Hire Offshore Back-End Developers: A Complete 2024 Guide

Hire Offshore Back-End Developers: A Complete 2024 Guide

Hire Offshore Back-End Developers: A Complete 2024 Guide

An expanded 2022 LinkedIn “Jobs on the Rise” list indicates that the field of web development—more especially, back-end development—is expanding rapidly across all sectors of the economy. Because they are so important to your web development team, we have put together this extensive guide to assist you in hiring a back-end software engineer.

First, the sorts, technologies, abilities, and duties of a top-notch back-end developer are examined in this article. Next, we examine the expense of employing one as well as your options with regard to a candidate’s experience, kind of involvement, and location. After reading our advice, you should be able to select a back-end developer that meets the requirements of your business.

What does a back-end developer do?

One of the most important positions in your development team is a back-end developer. This person is in charge of using relevant web technologies (such as Java, Python, and Go) to create and manage the server, application, and database for your website. Let’s examine the many kinds of back-end engineers and their roles, technology, and skill sets for a better understanding.

  • The three categories of experienced back-end developers 
  • To determine the capabilities of a possible employee, the level of knowledge of back-end developers is separated into three engineering degrees: junior, medium, and senior.

Junior developer for the backend.

Junior back-end developers often have 1-2 years of experience and work as back-end assistants. Nonetheless, the majority of junior back-end developers possess the necessary expertise to identify and resolve typical challenges when developing servers or databases. Because of this, if your organization wants to provide a lower salary while still having them do a reasonably easy project, they might be the perfect choice. Still, the majority of junior back-end developers possess an innate desire to learn. As a result, they may lack the necessary expertise and operate more slowly than more seasoned professionals.

Backend developer in the middle.

Years of experience are necessary to achieve seniority in web development, like in most other fields. This makes hiring a middle-level back-end developer safer for your business. An excellent web coder will review your company’s objectives and financial plan and suggest solutions for any issues that may arise. The development and upkeep of various website servers, apps, and databases has also given the middle back-end developers a great deal of knowledge. In general, they comprehend the development process better.

experienced back-end programmer.

In contrast, only a senior back-end developer will possess the qualifications and experience (more than five years) needed for a senior web developer role. This individual not only has the skills to lead the development team of your website, but they are also a quick and efficient web developer. They can independently sustain the development workflow and don’t need a lot of supervision. This explains why early-stage firms have a strong demand for senior software experts.

Competencies a back-end developer should possess

As previously stated, back-end developers must know at least one programming language, such as Python or Java, in order to be helpful in the development of your website. To gain a good understanding of the profile of your back-end developers, you must comprehend their experience with those various technologies.

While front-end development is primarily responsible for creating user interfaces using technologies like HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Angular.js, and others, back-end development connects the client-side and server-side components and enables them to function as a cohesive system.

To create an application, a back-end developer will need to know a few server-side languages, such as Go, Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, R, or Node.js. The main tool used by engineers to develop the server, application, and database for your website and enable intercommunication between them is one of these languages. The most widely used programming languages ever are Java and Python, which were created with the intention of being easily understood by both novices and seasoned back-end programmers. 

But the other programming languages are also effective for creating and refining your website, just like Google’s GO. Discussing what your potential developers can offer, what they understand, and which of those technologies they can use to create your website is crucial for this reason.

In addition to these technologies, a superb back-end developer is very skilled in building and managing the server and database for your website. A back-end developer ought to be able to collaborate effectively, for instance, with:

  • Database technologies to locate, store, modify, and return data to the user, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.
  • managing servers like as Apache, Linux, Microsoft IIS, and others in order to build and implement the system.
  • AJAX, SOAP, JSON, and other cross-platform application programming interfaces (APIs) are used to transfer data across websites, mobile devices, and other networked systems.

What are a back-end developer’s main responsibilities?

An important part of your web development team is the back-end developer. This individual builds the back end of each project using the tools and technology we discussed.

Your back-end developer will therefore be in charge of writing clean, well-documented code for the web application or contributing to it. Likewise, your developer is typically in charge of code testing, optimization, and security. 

Lastly, the back-end developer you choose ought to be passionate. We mean that the individual you select should be a fantastic team player in addition to having a strong love for the profession. Since your back-end developer will typically work closely with other team members on a daily basis (such as the front-end developer or the project manager), this should be your top concern.

What is the price of hiring a back-end developer?

The typical base pay for a back-end developer in New York in 2023 will be $152,000, according to Indeed. This is only an example, though, as there are many factors that might affect a developer’s salary. 

Pay for back-end developers varies depending on the area, level of expertise, and kind of work. Let’s examine those three parameters in more detail.

Salary ranges for back-end developers by location

The two regions with the highest incomes for back-end developers are the USA and Western Europe. Our company’s study indicates that, as of 2023, the average hourly rate for a back-end engineer in New York is $70. Similarly, in the UK, the average hourly rate for a web developer is $93.

But when it comes to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, or Eastern Europe, things are very different. For example, in Ukraine, the average hourly wage for a back-end engineer is $59.

Thus, in 2023, the average hourly wage for a software engineer in Brazil will be $44. For this reason, a lot of US-based businesses decide to establish or recruit offshore development teams in places like India, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

North America Western Europe Eastern Europe Latin America Asia (Appic Softwares) Africa
$77 $75 $58 $61 $15 $33

Salary scale for back-end developers according to experience

In the US, the average yearly income for a back-end developer is $100,000. This quantity is also influenced by the developer’s experience. In a similar vein, the average pay for a senior back-end developer in the US is $155,000.

On the other hand, junior back-end engineers make about $78K annually, and mid-career back-end devs make about $102K.

Salary ranges for back-end developers according to engagement type 

Depending on the nature of the engagement, you have three options for selecting an engineer when hiring a back-end developer. You have the option to outsource or hire a developer on a freelance or inside basis.

You just have to pay for the task completed when you engage a freelancer via Upwork or another platform. Employing a freelancer is the most economical choice when compared to the other two possibilities. But it’s no secret that working with a freelancer makes problem-solving more common. Among such challenges include time zone differences, delays, and even project cancellations. Because of this, employing a freelancer to design a website could be less expensive, but it’s not always the best option.

On the other hand, internal developers have a direct stake in success and are less inclined to quit a project. It goes without saying that you must provide a monthly wage as well as a range of monetary and non-monetary benefits if you decide to hire a full-time, internal developer.

This is the reason that a great deal of businesses find that outsourcing their IT needs is a wise move. The Ideamotive report makes a strong case for why hiring web developers is becoming less effective in favor of offshore outsourcing.

Outsourcing development services follows a very straightforward technique. All you need to do is use an offshore software development company or a marketplace such as Appic Softwares to employ one or more web developers. After that, a group of back-end programmers will collaborate virtually on your project. Compared to hiring internal developers, this approach is less expensive because the organization isn’t based in the US. Due to its safety, this solution is preferred even if it is comparatively more expensive than hiring freelancers.

Where can you find the best back-end developers?

Setting clear goals for your organization will help you hire the best software engineers. You will find it easier to determine if you need to recruit a junior or senior engineer, an outsourced development team, or a freelancer if you have a clear knowledge of your priorities, goals, and demands.

Where can I locate and employ a self-employed back-end developer?

The ideal course of action for businesses that must provide the lowest costs is to hire freelancers. Most of the time, you can find a back-end developer that will complete the work for a reasonable fee on freelance platforms because of the intense competition.

Working with independent developers might also be a wise choice if all you need to do is clear out your backlog and you don’t have any long-term development projects.

So, if you need someone to handle a web development project that is just getting started, you might want to think about employing a freelancer. Among the top websites on which to find independent contractors are:

Where can I locate and recruit a back-end developer for my company?

A freelancer turns out to be a dangerous option if you need to engage a developer for an extended project. For this reason, a lot of businesses would rather use an internal back-end developer. 

You can get a driven engineer to join your software development team by providing a monthly compensation. Thus, hiring an in-house back-end developer is a safe (albeit pricey) option if you have large development projects. The top websites to look for and recruit an internal back-end developer are as follows:

Where can I locate and work with an external back-end developer?

You can engage an offshore developer if you require more reasonably priced web developers with the capabilities of an internal staff. The operation of this kind of service has already been covered.

For instance, businesses who want a strong development team or individual but cannot afford the high US prices can find considerable relief through IT outsourcing services.

In this instance, like with employing freelancers, getting a good recommendation is the best approach to locate a trustworthy development partner. By doing this, you can make sure that your partner shares your values as a business and that you can rely on them to build your product. If you are unfamiliar with offshore outsourcing firms, you can try to reduce your risks by using specialized platforms. For instance, Appic Softwares is a marketplace supported by Y Combinator that checks each outsourcing partner, enabling our clients to hire engineers risk-free.

Tips for hiring dedicated back-end developers

  • Make a list of the prerequisites. It may consist of a particular set of skills, domain knowledge, a degree in computer science, and certifications.
  • Analyze the programming portfolio of the developer. The developer will produce the desired outcomes, as demonstrated by their expertise creating back-end frameworks similar to yours. Additionally, look into their StackOverflow activity and GitHub projects.
  • Verify that the experience the back-end developer lists on their résumé corresponds with their skill set. Before hiring, find out if the individual satisfies essential job requirements by asking technical questions and performing a code assessment.
  • Compare the candidate’s future career objectives and preferred tech stack to your expectations for them.
  • To discover more about the developer’s personality, ask them about their interests and hobbies.

Why hire dedicated back-end developers with Appic Softwares?

For your web development, our organization will make sure that working with a top-notch back-end developer or even an offshore engineering team will be economical and productive. Let’s examine the benefits of using Appic Softwares to hire an offshore web developer:

  • We offer an extensive pool of software developers for selection.
  • We thoroughly screen each engineer and only work with reputable development companies.
  • It will be possible for you to scale your development staff up or down.
  • On the Appic Softwares platform, full-stack developers’ prior work is viewable.


You may easily employ offshore back-end developers with the help of our 2024 guide. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your hiring process is effective and that your projects will have a competent development staff.

Appic Softwares offers qualified full-stack developers that you may choose from for your project. Our full-stack engineers are very skilled in soft skills and have a wealth of global project experience. If you decide to work with them on your project, you will be able to provide excellent developers.

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