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With our expertise, we deliver customized industry specific solutions based on the motive to reach you at the international level. As being the best mobile app development service provider, we help you to leverage the latest tools and technologies including AR,VR, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and IoT.

Our dedicated developers have delivered various hassle free business services based websites and mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms across various industries from start ups, small businesses to large enterprises. Appic Softwares, proficient developers aim is to deliver the top notch mobile application services with a seamless mobile user experience based on user friendly and relevant strategies based on plan, design, develop, and launch.

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We understand that every business has a different software requirement and we cater to them with a great variety of Software Development Services.

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Ecommerce Development

Our ECommerce developers create user-friendly websites that help to maximize the revenue of your business through online sales.

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Mobile & Wearables

Everyone expects the best from technology | Mobile and wearable technology is not just about quick notifications and simple interactions.

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Web Development

We provide a diverse range of highly optimized web development services that help start-ups and brands turn their dreams or website ideas into reality.

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Their team of JavaScript developers can build customize mobile, web and cross-platform applications to help you and your business succeed.

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Cross-Platform - Hybrid Apps

We Work On Top Technologies And Frameworks Including React Native, Flutter, Ionic.

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Offshore Staffing

Our staffing services are designed to help you find the best additions to your workforce.

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Emerging Technologies

We work with Emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of things), Chatbot, and AR-VR, which represent progressive innovations and gives an edge over the competition.

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We follow Agile Development Methodology for Quality and Quick Turnaround.

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Aavas Finance

Happily serving Aavas financiers ltd as an It parter. Top Finance company of Jaipur. Aavas Loan offers wide range of services related to home loans.

Glamyo Health

Glamyo Health is India's leading healtcare network. It is an multispeciality healthcare provides personalized services with hassle free expereinces. 

Rocca Box

An app makes property hunting process much easier and convinient. Rocca Box is a top-notch app to find best property nearby. 

Daalo Hotel

This apps brings features to book rooms and food items. It also allows the users to book the banquet hall from the one interface. Here are some prominent features: 1. Room, food, and hall booking 2. Mark food items as favorite


A website that provides recommendations for tv shows, films, books, podcasts and other forms of entertainment in a user friendly blog style. The site will have many authors that the users can choose to follow.

All In Short

On "All In Short" you can get all the information related to Health Wealth, news, and the Spiritual World, and get answers for free. The purpose of "All in short" is to make people of all ages aware of issues like health, wealth, education, employment, food and provide a good and reliable solution to the questions that arise in the mind.  

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Why choose Angular for web development

  Angular is one of the best javascript frameworks for frontend which leverages various services and works exponentially in support & maintenance.  Angular has real-time app testing accompanied by a Jasmine test framework. Even Angular throws various other advantages which attract enterprises and large firms to build their websites on Angular. Some of the major advantages of Angular are:   Flexible development Two-way data binding Supporting parallel development Speed and performance Faster load Simplified MVC pattern.   With these advantages, Angular has been the first choice for frontend web development. But 'why is angular preferred mostly for heavy and bulky websites? What is the uniqueness of Angular that it works smoothly with heavy servers and traffic?'   To know this deeply. First, you need to understand what single-page web applications are?  So, single-page web applications work on the basis of changing a few sections on the domain page or overlaying other pages on it which means the domain page or its some elements stays static and other pages pop-ups or showcase on it.    How do Single Page web applications work with Angular?    Angular works on a single web application that leverages functionalities with a faster reload framework. The single-page web apps are user-friendly as they rewrite the current page and avoids the loading of the entire page again from the server. This helps in faster reloading and provides a better user experience. It leads to responsive web applications and a mass attraction.    Why choose angular?   Choosing Angular as a frontend web application is one of the best choices. Because it delivers the best user experience and it works very conveniently. The foremost reason to choose Angular is because of its single-page web app framework. It makes the functionality and improves application performance.    Top best performing Angular websites   Here are some of the top-performing websites which are market giants and are working smoothly for years. Its foremost reason is that Angular can easily handle crowds and can efficiently without the need to refresh the whole webpage. The web apps are;   Youtube Upwork freelancer  Paypal  Forbes The Guardian Delta  Samsung     Summing up  Angular is a convenient frontend framework to get good traffic on the web app and even to manage its traffic. Angular does not send extra queries to the server, it has a single-time file load irrespective of the language such as HTML, CSS, JS. Angular works on the fast and responsive front end. We at Appic Softwares best Angular web apps. Hire our developers to build the best web apps.   

Angular : A modern web developers platform

  Why do developers need frameworks such as angular? Essentially frameworks like Angular make it easy for developers to go through the development process easily and saves the time consumed in writing codes from scratch. Developers can choose an extra  feature to speed up their work.  Let’s get a gist of the Angular development process. Angular was developed in 2009 and has various versions. The first version is called Angular JS or Angular 1 after which Angular 2, 3, 4, 5 were also introduced in the market. The latest version is Angular 11 which was launched on 11th Nov 2021. The most effective thing about Angular upgrades is that every upgraded version deals with the bugs, predecessor, issues more conveniently.  Angular provides development services built on typescript and google manages it. It builds scalable web applications including well-integrated libraries with abundant services; services that nurture client communication and interaction. It has developer tools which help in developing, building, testing and updating codes.  Angular can easily make single developer projects to enterprise level apps. Its primary objective is to perform for single page applications.    Features of Angular    TypeScript Typescripts are basically a set of scripts which are types of JavaScript. These scripts help to write Javascripts with ease. But it is not important that typescripts are crucial to develop Angular applications.    Document Object Model DOM is an API for XML and HTML documents. Though, angular uses the regular DOM. This helps in updation in the entire tree rather than separately changing any one.   Data Binding When the data is automatically synchronized between the model and the view components is known as Data Binding in Angular. It works as whenever the model changes the view automatically changes and it works vise versa to it as well. Even Angular is accessible for two way binding.    Testing Angular allows you to write various test cases through its vibrant functionalities. The testing framework used by Angular is Jasmine Testing Framework. This texting framework also works in configuration of the file, start-up, reporters etc.    Though, as you have got a gist of What is Angular and its relevant features. Now it gives you a brief idea about Angular. But It doesn't sums here Angular as a development service contains various other elements such as TypeScript, SPA, forms, dependency injections, Bootstrap Grid System, observables, etc.   But moving further with that first we need to encounter Angular Architecture. We will look into that in the next blog.  

How to create your account on the Play store?

  Today having an account on Google is crucial as google delivers abundant services and can be synced to almost every platform. So, having an account on Google is a necessity for being technologically advanced and to be able to access online services. Looking towards these progressing needs we have bought a guide book for you. A stepwise play store set up an account.   So, to have an account on the play store it is necessary to have an account on google. If you already have an account on google then you can proceed with the second part of the blog that states how to create an account on the Play store.   Creating Google Account   1. On your mobile phones go to Settings, find accounts and click to add an account, represented in the top right corner as a plus icon.    2.Click on google and then Create A New Account.    3. You'll then need to fill in your personal information such as your name, age, and gender.   4. Next, you'll have to choose a username for your google account. Choose a username that is accepted by google and move further with the account.    5. Now create a password for your account including some special characters such as #@ etc and should not be less than 8 characters. Also re-enter to confirm   6. Next, add a phone no. to your account. Remember, add a phone no. which is accessible because it will be used to log in and verify your account further. And even it is used in case you have forgotten your password.    7. Then, Google terms and conditions appear, simply click on I Agree.   8. Finally, you are on the screen of your new google account. Add the information and requirements as required in an account. You can even customize your google account and can easily create a new Gmail account for others.    As you have created your new google account you can easily set up your play store account now. This will allow you to download apps from the play store and to access abundant other google services.    Set up your Google Play Store account   1. Click on the Play Store icon on your android phone screen.    2. Now, enter your Google username and tap next.   3. Now you will need to complete the verification and security process. Here, you need to enter billing information so that google acquires access to not charge you for the central apps provided in the Play Store.    4. Now you are on the Backup and Restore page, where you will have to select a checkbox, here you need to choose to Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account check box.    5. Finally, tap next to scroll through the app store and download your application.    It was a complete guide to set up a play store account to access Play Store app install and other purposes. This will now allow you to download all applications on your android phone. And for further queries regarding any other android, you can talk to our expert and can consult.  

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