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Right from an idea of a startup, every entrepreneur needs a platform to establish its business. A platform where he can flourish his business and explore the market expectations. Though, here Shopify fulfills the demands and expectations of an entrepreneur through its vibrant services. But how has Shopify been a preference of the entrepreneur’s community? What are the services Shopify offers? Why choose Shopify? These are the major questions that come to the mind of every entrepreneur who wishes to set up its business. 

Though, here we come up with the answers to your questions in this blog.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-Commerce platform where an entrepreneur can easily set up their online store to sell their products. A startup to a big enterprise Shopify is designed for all sizes of businesses and is suitable for all. Though you can market your product on social media, online, in-store, or in any other domain with Shopify. If we look at what Shopify believes, it believes in making commerce better for everyone. It is one of the leading commerce platforms and is most preferred by marketers. 

How do Shopify works?

If you are a fashion designer and want to sell your designs, or you are an in-store businessman and want to set up an online store, Shopify is here. Entrepreneurs from 175+ countries are happily using Shopify. Shopify delivers various services through which you can sell your product or service. To know more about how Shopify works you need to know what products or services you can sell on Shopify. And even if you are a well-set enterprise it will give an idea of what are the other services to collaborate with. 

1. Physical products

Any tangible product could be something that is manufactured using machinery or by hand. If you are a shopkeeper and sell grocery items you can easily sell them online, or if you are a handicrafts artist and want to sell your handmade products, they can easily be sold online through Shopify services. 

2. Digital Products

These are digitally manufactured products. Usually, the products which are produced online such as lightroom presets for photographs, e-mail templates, e-courses, e-books, e-newspapers, audio-video content, etc. 

3. Services and Consultations

Any domain services generally include consultations, guidance, or in-person sessions. If you are a dentist, a life coach, interior designer, teacher, artist, you can easily get space on Shopify.

4. Memberships

One can also sell their memberships on Shopify. If you are a fitness instructor and want to sell a subscription to the special services you can. Even various digital streaming platforms such as Netflix, amazon prime subscriptions fall under this category. 

5. Ticketed Experiences

A lot of time what we purchase is not a service nor a product it is an experience. So, experiences through online ticket systems can be marketed online. We usually go through some advertisements for music concerts or dance events, these all come under ticketed experiences.

6. Classes and lessons

These are online courses in a specialized field. The courses are sold online. It can be a specialized course, certification courses, lessons, etc. 

7. Rentals

These are a combination of a product and services. If you are a boutique owner and what to rent your dresses you can do this on Shopify. 

How to sell on Shopify?

Shopify provides luxury to sell your product wherever you want or according to your targeted niches it can be online, in-person, and on any other channel. Let’s check out how you can sell in various ways on Shopify;

1. Custom Online store

This is an amazing service on Shopify to market your product online. Custom online store brings life to your products through its various services:

  • An e-commerce website where one can use 70+ customizable themes. The themes can be chosen according to your product.  
  • You can build your store by just dragging and dropping. This is the easiest way to create an online store without any coding or design skills.
  • Use custom domains where you can bring your design or can purchase through Shopify to create your online store. 

2. Point of Sale

Through this one can elevate their in-person selling experiences or retail experiences. With every online checkout, one can sell every time with every personal visit. 

  • Shopping experiences matters, as personalized and flexible services, result in painless results. 
  • Simplified store setup leads to easily use hardware and software. 
  • Unified back-office helps in selling your product from one place irrespective of the point of delivery. 

3. Anywhere E-commerce

This service leverage you to transform your blog or website into an online store. A flexible buy button can be customized on your website which acts as an online store and helps to promote your product or service. 

  • Customizable buttons create a custom shopping experience on your existing website or blog. 
  • Secure checkouts make the selling experience better.

4. Sales Channels

It has various sales channels through which sales leads can be generated. It helps to market the product in front of more shoppers. 

  • On Social Media sales can be boosted through an awareness campaign or digital marketing. 
  • Various other online marketplaces can be explored and can list products on new platforms to reach new shoppers. 

Summing Up

Shopify is the one-stop platform for all business enthusiasts to get their business registered online. Shopify not only provides you with a way to get into the online world but also helps you to grow it. It has various services through which one can market and promote their product or service. Even Shopify teaches how you can get into the online world, how can you promote your product, how you can list your product on various other platforms and how you can develop your brand. Shopify streams one of the best services by building your brand, online presence, and store. If you have any doubt about this blog feel free to contact Appic Softwares.

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