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With our expertise, we deliver customized industry specific solutions based on the motive to reach you at the international level. As being the best mobile app development service provider, we help you to leverage the latest tools and technologies including AR,VR, Machine Learning, Chatbots, and IoT.

Our dedicated developers have delivered various hassle free business services based websites and mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms across various industries from start ups, small businesses to large enterprises. Appic Softwares, proficient developers aim is to deliver the top notch mobile application services with a seamless mobile user experience based on user friendly and relevant strategies based on plan, design, develop, and launch.

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We understand that every business has a different software requirement and we cater to them with a great variety of Software Development Services.

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Ecommerce Development

Our ECommerce developers create user-friendly websites that help to maximize the revenue of your business through online sales.

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Mobile & Wearables

Everyone expects the best from technology | Mobile and wearable technology is not just about quick notifications and simple interactions.

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Web Development

We provide a diverse range of highly optimized web development services that help start-ups and brands turn their dreams or website ideas into reality.

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Their team of JavaScript developers can build customize mobile, web and cross-platform applications to help you and your business succeed.

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Cross-Platform - Hybrid Apps

We Work On Top Technologies And Frameworks Including React Native, Flutter, Ionic.

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Offshore Staffing

Our staffing services are designed to help you find the best additions to your workforce.

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Emerging Technologies

We work with Emerging technologies like IoT (Internet of things), Chatbot, and AR-VR, which represent progressive innovations and gives an edge over the competition.

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We follow Agile Development Methodology for Quality and Quick Turnaround.

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Daalo Hotel

This apps brings features to book rooms and food items. It also allows the users to book the banquet hall from the one interface. Here are some prominent features: 1. Room, food, and hall booking 2. Mark food items as favorite


A website that provides recommendations for tv shows, films, books, podcasts and other forms of entertainment in a user friendly blog style. The site will have many authors that the users can choose to follow.

All In Short

On "All In Short" you can get all the information related to Health Wealth, news, and the Spiritual World, and get answers for free. The purpose of "All in short" is to make people of all ages aware of issues like health, wealth, education, employment, food and provide a good and reliable solution to the questions that arise in the mind.

Different panels are created to keep the record and maintain the status of invoices and orders. Admin Panel and the Warehouse panel. To manage the deliveries, an android app is also created for drivers.


Everyone earns for the food. But now people are earning from food. Online food delivery is the most popular business in the current scenario. For Customer(User) and the Seller(Vendor) both, it is an important way to fulfill their requirements. We Make It Accessible And Affordable For Anyone Around The World To Start Their Own Online Food Delivery Business.


Designed by Medical Doctors and Engineers, MediPocket integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to help reduce medical non-adherence by providing users with prescription discounts and tools to help them take charge of their health.

Latest Blogs

Get the latest insights of technologies, trends, and market. Learn More and Stay Ahead.

How to create your account on the Play store?

  Today having an account on Google is crucial as google delivers abundant services and can be synced to almost every platform. So, having an account on Google is a necessity for being technologically advanced and to be able to access online services. Looking towards these progressing needs we have bought a guide book for you. A stepwise play store set up an account.   So, to have an account on the play store it is necessary to have an account on google. If you already have an account on google then you can proceed with the second part of the blog that states how to create an account on the Play store.   Creating Google Account   1. On your mobile phones go to Settings, find accounts and click to add an account, represented in the top right corner as a plus icon.    2.Click on google and then Create A New Account.    3. You'll then need to fill in your personal information such as your name, age, and gender.   4. Next, you'll have to choose a username for your google account. Choose a username that is accepted by google and move further with the account.    5. Now create a password for your account including some special characters such as #@ etc and should not be less than 8 characters. Also re-enter to confirm   6. Next, add a phone no. to your account. Remember, add a phone no. which is accessible because it will be used to log in and verify your account further. And even it is used in case you have forgotten your password.    7. Then, Google terms and conditions appear, simply click on I Agree.   8. Finally, you are on the screen of your new google account. Add the information and requirements as required in an account. You can even customize your google account and can easily create a new Gmail account for others.    As you have created your new google account you can easily set up your play store account now. This will allow you to download apps from the play store and to access abundant other google services.    Set up your Google Play Store account   1. Click on the Play Store icon on your android phone screen.    2. Now, enter your Google username and tap next.   3. Now you will need to complete the verification and security process. Here, you need to enter billing information so that google acquires access to not charge you for the central apps provided in the Play Store.    4. Now you are on the Backup and Restore page, where you will have to select a checkbox, here you need to choose to Keep this phone backed up with my Google Account check box.    5. Finally, tap next to scroll through the app store and download your application.    It was a complete guide to set up a play store account to access Play Store app install and other purposes. This will now allow you to download all applications on your android phone. And for further queries regarding any other android, you can talk to our expert and can consult.  

E-commerce: An introductory

  Ecommerce is a hub of technological advancement and a diversified marketplace. If we say ecommerce is the future of businesses all over the globe then it's not a myth. Actually it's a known truth which is not acknowledged as much as its speedy convergence.    Ecommerce is a trade via computer networks which enables various businesses to engage in an online world creating a new marketplace hence facilitating exchange of data in various formats considering transactional outputs. Even e-commerce serves vibrant facilities in various domains and is a centralized solution for a diversified demographic.   It’s personalized, customized and integrated market leads have created even more popularity. However, e-commerce works on different channels such as B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B and B2A. B2B channels work between businesses to facilitate business transactions and communication. B2C works between the business and the customer to provide products or services. C2C is operated by customers within themselves to serve or share any output. C2B is a transaction from customer to business in case to fulfill any business need. B2A enables businesses to trade with the government.    Hence, these channels cover everything the world can trade in. These channels significantly drive the online market exponentially. But in this all we can't deny that the emerging market technologies are crucially playing their role. It is understood that online means web or mobile. So, these technologies enable the functioning of the online world in a much smoother way. Technologies such as Shopify, Woocommerce, WordPress, Magento, etc. with its services help creating web or mobile portals. So for customers, businesses, and associations it overcomes demographic limitations, gains new referrals and provides access to abundant services.    If we look deep into it, it not only contains market values, it has cultural values, social values and universal values. Though, due to wide accessibility of e-commerce around the world the exchange in cultures and values add to the social and universal values.    The invention of technologies has not only transformed our buying and selling practice but also transformed our lifestyles and this is just because of the emerging e-commerce world. This transfer has happened due to the invention of web and mobile development technologies. Web and mobile development technology summed everything into “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” - a belief that we, people of planet earth are a family.    So, let’s join hands to get into the ecommerce world to expand your business or start a new venture to adapt new changes with online presence. As a part of your family Appic Softwares, a mobile and web development company welcomes your queries and doubts, to be solved by our experts and always there to help and guide you.   

Flutter Widgets: An Introduction

  Flutter was introduced in 2018 by google to develop cross-platform native mobile applications. The UI of flutter is impressive and the toolkit provides various modern and reactive solutions for app development. This framework works on Google's in-house Dart language which seems much easier to learn than other programming languages.    Though, one of the most impressive features of the Flutter framework is its widgets. We can say flutter is everything because of its diverse widgets and is most considered by developers. Whatever you code in flutter it will be basically inside the widget. The central idea revolves around how your application will look and how it will portray the base idea about your app. This will basically help to make Flutter future-ready for enterprise app development The collaboration of widgets actually builds your app. In short, everything you see in your app is a widget from design, to display to features. Widget in flutter is used to determine what to draw on the screen. This is hope flutter widget works:    [Root] -My app  -Material App  - My Home Page   - Scaffold     -Center     - Column        -Text       - Text   - App Bar      -Text   - FloatingActionButton   - Icon   This is how flutter works in layers on the screen. Once the flutter widget is created it cant be changed means that they are immutable. Though, Flutter handles this by changed the whole set of widgets. When an application needs change, it gives flutter a new set of widgets. Though, this sounds like a waste of time and effort. But Flutter is designed in a way that it can handle updates in the widgetry very efficiently. Behind the scenes elements and render objects keep track of where the widget is in relation to other widgets, whether things need to be rebuild based on state, and updating the screen as needed.      Types of widgets   Generally, flutter widgets are of two types visible including output and input and invisible layout and control. These are the basic types of flutter widgets. Let's briefly get into this.    1. Visible Widgets    Visible widgets are basically related to the user input and output data. Here are some crucial types of visible widgets.   Text   The text widget is one of the important widgets as it covers a prominent place in the application. The text widget can be aligned through the textAlign. Even through style one can customize the text according to the need. It covers font, font weight, font style, letter spacing, color, dimensions, and many more.    Button This widget helps in going towards other functions through the action of click. As all the flutter developers are well known for the fact that flutter does not allow to use of the button widget directly so it uses other buttons such as RaisedButton and Flatbutton.    Image Images create a visual appearance in your application so introducing effective images into your app is a must. This widget can be fetched through various other sources as well it can be through the assert property or from the URL. image loading need various constructors, these are: Image: It is a simple image loader, works through ImageProvider. memory: It loads from the memory. network: It loads through the network. asset: It loads your image through the project asset folder. file: It loads through the system folder. How does an image widget work? To add an image firstly the developer needs to create the asset folder where all the images are stored and then add Image.asset('assets/computer.png') in the pubspec.yaml file.   Icons This widget is the storehouse for adding icons to your application. Icons are also one of the major aspects of the visual representation of your app. Following code is generated to add an icon to your app. Check the  example below:   2. Invisible Widgets   Invisible widgets have layout and control properties. These widgets are actually what manages the working of visible widgets. These deliver how other layouts are going to look and function on the screen.    Column This widget enables all the widgets to be arranged in vertical alignment. The spacing is used through crossAxisAlignment and mainAxisAlignment properties. These alignments have different properties. The cross axis uses the horizontal axis and the main axis uses the vertical axis.    Row This widget works similarly to the column widget. The major difference between the both is the representation; the row widget is represented horizontally. This widget is exactly opposite to the column its cross axis is the vertical axis and the main axis is the horizontal axis.   Padding  This widget provides padding in some specified directions as instructed and as specified in the design.    Why Widget is important?   Flutter SDK is nothing without a widget. As we have said earlier Flutter is nothing without its widgets. Flutter has various widgets which showcase different functionality on screen and even every widget has its own particular purpose. Though, putting up an individual widget together add up to a great interface. Though, flutter widgets built the best native applications.   Develop your application with Appic Softwares   We develop the best flutter applications with our dedicated flutter developers. To know more check our portfolio and contact us for the best app development experience.    

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