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Top 6 React Communities To Get Support And Info

The most widely used JavaScript library for creating single-page apps is called React. Thus, it’s unquestionably a wise choice if you’re considering learning React in 2022.

I’m going to provide you a list of the top six React communities so you can find guidance and assistance along the way. 

1. Dev’s React Community

React community

With over 800K users, Dev Community is one of the biggest software development networks in the world. As of May 2022, when this article was written, React already had over 23K posts published. That is an absurdly large amount of information.

While not every one of these 23K entries will be of the same caliber, you may still learn a great deal from them because they are written by developers with a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience, so there is always something new to discover.

Aside from that, you can post a question or ask the community a question by using the #discuss tag. By doing so, you’ll likely receive a helpful response from the community as well as a solution to your problem.

2. Hashnode’s React Community

React community

One of the best development communities you can join is on Hashnode, a platform for developer blogging. With over 12K articles and 91K followers as of the time this post was written (May 2022), the React tag is currently the third most popular trending tag ever, after #javascript and #web-development.

Like, developers from all over the world with a variety of experiences and backgrounds have published all of the React entries on Hashnode.

As a result, there are numerous blogs on React concepts, projects, tutorials, and so on, all created by different developers with distinct backgrounds. There will be a lot to learn as a result.

3. Reactiflux

With more than 180,000 developers as of May 2022, Reactiflux is the largest chatroom for React developers on Discord.

This community is the place to go whether you need React code assistance, career advise, resume review services, or just to have a general conversation about React and its libraries and tools.

In addition, the community hosts monthly “q and a” sessions and maintains a bustling job board with the newest React positions. In addition, there are entertaining channels in the community where members may discuss games, movies, anime, sports, and other topics.

4. Stack Overflow

Stackoverflow react

There’s very unlikely that a coder hasn’t heard about Stack Overflow. Regardless of skill level, bugs are a typical occurrence for developers, and resources such as Stack Overflow can assist in resolving them.

The majority of the errors you will make when learning React have been committed months or even years before by someone else. Thus, you avoid having to start from scratch each time. Try searching the website to see if you can discover the answer to your issue. You can always ask your question if not.

More than 390,000 questions on Stack Overflow have the React tag as of May 2022. While there are currently various React groups that can provide you with information, Stack Overflow is available to assist you.

5. Reddit

One of the best React communities you can join online is the subreddit /r/reactjs. As of May 2022, over 300,000 React developers had already joined.

The nicest thing about this community is that you may personalize it by asking any question, no matter how simple or complicated, that has anything to do with React. To gain feedback, you can also share your projects and portfolios.

Do you have any inquiries or remarks about this? Inquire about it. Would you want to ask any questions about careers? Inquire about it. Anything more that relates to React? Inquire about it.

Even if you don’t currently have any questions, perusing the previously published pieces will be very beneficial, and you might even be able to assist someone else by leaving a comment on a specific post.

6. Freecodecamp News’ React Collection

Freecodecamp News stands out among other high-caliber tech publications. As of May 2022, when this article was written, the publication already had over 700 articles with the category “React.”

The editing staff at Freecodecamp News thoroughly reviews each piece before it goes public. Therefore, you can be certain that the 700 React articles are like gold and that there won’t be any quality compromises.

You have two options: scroll through every article with the React tag or do a targeted content search.


Our article on the top react communities for help and information has come to a conclusion. I hope this post has helped you discover some incredible React communities that can support you along the way.

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