Top 5 React Education Apps in 2024

Top 5 React Education Apps in 2024

Top 5 React Education Apps in 2024

Solutions from EdTech developers present the education sector with enormous prospects. They are able to develop an immersive learning environment in the little form of an application by utilizing today’s technologies. Some of the goods are fantastic at assisting users in developing new or enhanced abilities. They are able to monitor pupils’ progress and inspire them to excel in their chosen fields. A strong product strategy and excellent UX design play a part in the success, but technology is undoubtedly driving innovation in educational apps. Read the blog below to learn more about React Education Apps.

Apps cannot function as intended for consumers if they do not have strong front-end and back-end technologies. A contemporary app wouldn’t be the same without all the gimmicks like voice recognition and gamification. Selecting the appropriate technology for your EdTech solution is crucial for this reason. Redvike is centered around the React family as a whole. For this reason, we’re going to concentrate on some of the greatest educational applications created using the React.js JavaScript framework today.

Need Of E-Learning Apps

It goes beyond academic instruction alone. Learning through instructional information provided on the most widely used social media platforms is clearly in vogue. An excellent illustration is what’s going on with TikTok, the social media platform for making, sharing, and finding short films that is expanding at the highest rate. In May 2020, TikTok said that it would be introducing a new platform called #LearnOnTikTok to promote self-education among its users. Working together with specialists from different universities who will be in charge of producing instructional materials is part of the plans.

The availability of the Internet, the rise in smartphone use, and the increasing acceptance of social media provide the ideal circumstances for eLearning to be acknowledged and developed on a large scale at last. Nonetheless, we should build our product on dependable, up-to-date technology if we want to provide meaningful content that motivates and encourages interaction.

Top Education Apps Build With React.js

It turns out that some of the top eLearning systems are supported by a well considered tech stack, which includes React.js to keep everything working together. These are our top five picks for fantastic instructional apps that make use of the JavaScript library.

Khan Academy 

Sal Khan founded this American non-profit EdTech company in 2006, and it creates instructional materials for teachers and students. Their web platform is crammed with quick films, extra resources, and practical ways to improve learning.

React.js saw a significant update at Khan Academy, enabling seamless element switching and the removal of pointless re-renders. Additionally, the platform completed a full conversion to React Native in July 2020. The difficulties of managing two codebases with a small, mobile staff was the cause of it. The company is able to implement updates to its app more quickly and effectively, reducing the amount of mistakes and development time, by moving from Backbone to React technology.


Skillshare is an online community for learning that has thousands of motivational classes on a wide range of topics, including art, design, photography, video, freelancing, and many more. New York served as the company’s headquarters when it first opened its doors in the year 2010. In recent years, on-demand learning has seen rising popularity in the United States as a result of the tailored approach it takes and the diversity of programs it offers.

The proper audience is drawn to the highly interesting information that Skillshare delivers. React.js, which facilitates the fluid interaction of UI components and the development of a user experience that improves learning, was used in the construction of the EdTech platform.

Sana Labs 

Leading the way in the creation and use of AI in education is Sana Labs. One of their main offerings aids customers in honing their pronunciation while picking up a new language.

Their all-in-one learning platform, designed with Redvike, contains metrics that track user success and an AI mechanism.

We created a responsive React.js app using Sana’s eLearning API to illustrate the company’s technologies. For Sana, React.js is vital for sales and marketing. The company has won a CogX award for Best AI Product in Education.


Who hasn’t heard of Duolingo? To enhance voice recognition, Duolingo functions as an augmented reality app that has a multilingual chatbot integrated into it. The language-learning software debuted on the market in 2011 and won iPhone software of the Year in just two years. It’s undeniably one of the most well-liked instructional applications and the first one created with React.J.S.

Originally developed in Backbone.js and Mustache, the Duolingo frontend is currently mostly written in React and Redux. The application’s extremely responsive UI elements, transitions, and navigation, which provide an amazing user experience, are made possible by the usage of Javascript libraries.


American educators now have access to a free coding training tool that supports 12 languages, including Python, Javascript, and Java. It has a key role in the edtech app industry since it is a web application designed to assist developers learn or improve their coding skills.

In August of 2014, Codecademy made the conscious decision to fully incorporate Facebook’s library. Since then, React.js has been one of the app’s primary scripts. The employees of the organization agree that there are several elements of React.js that are very helpful. These include such things as the script’s reliability, adaptability, and search engine optimization friendliness. It’s backwards compatible, too!


Appic Softwares may use React.js and other cutting-edge technologies to offer exciting new educational possibilities in the fast developing field of educational technology. The top five React Education Apps of 2024 show that technology is changing education.

Appic Software provides universities and EdTech enterprises with front-end and back-end technologies to capitalize on these prospects. We can contribute our knowledge in designing strong, engaging, and dependable educational apps to Education App Development to address the rising need for eLearning. Appic Software is pioneering the digital classroom of the future.

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