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Rocca Box

It makes your property searching process a lot smoother

A mobile app with dynamic features and an effective property hunting process. It will provide luxury in availing the properties according to the demands of users.

10+ members
Period of collaboration
2021 - Present
Client’s location
Rocca Box - Mobile App

About Roccabox

Rocca Box - About Us

Rocca Box is a real estate mobile application that makes the property searching process a lot smoother. It helps in finding the best property on your fingertips in all over the world. It introduces diverse services and makes it super easy for users to avail best property.

It allows searching properties from the wide variety of listed products, assigning preferred agents and establishing a contact, showcasing and dealing in best and easily renting or purchasing the properties at flexible rates.

Benefits of Roccabox

  • Property searching
    Property searching at the comfort of your home
  • Detailed property
    Detailed property description
  • Making property
    Making property hunting process much smoother
  • Availability
    Availability for on-site video calls
  • Customized Filter
    Customized Filter search for properties
  • Categorized property
    Categorized property Management
  • Categorized property
    Detailed property descriptions
  • Easy enquiry
    Easy enquiry

Project Approach

Raccobox serves utmost comfort to the users in searching properties from their doorsteps.


Based on three interfaces to make the working more pleasant

  • User interface for buyers to enquire about the property
  • Admin panel to create a link between the users and the agents for property selling.
  • Agent interface for developing contact with users in order to showcase chosen properties.

One-stop platform development for agents and users with an intent to deliver work opportunities


Onboarding best properties


To develop an app for easy property listing, assigning agent, property briefing, site showcasing and making it comfortable for users to find their desired home.


To customize property searching with least efforts and listing demands.


Every project goes through some tough phase and gets into some troubles. Raccobox had some issues but these were resolved in a span of time with the dedication of our developers

  • To link all the interfaces and checking response
  • Integrating New APIs
  • App bugs in adding new features
  • Changes in app designs and UI
  • To enable location tracing and site area
  • Onboarding divergent sites and properties

Product Management

Our product has gone through various ups & downs in the product development process. To develop a real-estate application we cleared enormous hindrances from integrating APIs to listing properties to adding new features.

Documentation of the project commenced with gathering requirements and analysing product ideas. It was initiated with listing out the features and examining major functionalities.

Designs are complemented with the major functionalities and UI. Started with XD development, UX wireframes, prototype, UI design, etc.

Strategizing the works and parameters of the app. Analyzing various aspects and domains to get into the best picture of the application. Developing the app synchronized with testing.

Product Management


Mobile Frame

Listing various ranges of properties

An application is listed on various domains to make the property searching personalized

  • Categorized on enormous fields such as for sale, new development, long-term rental and holiday rental.
  • Search feature solve location issue by listing popular US locations.
  • Can see other property types such as apartment, house, villa, plot, commercial, etc.

Enormous Search filters enables customizing property requirements

  • To customize search options, various new functionalities have been added to the app.
  • The functionalities include location options, price range filter, no. of bedroom & bathroom, features selection, view, pool, orientation and security drop downs.
  • With the categorization and personalized search results the user can avail his wishful property with well equipped necessities.

Directed with three interfaces for a successful data transaction

The application is designed with three interfaces to easily access the listed properties with User interface, agent interface and admin panel.

  • User interface: Users can easily register and login to search the listed properties. They can inquire regarding the preferred property.
  • Admin panel: A linking pin between the user and agent. The user enquiry is directed to the admin panel and accordingly assigned an agent.
  • Agent interface: Agent gets notification from the admin panel about the user. With the assigned user he starts communicating to know users’ demands.

Best UX development for maximum customer satisfaction

The app has developed with the prime focus on UX and UI designs. UX designs made in response to interactive and soothing user reviews for the app.

With the attractive UX and UI designs complimenting all the major functionalities of the apps, Roccabox is a smooth application. The app is filled with vibrant Yellow colour as a background which is smooth and eye-catching.

Rocca Box - Satisfaction

Executing the requirements with development Technologies

To develop a well-defined real estate mobile application for iOS and android we have used the best tech stacks.

Executing requirements
  • Android Front end - Development framework on Flutter and version support is on Android version 7 and up
  • iOS Front end - Development framework on Flutter with minimum iOS support iOS 11 and maximum iOS support iOS 13
  • Back end tasks were performed on Laravel
  • For Database, mysql is used.

Product support and maintenance

For support and maintenance of Roccabox, we removed complexities and issues from the app framework to make it more reliable and relevant. We worked on app evolution by evaluating various factors and continuously monitoring the application.

In our development process, client review was given special preference and changes were according to him. Beside this we provide 180 days free support on our apps after the deployment.

To accelerate the product scope and achieving the product

The purpose behind commencement of this project is to create a mobile application which will enable users to find the properties in different locations, generate an enquiry via call or via submitting a form and get guidance related to properties. The system will also facilitate the user to apply for a mortgage loan.

At the ending stage of this project we have worked on all the objectives of our project delivering value products to our client.

Rocca Box - Scope

Roccabox success story

Unveiling roccabox after various development stages and bugs. We have delivered one of the best performing real estate applications. Our deliverables were:

  • The platform will allow the users to come on the board and register themselves. The user will be able to search the property by applying the search filtrations such as category, locations, pricing, property type, Bedrooms & bathrooms, features, etc.
  • The agent can register themselves by providing email id, phone no, and password. Once the agent login to the app he will be able to deal with the assigned enquiries.
  • Admin manages the app by the backend. It will act as a linking pin between the users and agents. Admin will receive enquiries from users and assign the enquiries to the agents.
Roccabox success story
Roccabox success story

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