Top 20 Tutor On Demand App Development Features In 2023

Top 20 Tutor On Demand App Development Features In 2023

Tutor on demand app development

Do you know the global edtech and smart class industry is increasing at a CAGR of 13.2% and is estimated to reach $125.3 billion by the end of 2027? Thus, if you are planning to launch a tutor-on-demand application and looking for its features then you are at the right place. 

Through this blog, you would know the 20 must-have features you want in your app. 

Essential Features Of An On-Demand Tutoring Application 

Within the area of online education, the rise of educational applications can be attributed in large part to the anxiety that parents experience around the possibility that their children will fall behind in their education.

Because public schools have not even come close to standardizing the delivery of online tutoring services, the market for private tutoring is thriving. This is a direct outcome of the lack of standardization in public schools.

 Rather than developing an application that is focused on the school, it is quicker to create a private, stand-alone platform for tutors. 

However, declaring this does not remove the feature sets that are associated with any category. The following characteristics of on-demand tutoring software would improve the overall experience for both the master and the apprentice, regardless of whether the instructor on the other end is a school teacher or a privately hired tutor on demand.

Single Step Sign-in 

You want a horde of people to go to the website, download the program, and start using it. In order to guarantee that, you need to get rid of the lengthy sign-up forms, as such forms have become obsolete in recent years. You need to catch the attention of first-time users in the limited amount of time that you have by making it simpler for them to use the app by offering fast and simple signup processes.

These days, the item that instantly satisfies the user and quickly pushes them over to discover the app content is a sign-up option that allows them to use Facebook or Google. If you want to maintain a formal tone, it is sufficient to request an email address, name, age, and cell phone number; anything beyond that is unnecessary. It is preferable to avoid making things more complicated by requiring users to come up with creative usernames on their own.

The Intelligent Search Option

Search bar feature

The very first thing a user would do is look for applicable educational content on the internet. The question now is, How can you optimize this essential step? Create a search that is both intelligent and quick in its detection of terms. Standard educational app developers often neglect to include fundamental features that consumers anticipate having access to. The user’s search has a restricted range of possibilities. Therefore, creators of on-demand apps ought to focus on all of the short-tail and long-tail terms that an ordinary user could input in a panic as a component of their algorithm. Make sure that your algorithm also takes into account properly spelled versions of the keywords. Facilitate usability by activating an auto-suggest feature in the search bar. This will make it much simpler for users to click on the appropriate link and be taken to the appropriate content segment.

Best Course Updates

The learner is given a more comprehensive understanding of what the app is best suited for and the learning patterns of people by displaying the most popular courses on the site. Make sure you have a varied and valuable course list for students to choose from, regardless of the subject matter you want to teach them. One such platform is Udemy. Examine the manner in which they brag about their content repository and total users. The staggering magnitude of the figures is enough to pique the curiosity of everyone. 

Individualized Control Panel

The development of on-demand mobile applications requires constantly coming up with new ideas. How is it possible to distinguish something as fundamental as a personal dashboard from other similar tools? Include a section that recommends products to users based on their previous shopping behavior. During the process of developing an on-demand tutor app, you should encourage your IT staff to incorporate a widget that provides one of the following three sorts of recommendations:

  • Courses that are relevant to the user based on their browsing history 
  • Associated classes based on previous course purchases 
  • Combined enrollment in multiple classes  

In addition to this, the dashboard must provide a progress meter that displays personalized learning information for each user. 

Learn Where You Leave 

The Save Shopping Cart option, which allows users to pause the order process at any point and come back later to complete the payment, is quite popular among customers. The same guiding idea has been used for the advancement of educational practices. It is imperative that students have the opportunity to pick up their previously recorded online lesson immediately where they left off. It may appear straightforward, but in reality, it calls for a high level of technological competence, the sort of which Appic Softwares has demonstrated time and again that it possesses. Additionally, recorded sessions must be set up so that they automatically play whenever a video finishes. 

Offline Access

This function may be found in every one of the most popular tutoring-on-demand apps. Regardless of the type of material that is being displayed, digital businesses are sensitive to the reality that not all locations have the same level of access to the Internet. Downloading video content is possible, for instance, through services such as Netflix and YouTube.  Chatting can also take place offline when using Hike. Users of your tutoring apps now have the ability to download their lessons and continue working through them in the manner in which they deem most appropriate.

Assessments that include interaction  

Students’ ability to remember information can be evaluated in a fun way by giving them a quiz at the end of the lesson. If there is no mechanism for customers to communicate with the online tutors, the program will not be any more beneficial than reading an e-book. The use of gamification comes into play at this point. In fact, this might be taken to the next level by including a test series for each individual chapter. Students, for example, will frequently revisit a tutorial in order to go over it again. Students can be motivated to take on new questions and see if they have genuinely improved if your app contains a revision tracker. This can be done, provided that your app has a revision tracker.

Notes and Transcripts of the Sessions

It doesn’t matter if the lesson you’re taking is in person or you’re taking it live online; session transcripts are always useful. It is recommended that this be further improved by adding a “Notes” section that students can download and keep for future reference. The development of tutoring apps ought to centre on reducing the amount of work required of students and assisting them in concentrating carefully on the topic at hand. The next point we want to discuss is how in-app features could facilitate direct engagement between trainers and the batches they are working with.

The Instructor’s Record Book

The nature of tutoring services is directly related to the difficulty of this particular aspect. If, for instance, the app enables live interaction between the instructor and the students, then the instructor can facilitate an open conversation about a subject. They can post multiple choice questions (MCQs) in the middle of the class to test students’ attentiveness and rate them; the software will automatically score the students because the answers have been pre-fed into it. This rating can be synchronised with the personal dashboard that each student has, and children can share tips with their parents just like they would on a report card from school. 

Personalized Developmental Strategies

Reaching out to each student through their respective smart devices serves the purpose of determining and recommending a course of study that is individualized to each student’s level of ability. As a continuation of the previous point, instructors are able to design individualized learning paths for their students after gaining an awareness of the capabilities and limitations of each student based on the log. When a student has access to a material bank that is ready to support their needs after class, they will know exactly what to study and what to avoid studying in the future, which will allow them to make the most of their time and improve their learning. 

Q&A Pin-up Board  

Not everyone makes it a practice to write down questions they have and then check them with online trainers. What if it’s a weekend? Would you wish to be confronted with your question for such a significant amount of time? 

As a result, tutoring firms that are preparing to start offering their services should make provision for an in-app component where students may post their questions and instructors can respond within a predetermined amount of time.

Messages and alerts 

Because there is a physical location for us, we are aware of the appropriate time to get ready and head to class. However, what about online tutoring? Because of this, timing reminders are quite important. Send alerts to students to get them to stay glued to their screens or to remind them to finish a recorded session if they stopped watching it in the middle of it. It is imperative that notifications are pertinent to the user, as the user should be treated as a person and not merely a customer.

Group Mode

It’s not easy to be disciplined, is it? When other people believe in us and support what we’re trying to accomplish, however, the task at hand will become less challenging. In a similar vein, learning in a group setting makes the experience more valuable. There is just no substitute for the synergy that can result when students work together to study a particular topic. They might live chat in real time to better each other’s understanding of the material, or they may take turns asking the same instructor questions. As an education app development company, we have experience with kaleidoscoping, and as a result, we know exactly how to make this feature stand out by adding audio-visual effects and allowing users to share information in multiple formats. 

Multi-Device Compatibility 

You can never control the device the user will experiment with or be compelled to run your app on. The quantity of inquiries concerning the production of web apps for tutoring firms has seen a precipitous increase over the course of the past few years. Competition from various other businesses has been a driving force behind this interest.

Progressive web apps are another trend that our company, which specializes in developing on-demand mobile applications, has noticed recently. 

The cost of developing a Tutor app could get rather high if additional features are added throughout the design process. As a result of this, the idea of PWAs is gaining traction among vendors who are constrained by their budgets. 

Watch It On Television 

Your app would be in a league of its own if it included this feature because of how unique and uncommon it is. Imagine being able to receive assistance from a teacher whenever you need it and having the full lesson shown on your television screen. It’s the same as sitting up with your parents to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom.

The unjustified gravity of the situation is removed by streaming, which accidentally causes you to appreciate what you’re watching. 

A Chat Function Within the Application

Your app for on-demand tutoring has to have a chat option that can be accessed from within the app and gives students the ability to pose queries and respond to them there. The in-app chat feature will allow for a higher level of customization and will assist students in developing a positive working connection with their instructor. In addition, they are able to get their questions answered on the chat rather than having to make any other kind of contact with the tutor.

Advanced Features To Have In Your On-demand Tutor Application

If you want your program to stand out from the rest of the pack, you really ought to give some serious thought to including these innovative features in it. As a result, better functionality is ensured for both the students and the instructors.

You can refer to any of the following descriptions of the features:

  • Cloud Management: It is worthwhile to incorporate cloud management capabilities together with other frameworks such as MongoDB, etc. so that none of the data that is kept in your app can be accessed by unauthorized parties and so that its privacy can be protected.
  • In-App Payment: The incorporation of a variety of payment methods within an app not only helps it stand out from the competition but also enables users to pay their fees or buy items more rapidly. 
  • Support Multiple Languages: Considering the numerous cultural and linguistic backgrounds of today’s students, you should request that the app developer in India provide a multilingual mode of instruction. Your app will have a wider range of potential users if you design it this way. 
  • Referral Bonus: Students have the opportunity to earn a referral bonus if they spread the word about their app among their social networks. In a nutshell, your software might benefit from including this as an interactive feature. 
  • Multiple Class Bookings: As opposed to only reserving a spot in a single class at a time, users of the app have the ability to sign up for a number of different courses all at once, which is one of the app’s numerous advantageous features. 

In addition, the price might be anything from $20,000 to $25,000 or possibly greater, contingent upon the specifics of the business deal.


Now, in the end, we hope that through this post you will know the list of features that you can have in your eLearning app. However, if you are confused about which elearning app development company to choose, then you should check out Appic Softwares.

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