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Getting Daily Life Products Are Now Easier

An on-demand product delivery app through which customers can order, products like groceries, appliances, fashion wear, pet supplies, and more. The app connects local vendors with customers.


About Zonasol

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Zonasol is an online store that provides home and kitchen appliances at a faster speed as compared to its competitors. The main objective of the company is to connect local vendors with customers and fulfill their requirements.

They have a dedicated mobile app and website through which customers can order spiritual products, gardening products, and more. Zonasol also has its own delivery partners that make sure the products are delivered within 30 minutes.

Benefits Of Zonasol

  • Property searching
    A GPS tracker to track the product delivery
  • Detailed property
    Secure & Multi-payment gateway option
  • Making property
    Easy to surf UI
  • Customized Filter
    Profile creation for drivers, vendors, and customers.
  • Categorized property
    Variety of products at affordable prices
  • Categorized property
    Hassle-free return option

Features In Zonasol Apps

Admin Portal (Web)

  • Profile Management

    Admin can add or remove profiles of vendors, drivers, and even customers. They can even edit the profile of vendors and list them in the correct category.

  • Custom Membership Plan

    The membership plan for the drivers and the vendors is fully customizable. This means the admin can select the membership plans that can be availed.

  • Reports & Analytics

    A reporting feature was integrated within the admin portal that gives an overview of how the business is performing with the help of reports and analytics. Admin can view various reports such as sales reports, order reports, user reports, and so on.

  • Showcase Advertisements

    There is a section in the app wherein the admin can add or remove ads as per their preference.

  • Help Section

    A customizable knowledge base was added in the admin panel. The admin can add or remove articles in this section.

Product Management
Product Management

Vendor App (Web/App)

  • Dynamic Menu

    Vendors can add images of the product, a brief description, pricing, and more related to the product. It can be changed by the vendors as per their choice.

  • Order Management

    The vendor can accept or reject the order request depending on their stock limit.

  • Payout

    Vendors can directly transfer the amount received from the customers into their account hassle-free.

Driver App (App)

  • Delivery Management

    The drivers can approve or decline a delivery request as per their preferences.

  • GPS Tracker

    Making life easier for the drivers, this feature tells them the exact location of the store and the customer’s location.

  • Payout

    Just like the vendor app, drivers can also transfer money from the app directly to their accounts.

Product Management
Product Management

Customer App (Web/App)

  • Return Portal

    A return portal was included through which customers can raise a product return or replacement request.

  • Multipayment Payment Gateway-

    Customers can pay through their desired payment mode, that is via debit card, credit card, net banking, wallets, and more.

  • Easy Order Page

    The order page is designed in such a way that makes product ordering easy for customers and can be used by any age group.

Project Approach

Creating an on-demand application is always a complex task, but with the help of strategic planning and our experienced experts, we were able to deliver the project with all the features. Here is an overview of the approach followed by us-

01 Business Analysis

The software development process started with the team of our business analysts understanding the business requirements. The analysts had a meeting with the owner of Zonasol to better understand the requirements.

02 Designing & Prototyping

After the meeting, the analysts created a design for them that had each and every feature listed in it. We worked closely with the client to ensure that all their requirements are met.

03 Project Development

Once, the designs were approved, our developers started crafting the application. We used the latest technology and the best practices like conducting code reviews to ensure that the app runs smoothly.

04 Quality Analysis

We have a team of quality analysts that did a checkpoint test of the application. The team ensured that the app and website functioned smoothly and gives branded experience to the user.

05 Launch

After the approval from our QA we launched the application on both the Android and iOS platforms.


Mobile Frame

Technology Stack Used

Executing requirements
    Android Native
  • Executing requirements Java
  • Executing requirements Backend- Laravel PHP
  • iOS Native
  • Executing requirements Swift
  • Executing requirements Backend- Laravel PHP
  • Website
  • Executing requirements Laravel
  • Executing requirements HTML
  • Executing requirements CSS
  • Executing requirements Bootstrap

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