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The Lien Zone

An App To Calculate Notice, Lien, And Bond Deadlines

A date calculator app that lets the employees or customers know when the notice period or bond ends. This is an advanced version of a calendar that makes it easier to calculate the end or beginning date.


About The Lien Zone

Build for a client in Florida, USA, The Lien Zone contains all the information about the holidays in Florida, and the app then automatically calculates the last day of the bond or notice period. Furthermore, the app also stores some vital information related to the firm and also contains information that allows you to learn what to file and when to secure your rights.

Benefits Of The Lien Zone

  • mobile-app-development
    Predicts the right date for the deadline.
  • android-app-development
    Provides information on what to file and secure your rights.
  • mobile-app-development-company
    Listen to podcasts through the app.
  • mobile-application-development
    A portal that contains every bit of information related to app.

Features Of The Lizen Zone App

To cater to the demands of our clients, we included several features in the app that makes the app unique-


  • Calculate the exact deadline

    There are two wheels in the app that helps in calculating the exact date. The two wheels are named the “First Work” and “Deadline”, you can rotate any of the wheels and you would get the exact end or starting date.

  • Set bond period

    As per our client’s requirements we added two bond periods one for 45 days and the other one for 90 days.

  • Here Is How We Matched the Calculation Of A 360° Wheel With 365 Days Of The Year:

    Now we converted the above digit (0.986°) into a radian and took that radian as a single day.The formula we took to convert the radian was- 0.986 * (π/180) ≈ 0.018 radians

    After calculating the radin we set 1 day as 0.018° and then made the calculation of every month for example-

    • 0.018*31 days for January
    • 0.018*28 days for February
    And so on.

    We added holidays in every month that occurs in Florida which makes the wheel to decide the next best day. For example, if the deadline for a bond is 7th January but on that day there is a public holiday then the date would automatically shift to +1 day and the new deadline would end on 8th January.



This feature would let the customers know how they can file a lawsuit and even inform them about how to secure their rights. This section of the app covers 4 different sections named as-

  • Florida Private Bonded & Nonbonded Projects
  • Florida State/Municipal Projects
  • Florida Department Of Transportation Projects
  • Federal Miller Act Projects

Every above-listed section would redirect to a new section when clicked that contains detailed information depending on the role of the person like Contractor, Subcontractor, Supplier, and so on that wants to file the case.

Contract Detective

If a customer is about to sign a new contract and they want to get it checked then they can upload an image of the document with some additional information like name, email, and more. The document can be posted in any format, the app would automatically convert it into PDF format making it easier for our client to read and respond to the document.


A button that redirects the users to the client’s podcast channel. We have even added a link of the 3 latest podcasts under Lien-O-Matic screen which when clicked would redirect the customers directly to that specific podcast.


Our Project Development Approach

01 Business Analysis

The project started with our business analyst team reaching out to the client and gaining knowledge of their requirements. The team did a meeting with our client and informed them about the tech stack that would perfectly fit their requirements.

02 Designing & Prototyping

Once we got to know all the requirements of our clients we started designing the wireframes of the application. Our developer team worked closely with the client to ensure all their requirements are met.

03 Development

Once the design was ready, our developers took over and started developing the software. We were able to deliver this project within the set timeframe by following the latest practices.

04 Quality Testing

Once the application was developed our quality analyst took over and conducted a thorough check of the application. We ensured that the application is bug-free and met all the requirements of our clients.

05 Launch & Support

Once a green flag was given by our QA we launched the app on the Play Store and App Store. Moreover, we are providing them a 30-day free post-launch support.

Technology Stack Used

  • app-developers Flutter

Client Testimonial

Alex Barthet, The Barthet Firm

"Great communication and great work. Very happy and will use him and his team again on the next project. Very responsive, very accommodating, great overall experience. I would highly recommend."

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