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City Of Cars

City Of Cars

Making Car Service Easy For Every Car Owner

Customers can request a car service pick-up through COC and view the repair or maintenance process directly in their app.



Transforming the traditional classroom into virtual learning centers.

Klassbook is a virtual learning center that holds the need of present and future generations. We created both a mobile app and a website for them.


Lien Zone

An App To Calculate Notice, Lien, And Bond Deadlines

Lien Zone lets your customers or employees know their contract's last date effectively. The app holds a podcast page, basic information about the company, and a form that allows customers to submit their requirements through a form.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv

Surf Eye & Wake Eye

AI Camera Detection Technology For Surfers In Italy.

Surf Eye & Wake Eye is an AI camera detection technology that lets customers purchase videos of them surfing. AI Camera detects and stores all the videos on the website, making it easier for customers to buy them.


Rocca Box

Making the property searching process smoother.

Rocca Box comes with dynamic features and an effective property-hunting process. We included a dedicated search bar, description page, and more in it.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


An e-commerce store that is revolutionizing women’s healthcare with technology.

Laiqa offers a wide range of health and wellness products at a competitive price. Laiqa has a user-friendly UI built with Shopify that allows customers to shop efficiently.



Making nursery management easier than it ever was!

A complete nursery management solution that provides a QR code so that the owners can manage plants efficiently and also monitor their health. An easy-to-use solution that helps scale nurseries across different locations from just one software.



Help enterprises to calculate their emission level and reduce pollution.

With the help of technology, organizations and enterprises may use MetrikFlow, an EcoEmission Analyzer, to help them lead the sustainable transition with confidence and achieve climate targets.



A fast product delivery platform.

Zonasol provides one-stop solutions to every household's needs. Customers can buy a wide range of products from grocery shopping to plants from it.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


Now it’s easier for businesses to magnate their menu and services.

NoLimitQR allows business to transform their menu into a QR code and upscale their business operations.



Ordering medicines is now easier, with the help of MediPocket.

A medicines on-demand application with user-friendly UI so that it can be used by any age group.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv

Aawas Financiers

A leading home loan provider.

Aawas Financiers is a leading home loan-providing company that serves across the country and look after customers’ financial needs.



An efficient taxi booking app.

Taximo provides taxis across cities with one-way or two-way charges as per preference. Customers can choose from a variety of taxis based on their size.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


A marketplace to purchase furniture from.

Furniture.Mu provides a wide range of furniture. We integrated an inventory management system that makes it easier for them to manage their stock.



A platform that provides professional interpreters.

An app through which customers can book interpreters by overviewing their profiles.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


A no-code/low-code software development website

They are a globally recognized low-code professional service provider that delivers software products by adopting digital process automation technologies.



The App Provides Short & Crisp Financial News

If you are interested in knowing the latest news related to the financial sector around the globe then this app is for you. It collects and showcases all the latest financial news to the customers.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


A QR code management website that provides a secure parking environment for your vehicle

Customers can ask for a QR code from Kivasa and paste it on their car. Anyone can scan and make a call to you regarding your car. Additionally, none of your personal information would be passed to them not even your phone number.


Guru At Home

An On-demand app lets students find the most appropriate teachers.

Teachers can list their services and students can book them through this app. Moreover, the app is loaded with features such as review, a search bar, navigation, and more.



A dating app that lets you find the perfect match.

From messaging to scheduling a date, you can do everything through this app. The app also has some pre-set lines and sentences that you can send to your match that help in better communication.

ikea shopping app development by Appinventiv


A website to book services for rich media display and informative LED display.

We build an informative website for them that included pricing, an about us page, and even a login feature. Customers can order and manage their LED boards from this website.



A fast-paced dating app through which you can find your ideal match.

Through the app, you can like or ignore a person and even message them once you have matched with them.


Sync Remote

A Co-Working listing website that enables remote workers to find laptop friendly places.

Remote employees can select co-working space using their current location or a search bar to find the perfect match.



Helps to optimize workflow by improving access to work and on-call roasters.

Drectry allows employees to locate the contact details of other employees within the same organization.



An app that performs ECG telemetry with the help of an upBeat sensor.

The app collects the heartbeat record of the customers and suggests to them if they are healthy or not.


What’s Next?

The app lets you manage priority tasks and manage your time efficiently.

You can manage your tasks, post articles, and more on the app. The app also collects data on customers’ feelings and suggests solutions accordingly.

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