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Shopify App Project: Laiqa

Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare With Technology

Laiqa offers a wide range of health and wellness products at competitive pricing. You can purchase vitamins, supplements, and personal care products from it.


About Laiqa


With a motto of empowering women, Laiqa provides women with natural and sustainable personal care products. They offer high-quality products that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The wide range of products provided by Laiqa are deodorants, biodegradable wet wipes, liners, pads, cotton tampons, and so on.

They are working for a cause and donate a certain portion of every purchase to girls’ education in several underprivileged communities. Thus, they are not only helping their customers to get high-quality products but also working for a social cause.

Benefits Of Laiqa

  • shopify-app-development
    Fast & secure payment gateway
  • laiqa-project
    Made health and wellness shopping convenient
  • shopify-project
    Offer high-quality products
  • who-created-laiqa
    Team of experts that advise you on the products that need to be purchased

Key Features Of Laiqa

In order to meet the requirements of our clients we incorporated multiple functionalities into this project such as-

  • Easy Navigation

    We created an easy-to-surf and user-friendly website which allows customers to search for and purchase any product effortlessly.

  • Fast & Secure Payment Checkout

    Laiqa has a multipayment gateway feature that allows customers to make payments as per their choice. Furthermore, the site uses the latest encryption technology that protects sensitive information for customers and allows them to make secure transactions.

  • Content Management System

    Laiqa is built on the Shopify that allows the admin to make content-related changes such as product listing, building landing pages, blog posting, and many more.

  • Responsive Design

    It is built in such a way that it adapts to different shapes and sizes. This means if you open the website through a desktop or a mobile phone it will adapt to its screen size allowing you to get a better view of the website.

  • Performance Optimization

    It is equipped with features such as caching, minification, and image optimization that help reduce page load time and helps in SEO and upscale user experience on the store.


Project Approach

01 Project Planning

Laiqa project started with our business analysts understanding the need of the clients and establishing a timeline and budget for them.

02 Project Designing

In this phase, our design team developed a project design that includes wireframes, mockups, and visual designs. They also established the technical requirements for the website like a content management system, payment gateway, and e-commerce platform.

03 Development

Once the design is ready, we started developing the website it keeping in mind all the features that need to be included in it. This phase includes setting up a hosting environment, installing/configuring a content management system, and more.

04 Project Testing

Before we launched the website, our quality assurance team performed a thorough check to ensure that the website runs seamlessly and covers all the mentioned features.

05 Project Deployment & Maintenance

The last step of this project was to deploy it on the live server using the latest technology. We even provided them with 45 days of free post-maintenance support.


Technology Stack Used

  • shopify-project Shopify
  • html HTML
  • css CSS
  • bootstrap Bootstrap

Client Testimonial

Monica Bindra

“They delivered on and in fact before time. Amazingly done. Really happy with the work.”

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