POE V/S EOR: What Does Your Business Need In 2024?

POE V/S EOR: What Does Your Business Need In 2024?


In an ideal world, you could hire remote workers from abroad without having to worry about payroll issues or compliance with different regulations. In actuality, it is challenging for companies to hire people abroad due to the complexity of international legislation. Businesses must collaborate with an employment partner, such as a professional employer organisation (PEO) or employer of record (EOR), in order to hire employees worldwide.

Here are the key distinctions between a PEO and an EOR:

Without establishing a separate business in that nation, an employer of record may hire employees on your behalf in other nations. Find out more about the functions of an employer of record (EOR).

To be a PEO, you must be the owner of a local legal entity in the nation or area.

On paper, an EOR is your employees’ legal employer. A PEO and your company, along with your employee, operate under a co-employment agreement.

When working with a professional employer group, it is your responsibility to ensure that local labour regulations are followed.

Using a PEO can be a more cost-effective choice if you already have a legal entity in the nation.

If you are not the owner of an entity, working with an EOR will save you a lot of money and time compared to starting from scratch.

How Are An EOR And A PEO Different From One Another?

Although some people confuse PEOs and EORs, there are a few key differences between the two. PEOs primarily manage HR tasks for companies that already have entities, whereas EORs hire employees on behalf of their clients without necessitating the creation of an entity.

An employer of record, not a PEO, is required if you do not already own an entity in the nation where you wish to hire someone. Working with a global employment partner that demands you establish your own company before you can hire employees indicates the partner only offers PEO services rather than EOR services. These businesses are occasionally referred to as “global PEOs” or “global PEO service providers.” If you already intend to open an entity, that’s okay, but if not, working with an EOR will probably be quicker and less expensive. This is particularly valid if you are only employing a small number of people in the relevant nation.

 The EOR is the employer in theory. Actually, the EOR does little more than expedite the documentation necessary for compliance. Under the EOR, you carry on doing business with your employees in the same manner that you do with every other employee. An EOR so enables you to hire full-time employees in nations in which you do not possess a legal company.

Hiring staff in foreign nations may be possible with the assistance of professional employer organisations (PEOs), but only if you establish or already operate a corporation in that nation. 

Which Type of Partner Should you Choose?

Let’s say you have no other employees in Germany or France and you would like to hire a great worker there. Maybe you have contractors working there, but you’re worried about the kind of training your staff receives or whether your business complies with local regulations. Next, where should you turn?

Appic is well aware of the various difficulties businesses encounter when recruiting foreign employees. Our own team consists of hundreds of individuals spread across six continents and dozens of nations. If you are unsure of the assistance you require to work with global talent, begin by thinking about a few fundamental inquiries.

Do You Possess a Legal Presence in the Nation where the Worker Resides?

In a nation where you do not possess a legal business, you are required to utilize an employer of record, or EOR, in order to hire full-time employees. If you don’t want to create your own legal entity, then that is your only choice. Paying employees as contractors is possible in some circumstances; nevertheless, you must carefully evaluate the nature of the connection to avoid mistakenly classifying employees as contractors. You can always open an entity if you don’t already have one, but it can take many months and typically costs thousands of dollars.

Even for established companies with international presences, establishing legal entities may be a costly and time-consuming operation. An EOR is the best course of action unless you want to expand significantly within a particular nation, in which case creating a local corporation can make sense for your objectives.

Companies that do possess legal organisations in their target nations may not always have the means to provide for every need of their workforce. That is the role of a PEO. They can also offer many of the same services as an EOR in a co-employment arrangement with your company.

Be wary: rather than hiring your personnel directly in other countries, some EORs use intermediaries to do so. Rather than having their own legal entity, many EORs opt to tack on additional fees to what their own providers charge. This not only gives your staff a perplexing and unpleasant experience, but it may also soon become costly for your business.

How Many Employees Do You Want To Hire?

The majority of EORs and PEOs impose minimum employee headcount. Establishing local legal entities can be costly, and firms offering these services might inform potential clients that they need a certain number of employees in order to form a partnership. This barrier typically drives up the cost of hiring internationally for startups and small enterprises, requiring them to limit their talent acquisition to local people.

Businesses intending to establish a presence in a foreign nation probably wish to employ a sizable workforce there. In these circumstances, a co-employment agreement with a nearby PEO can assist in managing HR-related tasks.

Are You Hiring Full-Time Workers Or Contractors?

It is technically possible to deal with foreign contractors without an EOR or PEO. All you need is a system for contractor administration and payment that complies. Thankfully, Appic simplifies the process of managing and paying contractors worldwide. We assist businesses of all sizes in paying contractors worldwide as the most knowledgeable international contractor management solution available.

What Kind of Services Does Appic Offer?

As an employer of record, Appic assists firms who do not possess local legal entities in hiring employees in other nations. Only in nations where we hold legal entities does Appic offer employer of record services, ensuring the best possible experience for you and your team at the most competitive cost. We can assist you in paying your contractors wherever in the world because contractor payments do not require corporations.

Visit our Country Explorer to find out where Appic currently provides an employer of record services. You may view the nations we cover here and find out more about international employment regulations and taxation.

As of right now, Appic does not provide PEO services, which are payroll and benefits services for businesses that already have an organisation in a nation. But pay attention! We are putting a lot of effort into making our best-in-class global payroll solutions accessible to businesses with globally recognized organisations.

While you wait, we would be happy to assist you in expanding your company by placing staff abroad. If you’re prepared to get going, register right away to start onboarding foreign workers and contractors right away! Have inquiries? Contact our team, and a member of our knowledgeable staff will respond to you.


In the end, the decision between POE and EOR should be based on the particular requirements, technological ambitions, and infrastructure requirements of your company in 2024. To make an informed choice, take into account elements such as the kinds of devices you use, your needs for data processing, and the general architecture of your network.

Moreover, Appic Softwares is a company you should consider if you intend to recruit developers and are searching for one. You are welcome to hire our team of skilled developers to handle your project. We even provide dedicated development services for hire.

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