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Redefining your comfort in a more convenient way is a marketplace where one can get an enormous variety of furniture ranges. The products listed were of premium quality and according to updated market trends.

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2021 - Present

About is a successful online furniture outlet enterprise and is the no.1 furniture manufacturer company in the US, working significantly for 65+ years.

The vision this outlet carries is with an approach of delivering comfort to the doorsteps of customers. To make people easily access a vibrant range of furniture at one place with 6,000 retail partners. Though with more than 800 home stores this outlet is dominating the furniture market.

Benefits of

  • Smooth e-furniture purchase
    Smooth e-furniture purchase
  • Easy to track inventory
    Easy to track inventory
  • Can record all the transactions
    Can record all the transactions
  • Reviewing consumers complaint
    Reviewing consumers complaint
  • Have surveillance on the inventory delivery
    Have surveillance on the inventory delivery
  • Control product damage
    Control product damage
  • Timely actions on consumers complaint
    Timely actions on consumers complaint
  • Inquiry availability
    Inquiry availability

Project Approach is developed to have a smooth furniture delivery system. Along with that, customers get complaint solutions easily.


To ensure delivery procedure go through smoothly ensuring no product damage

  • Tracking products right from the warehouse to the customer’s location
  • Ensuring delivery boy availability and tracing his location for the product security

On-spot product check to ensure product condition


To provide the best furniture delivery services


Database management of both the panels, the delivery, and complaint ensuring coordination.


To keep a check on malpractice with the strict surveillance factors and live tracking.


To assure the quality of the furniture delivered we have developed a system where we faced some hindrances

  • Location tracing issues
  • Image updation on app
  • Bugs in adding differentiated functionality
  • Listing warehouse stock
  • Database management
  • Coordinating delivery and complaint panel

Product management

We have worked on web panels; delivery and complaint. Other than the web we delivered them a fluent application that leverages various services.

Research on how to make the system simpler and each step traceable. Initiated with documenting all the alternatives and expected course of solutions. Simplified and generated a workflow to ensure the delivery is convenient.

Strategizing the workflow of delivery and working on the complaint panel. To make the app more productive and helpful added simplified features.

Collaborating all the efforts towards one objective to make a product that delivers cost management benefits to the client. - Product management

Panels management on one database

The web panel; delivery is for ensuring the delivery procedure goes smoothly fetching all the requirements

  • To ensure updates on every step of product delivery.
  • To fetch information from the deliverer about the product status through the image update and invoice generation.
  • To dispatch the product to the client timely, securely, and ensuring quality.

The web panel; the complaint was developed to register customers' complaints and avail them of the service in a defined period.

  • Customers can directly file complaints about their product by completing the requirements.
  • The filled complaints are notified by the admin and further proceedings on the complaint. Providing customers answering their queries.
  • Providing customers with the relevant complaint answers, satisfying them by fulfilling their requirements.

Managing all the inputs and outputs on one outlet

To combat the problems in delivery and complaints our team of researchers put in efforts to find out the simplest possible solution for the customer and trader.

  • Managing the flow of inventory and making sure that the delivery should be appropriate while delivering the product to the customer on time. This is only possible when the established procedure will be strictly followed.
  • Developing an appropriate course of action for complaints. With a well-defined procedure accompanied by the delivery panel.
  • To oversee that the functioning is appropriate and to operate inventory management, warehousing, shipping, payment collection, invoice distribution a web panel delivery was developed.

Technologies helped to outperform

Working on the tech-stacks which will efficiently provide standardized web panels and a native mobile app. - Technologies
  • Web panel - PHP
  • Mobile application - Android

Towards achieving the optimum output

With our motive to develop a systematic delivery procedure and tracking at every point to ensure adequate product delivery. Developing web panels and applications was not an easy task but with the support of our dedicated developers, we have combatted all the challenges which acted as a hindrance in our way.

Our project results were satisfying for both our clients and customers. It resulted in fewer customer complaints and smooth business functioning.

Towards achieving the optimum output success story a well-developed e-furniture purchase platform. It was facing issues in delivery and in registering accurate customer complaints; so what we have helped them into:

  • Prepared a draft workflow of their business where they can assess activities technologically to make working more smooth and less complicated.
  • Developed two web panels, delivery, and complaint which made things more simplified and traceable. The delivery panel made functioning strict and assisted in cost management. The complaint panel helped in establishing brand image.
  • An app was developed with functionalities to track the delivery procedure. Is developed for the drivers to update the product status. success story success story

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