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Guide To Hire React Native Developers In 2024

Hire React Native Developers In 2024

This is one of the best mobile app creation technologies for making business apps that work on multiple platforms. This technology is widely used because it can be used to make flexible, low-cost solutions that are easy to update, manage, and offer the support that is needed.

Jordan Walke made a new framework that was first called Fax.js but was later changed to React.js in 2012. The React.js stack grew and became separate from Facebook’s development stack. In 2015, it gave birth to React Native.

React Native is becoming more and more popular among developers, and almost every industry is starting to use it. The 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey says that React Native is one of the most popular frameworks right now.

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What does React Native mean?

Using JavaScript and React, React Native Developers can make mobile apps for iOS, Android, and other devices. React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook.

React Native connects JavaScript to native platform APIs, so writers can use JavaScript to write code that works with the hardware and operating system of the device.

The React Native Development Tools make development faster by letting you reuse code and using explicit syntax to make UIs. The “hot reloading” feature of the technology makes it possible for coders to make changes in real time, which speeds up the development process a lot.

So, if you want to use this powerful technology in your next business app project and want to hire a professional React Native Developer or React Native Consultants, read on. Do not forget to follow the job tips we are going to talk about in this document.

Where can I find people who work with React Native?

Where can I find people who work with React Native?

As more businesses look for top React Native Developers on a variety of platforms and channels, the need for programmers, developers, and software engineers grows.

Hire a React Native company you can trust

Because The Appic Softwares is a top React JS development and consulting firm, they know how to easily build complex and high-performance user interfaces. Our dedicated and skilled workers are experts at combining React services with other cutting-edge technologies in a way that doesn’t take away from the usability of the end result. They can make solutions that are perfect for your business needs.

The Appic Softwares has great React Native Developers who can help you make a great product that will take your business to new heights.

Hire a React Native Developer on Upwork

A contractor or freelancer can work as an alternative to finding a full-time React Native developer for your team if you don’t want to make that commitment. You can check out different sites like

  • There is Fiverr.
  • Freelancer Upwork
  • The top

Hire a React Native Developer to work for you

To hire a React Native developer in-house, you must first set a budget and be clear about the amount of experience and background you want in the candidate. After that, you can post your job openings on well-known job boards like

  • A Glassdoor
  • In fact
  • Connect with LinkedIn
  • Stack Exchange

These platforms have large databases of candidates and strong search and filtering tools to help you find the best person for your team. Make sure you give clear and concise information about your company, the job, and the skills you’re looking for. This will get the attention of qualified applicants and speed up the screening process.

To hire dedicated React Native developers, you should carefully look at their resumes, past work, and reviews from past clients to make sure they have the skills and knowledge your project needs. You can save time and money with this method while still getting access to top development talent.

Why hiring a React Native developer is a good idea

Why hiring a React Native developer is a good idea

Businesses that hire React Native developers can save money and time, make their apps more flexible, customize them, get ongoing technical help, and more.

Here are some of the best reasons to hire React Native Developers:

1. Faster process of development

Thanks to the fact that React Native lets you reuse code across devices and use the components and APIs that come with the framework. This makes it easier for React Native writers to make high-quality apps more quickly.

2. Solution That Saves Money

With React Native Developers, it can be a cost-effective option since it needs fewer resources and less time to build than traditional methods. In turn, this means big savings on costs without lowering the quality of the final result.

3. Faster process of development

Developers who use React Native can use the same code on multiple devices and use framework-built components and APIs. Traditional ways of making apps take a lot longer than this method, so makers can make high-quality apps in record time.

4. Cross-Platform Creation

With React Native, developers can make mobile apps that work perfectly on both iOS and Android. This means that developers don’t have to make separate apps for each device. This method saves a lot of time and money, so developers can focus on making sure users have a great experience on all devices.

5. Proof of the future

As it is constantly changing through regular updates and new features, it might be future-proof. Hiring a skilled React Native developer will make sure that your mobile app is built with the latest and most advanced technology, giving users the best experience possible while staying on top of industry trends.

Sorting React Native developers into groups based on how much they know

Sorting React Native developers into groups based on how much they know

Native coders who use React

1. Junior Developer for React Native

These people are young React Native developers. They are recent college graduates or people who recently changed their job to become developers. It is likely that these people have little to no knowledge in the field. Still, they should do the following things with their hands.

Write code in JavaScript: The tool React Native works with JavaScript. So a junior coder needs to know how to code in JavaScript ES6 or later. They should also know how to use all of its features, both the ones that are already there and the ones that have been added recently.

Work with React Native: They should know how to use the framework React Native and all of its features, APIs, and packages. It would be helpful for them if they knew some simple react assumptions.

Knowledge of In-App Navigation: A junior developer should know about all the main types of navigation used in an app, such as model, push, and more.

Do work with Redux. Redux is one of the easiest and most reliable tools for managing states. It became easier for coders to handle states that are shared between components when they used this tool. On top of that, they can make reliable apps that work well on a variety of devices. Besides Redux, there are a number of other state management tools that coders can use.

Use tools for debugging and testing. One of the most important parts of making a mobile app is debugging and testing. That is why a junior coder should know how to test and fix bugs in an app. They should also be able to use the tools that are used for these things.

It makes sense that junior coders won’t have any work experience. But they should have done side projects to learn and use the skills you listed.

Just so you know, a junior developer would need a senior or more experienced React Native developer to help guide and teach them as they work.

2. Developer in the middle of React Native

This group includes React Native writers who have worked as professionals for at least two years. They work alone and have finished a number of different projects in this time. Middle React Native workers know how to solve problems and can handle their own work.

How to be a good middle-level React Native coder

Optimization of speed: They should know how to use different methods to improve an application’s speed. They should also be able to come up with different ways to make different kinds of apps run faster.

Work on features that are specific to mobile devices. Middle React Native workers should know how to work with hardware like microphones, cameras, GPS sensors, and gyroscopes that are found in mobile phones. Besides that, how they are put together into an application. The quality of handling problems that come up while working on these parts will be a plus.

Integration with Third-Party Services: Middle React Native writers should know about the problems that came up when they tried to add third-party services like Google, Facebook, and PayPal. They should also know how to use the APIs of third-party services so that the app’s features can be quickly added to.

It would be easier for them to work with different types of databases and files if they knew how to store and cache data offline. Besides this, you should have a deep understanding of offline data caching and know when to use pre-made code and when to start from scratch when making caching logic.

Sign and deploy the app: Middle React writers should know the whole process of signing an app, including where to find the parts they need and how to do it. Also, you need to know how to put apps on sites like Google Play and the Apple App Store.

It’s not as important for Middle React Native developers to keep an eye on their work as it is for Junior developers. Because they can figure out how to fix things. They still can’t make important choices about the program.

3. Senior Developer for React Native

People who are senior react native developers know a lot more about making apps with react native than Ionic or Flutter devs. They have worked together for at least three years and have successfully released several apps. Besides this, they know how to lead teams and teach new people what they need to know.

A senior React Native coder needs to have the following skills:

Develop Native Apps: Senior React Native developers should also know Objective-C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin, which are all computer languages used for making native apps. So it was easy for them to move apps that were already on Android and iOS to React Native.

Adding Native Libraries and Frameworks: They need to know how to add native libraries and frameworks to React Native apps. So that they can make goods with more features.

Use CI/CD: They should know how to use CI/CD for continuous development and delivery. Because it makes writing good code easier and makes it easier to find and fix problems quickly. The development process became more open and obvious, even without this.

Create and keep up a good development team workflow: A senior React Native developer should know how to handle different software development jobs in a variety of ways. He should also be able to offer a good way to work on a certain project. However, if it becomes necessary to switch from the old to the new routine, he should be there to help his team through the process.

Look into app architecture, talk about it, and share your thoughts. App architecture is very important for making apps. The app architecture will still be decided by a top React Native developer based on the business and technical needs of the project. Once the app’s architecture has been chosen, the programming work can continue.

Three groups of React Native writers are listed, and you can easily choose the right one for your project by looking at their skills. Besides this, the experts you already have on your team can also help you make the right choice.

How to Hire a Full-Time React Native Developer: Some Important Tips

hire a native app coder for React

The next things you should look into before getting a react native developer or consultant are after you’ve decided what hard skills your project needs.

Not Hard Skills

People’s personality traits that make them stand out are called “soft skills.” Lots of HR managers say that soft skills are much more important than hard skills for a project to go well.

So, what kind of soft skills does a software worker need? The willingness to learn, help others, work as a team, communicate, take responsibility, and solve problems.

But these “soft skills” will be different for each candidate based on how senior they are. The beginner would be interested and want to know more. A senior React Native engineer, on the other hand, will be strong-willed and know how to be friendly, helpful, solve problems, and take responsibility.

Fit for Culture

To choose someone who shares the same values and way of thinking as your business. People who work for companies that make HR tools say that cultural fit is more important in the long run than hard skills, talent, and experience. Companies will be able to keep their employees, get them more involved, and boost their communication, performance, and productivity.

A Portfolio

As you look at potential developers for your React Native mobile app project, you should make sure to look at their past work. Because it shows off their skills and gives details about the last job they worked on.

What clients have to say

Before you choose the candidate, don’t forget to look at comments or customer suggestions. No matter if you’re hiring a junior, middle, or senior React Native engineer. It is best to look at his LinkedIn page to see what former bosses and coworkers have said. So read it once to get an unbiased opinion.

How to Find and Hire React Native Developers?

There are a number of ways to find and hire a React Native developer or developer.

Search the Internet: “Hire dedicated React Native developer” on Google is one of the most popular and easy ways to search. After that, choose the searches that are right for your job. It’s not the best way, though, because the first few hits on Google never show a good answer. Based on the question you asked, they are.

Learn about technology: If you want to hire someone to do technology work, you should learn about it first. You can talk about the features you want in your application better if you know the basics of the technology. It’s also possible to make ideas for the app.

Ask a Fake Question: It’s a good idea to ask different writers about the project. This will help you figure out the project’s price and how it will go, among other things.

After doing all of the steps above, you should have a shortlist of 5 people who meet the needs of your project. Choose one of them. Now pick one by looking at their samples, reviews, and comments from clients who have worked with them before.

Communication: Once the hiring process is over, it’s a good idea to talk to the worker about your project. You need to have a good relationship with the worker because you need to work together on the project and give them feedback and updates on its progress. That’s why talking to each other is also important when making mobile apps.

These are some well-known sites that are great for hiring freelance developers from around the world. The same goes for Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Toptal, Guru, Nexxt, PeoplePerHour, and many more.

Hire a react native app developer

How Much It Costs to Hire React Native Developers

Hiring a React Native developer can cost different amounts of money based on their experience, location, and the needs of the project. A React Native developer can make anywhere from $50 to $150 an hour, on average, based on the things we talked about above.

The cost of getting a React Native developer can change based on the following:

If a React Native Developer has more experience, they usually bring more skills and knowledge to the table.

Location: The cost of React Native for Hire could change based on where you live and how much it costs to live there.

Complexity of the Project: Projects that are more complicated may need a team of workers, which can make the project cost more overall.

Timeline: Developers may charge more for projects with short deadlines because they might have to work longer hours or put off other projects to finish them.

Model of Hiring: The cost of hiring a React Native engineer can also be affected by the model of hiring that is chosen. For instance, it might cost more to hire a full-time developer than to hire an individual or a development team in another country.


We’ve talked about almost every way to hire dedicated React Native developers or React Native companies in this blog in some way. What you need to do depends on the React Native app creation project you have.

So, you can choose from React Native coders who are junior, middle, or senior. You can look at a candidate’s soft skills, their samples, and reviews from past clients.

If you want to narrow down the candidates, you can use these ways or post job applications on these sites. We hope that this blog post helps you find the best React Native app development company for your needs.

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