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Co-Working Listing Website For Sync Remote

Discover how Appic Softwares helped a visionary from Boston to create a listing platform for all the places that are remote work friendly with a community option as well.


Remote Work and Digital Nomadism






3 Months

About The Client

After working remotely for several years our clients faced difficulty in finding the perfect Laptop friendly place where they can work and enjoy the ambience. Keeping in mind the difficulty they planned to launch Sync, a site where one can find remote work cafes and co-working spaces.

Business Context

Our client was searching for a reliable listing platform development company that could help them create branded and future-proof software. We ensured all their requirements were heard and executed in the best possible way. One can easily locate remote working spaces using a map.

  • We developed a future-proof and easy-to-use UI/UX.
  • Ensure smooth functionality of features on the site.
  • Implemented personalized functionality creating a branded experience for our clients.

Solution Overview

While developing Sync we ensured that the website was quick to load and users could easily search for remote space near their locality. When a user opens the site they receive a notification of whether they want to share their location, if click on “Yes” they will get more precise recommendations.

Customers can also search locations using a search bar. They can enter a particular location or even the name of a cafe/co-working space and can book it directly from the portal.

This Was The Project Management Strategy Followed By Us To Gain Maximum Customer Satisfaction.

To ensure the project was delivered on time and within the set budget this is how we went ahead with the project development:

  • Project Discovery. We began the project by doing a complete competitor analysis and creating a USP for them. We even identified a target audience and ensured their pain points were heard and solved in this project.
  • Development. Using an iterative process, we created, provided, and showcased a software solution to the customer.
  • Project Stabilization. In this stage, we conducted rigorous testing of the project and ensured the software was bug-free.
  • Product Launch. We showed the project to our clients, and once they approved it we released the product to the product environment.

Ensuring A Branded UI And An Easy UX

We prioritized simple navigation throughout, from the login screen to the logout, with a striking menu bar and a minimalist design. To guarantee that pages and every component of the customer portal were in alignment and automatically adjusted for varying screen sizes, our design team also made sure the platform was responsive.

We Achieved Software Efficiency With Relevant Functionality

Our motive was to create a site that is easy to use and can be used by the clients hassle-free.

Developed A Feature Loaded Project

Here are all the features we listed in Sync Remote that made it stand out from the competition:

  • Community Feature: All those using Sync can sit in a co-working space or a cafe and connect with others working there. This allows them to increase their connections and can be used in the future.
  • Fill Your Map: This feature allows you to pin your favorite cafes and co-working spaces.
  • Recommend Locations: If a customer knows a place that is not listed on Sync, then can quickly fill in the details and register it on the platform. However, the location would not be listed until the owner approves it.
  • Profile Creation: Customers can log in and create their profile using Gmail which makes the sign-up and login process easier.
  • Search Bar: Here customers can search for a particular location and the name of the cafe that they are looking for.
  • Filter Search: Several filters allow customers to find the perfect location. The filters include Wifi, Sunlight, Quiet vibes, and more.

Tech Stack Our Developers Worked On

  • reactjs Frontend: React Js
  • node Backend: Node
  • mongodb Database: MongoDB
  • aws Storage: AWS

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