quality and to deliver useful increments at the end of each sprint. As long as the client wants, we stay in touch with them on a daily basis. If changes need to be made to the plan, we let the client know about the risks and extra costs that might come up if the scope changes. Our job is to help our clients make the best technology choices for their products, their time and money constraints, and other factors.

Trying things out. We usually test the products all the time; our products have unit tests, and our QA engineers help with the whole process of making a product. We have strict rules for our quality assurance process. We write down all of our test cases and scenarios, keep the project paperwork up to date, and can automate testing if needed.

Help with release and post-production. We plan the release and help our clients follow the rules set by the App Store and Play Market. We can help our clients with changing things, adding features, fixing bugs, and more after the app is out in the world. In fact, 80% of our clients come back to us with more jobs or tell their friends and coworkers about us.

Appic Softwares process is very fluid and was agreed upon ahead of time. In the event that the client already has an in-house team, it is easy for our experts to join them and use the same processes and tools.


One thing that helps with making cross-platform apps is Flutter, a framework. Because it saves companies a lot of time and money on development, skilled Flutter engineers are in high demand right now. On the other hand, it’s important to be very picky when looking for workers who know how to use Flutter. We talked about how to hire Flutter app developers in this post. We told them what their jobs were, what skills they needed, and even how much they would be paid. We hope this speeds up the process for your company and helps you hire the best Flutter team for the job.

But if you’re still not sure what to do and need help, Appic Softwares can give you a free advice on the different types of engagement models, market trends, and places to outsource to. We can also give you a free quote of your Flutter project so you can see how long it will take, how much it might cost, and how many people you’ll need to build the Flutter product your business needs. We can help you with anything. Please use the form below to get in touch with us, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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