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Know The Cost Of Hiring Developers

ML And Data Science Consulting Services

With a focus on machine learning algorithms, data preprocessing, and sophisticated analytics, we guarantee the delivery of reliable AI solutions constructed from carefully crafted data.


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Our Engagment Model

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Fixed Hiring
  • Dedicated Team

Our ML And Data Science Consulting Services


Machine Learning Development

Using domain-specific data from Appic Software, our ML developers create unique solutions to solve challenging business problems. Whether developing deep learning applications, natural language processing, or predictive analytics, our skilled team never stops trying to create self-sustaining models that change and adapt to new data sources.


Big Data Consulting Services

Our big data experts provide comprehensive advice, including everything from assessing your current architecture and data warehousing to offering suggestions on ETL best practices, creating data pipeline plans, choosing appropriate analytics tools, and customizing data infrastructure solutions.


Predictive Analysis

Our data scientists are masters at creating models that use machine learning algorithms to predict patterns, anticipate trends, and make data-driven decisions. Our predictive analytics services, which include demand forecasting and customer behavior research, provide you with the ability to make well-informed decisions and propel business expansion.


Business Intelligence Solutions (BI)

Our BI specialists design unique dashboards, reports, and data visualization tools that provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your company's performance and cutting-edge statistics. You may track objectives and KPIs with our BI solutions, allowing you to make well-informed decisions for productivity and expansion.


Data Preparation and Coordinating

To guarantee that your datasets are correct and prepared for analysis, our data engineers handle the organizing, cleansing, transformation, and integration of data. Our goal is to improve your business outcomes by helping you obtain valuable insights from your data preparation operations.


Integration Management System

Setting up Hadoop clusters, integrating big data apps, creating real-time data pipelines, and guaranteeing smooth migrations from relational databases to NoSQL systems are among our specialties in integration management.

Our ML And Data Science Project Approach

Project Analysis

Like any project, we begin by researching your demands for the product or your business's problems, recording specifications, and your idea on how to connect value and data.

Data Modeling And Evaluation

Several models are trained by our data scientists in order to determine which one yields the most accurate results. Next, we select the model that performs the best in terms of simplicity, accuracy of findings, and performance.

Support & Maintenance

We assist you with releasing new features, adding additional tools and data sources, and further integrating the product into the workflow in order to sustain your growth. We look for long-term partnerships with clients and vendors where our joint growth is supported by their success.


Data Analysis

Next, as any data science project should, we examine your existing data infrastructure and look for dependencies, patterns, anomalies, and missing values in datasets.

Designing The Solution

We design, integrate, and test your product—whether it's a machine learning algorithm, BI application, or data management system—while you begin acclimating to your newfound creative powers.


Requirement Analysis

In order to fully comprehend our clients' unique business needs, obstacles, and goals, we work directly with them.


Model Selection

We choose the best pre-trained generative AI model, or a combination of models, based on the indicated demands. This could include specific image-based generative models or well-known models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.


Data Integration & Fine Tuning

We incorporate the generative AI system with the client's data sources, including text, photos, and other types of information. In addition, we adjust and refine the chosen model to match the domain-specific data and business requirements of the customer.


Testing & Evaluation

The integrated generative AI system is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to full implementation. This guarantees high-quality output generation along with performance, accuracy, and compatibility with the client's operations.


Support & Maintenance

In order to keep the generative AI integration current, effective, and in line with any shifting business needs or technology breakthroughs, we offer continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Why Choose Appic Softwares?

Expertise Across The Board

Our team of machine learning and data science specialists has extensive expertise in applying data-driven methodologies to solve challenging business problems.

Custom Solutions

We are aware that each company is different. We ensure that you receive solutions that are in line with your objectives by customizing our consulting services to your unique demands.

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Proven Results

With custom AI solutions, we have assisted many clients—including Fortune 500 companies—in realizing the potential of their data and producing outstanding outcomes.

Collaborative Approach

We collaborate closely with your team to comprehend your big data goals and difficulties. We collaborate to create data strategies that lead to success.

Our Engagment Models


Dedicated Development Team

Our developers use state-of-the-art cognitive technology to provide our clients with customized solutions and superior services.

  • Agile procedures
  • Open-minded pricing
  • Billing per month
  • Maximum adaptability
  • Ideal for software/product firms, MVPs, and startups

Hire Dedicated Developers

Our team extension concept is intended to help clients who want to add the specific knowledge required for their projects to their teams.

  • Adapt to demand
  • Efficient and economical
  • Billing per month
  • Avoid the headaches of hiring
  • Open-minded pricing

Project Based Model

Our team of software development specialists provides support to our project-oriented strategy, which is aimed at attaining project objectives and facilitating client collaboration.

  • A dedicated project manager
  • 95% of the projects were completed on schedule and under budget.

Our Machine Learning And Data Science Consulting Expertise


Supervised Learning

We are proficient in both supervised and unsupervised learning, building customized AI models with algorithms like decision trees, linear regression, and hierarchical clustering.


Deep Learning

When it comes to neural networks, such as CNNs and RNNs, our data scientists are experts at image recognition, audio recognition, and natural language processing.


Natural Learning Process

We have extensive knowledge of the NLP tools and methods needed for text-based AI solutions, including NLTK, SpaCy, tokenization, stemming, and lemmatization.


Reinforcement Learning

To accomplish optimal task performance, our team of data scientists and machine learning engineers employs sophisticated tools and frameworks such as Markov Decision Processes.


Big Data Analysis

With tools like Hadoop and Spark, our team has extensive experience managing massive volumes of data and turning it into insights that can be put to use.


Data Visualization

Our professionals convert complicated data into clear, visual representations that make it easier to gain instant insights and make wise decisions.

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last 3 months and the communication has been great, and if we have any urgent deadline they are always there to help…"

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last past 6 months as an extended team and the experience has been great, they have great work ethics…"

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We offer a variety of strategic solutions in our machine learning and data science consulting services that are intended to assist companies in realizing the full value of their data. We start by getting to know your particular business goals and difficulties in order to provide expert consultation. Next, we offer recommendations for gathering and storing data, preparing it, and choosing the best machine learning algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and reinforcement learning. To facilitate the accessibility of insights, we also specialize in data visualization. Furthermore, we can create customized AI solutions, such as image recognition, NLP-based chatbots, and predictive models, thanks to our experience in machine learning development. This guarantees that your data-driven vision becomes a reality.

The staff at Appic Software is skilled in handling massive amounts of data with the help of programs like Hadoop and Spark. We convert massive data into useful insights that make it simpler for companies to extract value from intricate databases.

Yes, we offer specialized solutions made to meet your unique needs. Our machine learning consulting services are made to meet your needs and take into account the particular difficulties that your company faces.

Among the typical data science services we offer are the following:
  • Preparing Data
  • Modeling Data
  • Information Retrieval
  • Database Creation
  • The use of statistical programming
  • Address problems with ongoing data science initiatives.
  • Support and upkeep for data science

  • To recognize the sources of data and gather information from each touch point.
  • Determine issues and areas for improvement.
  • Clean up and convert the unstructured data into a meaningful format.
  • Create and use ML models for data analysis.
  • Visualization and analysis of data to get a wider perspective.
  • Conduct comprehensive evaluations and obtain practical insights to ensure well-informed decision-making.
  • Provide data insights in an understandable and aesthetically pleasing manner.
  • Get answers to all of your questions by utilizing company-generated data.

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