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Pet Care App Development Company

Appic Software is a leading petcare app development company that offers tailored petcare solutions as per your requirements.


Looking for a Pet Care App Development Company? Appic Softwares will be the perfect match for you.

Our Engagment Model

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Fixed Hiring
  • Dedicated Team

The Best Pet Care App Development Company

Our licensed pet care app developers work hard to provide the best for your company, from features and user personas to product development plans and designs. We are able to provide you with the best pet care app development within your budget. Discover our extensive selection of expert pet care app development services to make your vision a reality. Get qualified and tech-savvy on-demand help for every stage of creating your pet care app from our professionals.


Create a Pet Care App like

Rover  Create An App like Rover

Manage every aspect of your pet care services from your fingertips and grow your business with an inexpensive but packed with features Pet Care App like Rover. Consult with our specialists to take advantage of the finest designs, features, and technology available to make your Rover replica the greatest on the market.

puppr  Create An App Like Puppr

Developing an on-demand pet care software similar to Puppr would allow you to provide pet training services to your target market internationally. Get more revenue and a better user experience by integrating Puppr's popular features into your own pet training application.

wag  Create An App Like Wag

With an app like Wag, you can simply increase revenue and transcend borders in your dog walking and training company. Great pet care services are available on the go with dog walking applications like Wag, which lets consumers order them straight from their smartphones.

Key Features Of The Pet Care App


User Management

Examine and control user profiles, such as those of other employees and pet owners or sitters. Controls for user authentication and authorization help to ensure security. Assign staff personnel, such as administrators, moderators, and customer support, various responsibilities, and permissions.


Content Management

​​Including pet facts, pictures, and descriptions, you may add, amend, or remove pet listings. Control the services that the app offers, such as training, grooming, and pet sitting. Examine and control user-generated material, such as comments, ratings, and postings.



Schedule, reschedule, and cancel pet care appointments. View and manage pet care appointments. Accept or reject reservations made by service providers and pet owners. Keep an eye on payment transactions and address any problems.



Access and control user-to-user correspondence, including chat logs and help messages. Notify users with announcements or alerts about upgrades to the app, sales, or other information.



Produce data and insights on how apps are used, how people behave, and how services are used. Monitor key performance metrics (KPIs), including revenue, conversion rates, and user retention.


Security and Privacy

Put security measures in place to safeguard sensitive data and user information. Verify adherence to user permission for data processing and data privacy laws.


Review and Rating

Keep an eye on and oversee customer feedback and rankings for service providers and pet care offerings. Solve any problems or disagreements pertaining to customer feedback or the caliber of the services.



Notify staff members and users of crucial updates. Get notifications and alerts when there are important app events or problems.


Inventory Management

Organize supplies for grooming and feeding pets, as well as inventories for pet care services. Allocate personnel and resources to assigned service appointments.


Customer Support

Offer assistance to employees and app users. Report and fix the app's bugs and technical problems.


App Setting

Set the price, availability, and geographical parameters in the app's settings. Control financial transactions and payment gateway settings.


Feedback Collection

Get input on the app from both employees and users in order to make changes.Work together with developers to add improvements and new features


User Registration

Permit new users to register by giving them some basic details. Users may add images, preferences, and information about their pets while updating their accounts.


Pet Management

Users are able to submit information on their pets, such as breed, age, name, and any special needs. Keep track of each pet's immunization history, health records, and medical history. Uploading and organizing pet images is possible for users.


Service Booking

Look through and look for grooming, walking, and boarding services, among other pet care options. Contact service providers to make reservations, including the day, time, and any specific requirements. See and control scheduled, previous, and future services.



Service providers and users can interact using an in-app messaging system. Get alerts for messages, updates, and confirmations of reservations.


Payment and Billing

Several payment options are available for users to securely pay for services they have reserved. View a history of invoices and payment transactions.


Review and Rating

In order to assist others in making wise judgments, users have the ability to evaluate and review service providers. Examine user-submitted ratings and reviews of service providers.



Get alerts and reminders on scheduled visits or suggested pet care duties.


Pet Care Tips and Articles

Get access to tools, advice, and articles about training, health, and pet care.


Settings and Support

Personalize your preferences and notification settings. Control permissions and privacy settings. Contact customer service with questions, needs, and problems. Offer a thorough help center or FAQ area for user assistance.


Profile Management

Permit service providers to register by sending them login credentials and business details. Service providers are able to update their profiles with new information about their businesses, services provided, and contact data.


Service Management

Include, amend, or delete entries for the services they provide, together with details on availability, costs, and descriptions. Determine your availability times and business hours.


Appointments and Service Management

Get reservations from pet owners, check the information, and decide whether to accept or reject the requests. View and manage your appointments, including those that are scheduled, booked, and pending. Inform pet owners of impending appointments by sending them reminders.


Messaging and Communication

Use the in-app messaging feature to get in touch with pet owners about appointments, special requests, and questions. Get alerts when there are new messages, booking requests, or updates.


Client Management

Access and control client profiles, with pet and contact details. Inform clients of changes and serve as a reminder for appointments or special offers.


Payment and Billing

Manage safe payments with choices for many payment methods for services provided via the app. Create bills for the services you have rendered to customers.


Review and Rating

Access and read pet owners' evaluations and ratings of their offerings. Address any concerns or criticism in your response to customer reviews and ratings.



Monitor key performance metrics (KPIs) including revenue, customer retention, and appointment completion rates. Get transaction history and financial reports.


Help and Support

Contact customer service with questions, needs, and problems. Offer a thorough help center or FAQ area for user assistance.

Our Petcare App Development Services

Appic Softwares provides a variety of user-friendly, feature-rich, and highly engaging Pet Care apps.


On-demand Veterinary App Development

An "on-demand vet app" connects pet owners and veterinarians and provides a range of veterinary services via a digital platform. These apps make it easier for pet owners to receive veterinarian care, knowledge, and assistance whenever they need it, frequently without leaving their homes.


Pet Training App Development

This app assists owners and trainers of animals, most commonly dogs but also occasionally cats, in the management and training of their pets' behaviors. In order to effectively teach and manage their pets, pet owners can obtain training resources, advice, tricks, and even personalized training plans through these applications.


Pet Tracking App Development

A pet tracking app is designed to assist pet owners in keeping tabs on and tracking the movements and activities of their animals. These apps are especially beneficial for improving pet safety, preventing lost pets, and giving pet owners peace of mind.


Pet Food Delivery App Development

Pet food delivery apps are practical alternatives for pet owners who want to guarantee their furry pets get the greatest nutrition without having to go to a pet store. These applications allow users to explore and purchase a large variety of pet food products and have them delivered straight to their homes.


Pets Social Networking Apps

Pet lovers now have more possibilities than ever to connect, share, and engage with other people who share their passion for animals thanks to pet social networking apps. These programs serve as a virtual community for pet owners, allowing them to share thoughts, pieces of advice, and photographs of their adorable animals with one another.


Dog Park Locator Development

An app known as the "Dog Park Locator" has been developed to assist dog owners in locating off-leash dog parks and other locations where they are permitted to take their canine companions for the purposes of physical activity and socializing.


Pet Exercise Tracker App Development

A wearable device or an app is made to track the physical activity, exercise, and general health of pets, particularly dogs. Though designed expressly for a pet's needs and traits, these gadgets and applications are conceptually comparable to human fitness trackers.


On-Demand Dog Walker App Development

An application that puts dog owners in touch with experienced dog walkers in their area so that their pets can get some fresh air and company while they are on their daily strolls The use of these apps gives people who own pets a quick and easy way to find reliable people to walk their dogs.


Pet Adoption App Development Company

These applications match house seekers with loving, caring owners. Our petcare app development services in India are suitable for you; we design simple, effective pet adoption applications.

Why is a Pet Care App Needed?


Numerous pet-related apps offer the ability to communicate socially with other animals. It enables pet owners to connect with one another and provide practical advice, forming a community.


Pet owners can find nearby pet care providers with the help of pet care apps. Pet owners can select whether or not to visit that service provider with the aid of reviews and ratings.

ProvideProvide Assistance

Modern pet care apps can alert pet owners to an emergency involving a nearby animal so that they can seek assistance.

Buy-or-SellBuy or Sell

Pet owners inside the community have the opportunity to acquire new pets or engage in the sale of their own animals, should the necessity arise, by utilizing petcare applications.


The accessibility of videos, articles, and other forms of content pertaining to pet training can significantly facilitate the process of training pets for their owners in a domestic setting.

Appic Softwares Engagement Modules

In order to avoid having to compromise on quality, our hiring models for Pet App development services will help you reduce the costs associated with developing apps and provide a robust product on time and under budget.

Hourly Hiring

Small and medium-sized firms are the primary target of the Time and Material strategy because these projects are difficult and lengthy. T&M is also suited for continuing projects that need maintenance or assistance, as well as projects that are in the testing.

  • Ill-defined project concept
  • Flexible workflow
  • Unspecific target market
  • High standards of control

Dedicated Team

Enterprise initiatives benefit most from the Dedicated Team methodology. We usually see two situations: one in which a dedicated team is formed to create a product from the beginning, and another in which a dedicated team is formed to continue development.

  • Ideal for complicated projects
  • Continually working together
  • Targeting the global market
  • The desired degree of involvement

Our Pet Care App Development Process


Client Requirement

To give the client the best possible solutions, it is necessary to comprehend the client's expectations for the app as well as their future goals and aspirations.



Our teams begin working on the project by creating amazing UI and UX to make the app user-friendly, always keeping the demands of the client first.


Development and Demo

Appic Softwares gives the customer a demo of the app so he may evaluate the product and offer recommendations. In order to give you the most value, we begin creating the app using the Latest technology.


Quality Tests

Once the Pet Care App is created, Appic Softwares goes through various tests. To make sure the software is of the highest caliber, unit tests, UI tests, functionality tests, and many more are carried out.



When the quality testing is finished, It's time to launch the app on the client platform. The entire uploading of the app is the responsibility of Appic Softwares.



Appic Softwares is accessible to provide support and maintenance for the app even after it launches, ensuring that it remains relevant for an extended period of time.

Why Choose Appic Softwares For Pet Care App Development?

custom-designCustom Design

With years of expertise, Appic Softwares offers the advantage of having highly experienced and competent developers committed to meeting your expectations.

Experienced-DevelopersExperienced Developers

Appic Softwares highly qualified teams handle many stages of the app creation process, making it a quality service provider. Our experts have extensive expertise in the field of development in addition to their high level of ability.

Flexible-Engagement-ModelFlexible Engagement Model

We offer a range of pricing models to our clients in respect of their different business needs. Thanks to our flexible terms of engagement, they can easily hire Pet App developers on an hourly, weekly, or monthly basis.

Seamless-CommunicationSeamless Communication

The use of a robust Project Management System (PMS) has facilitated the simplification of communication. With the help of this, we are able to regularly inform our clients of the project's progress. We are therefore able to efficiently cooperate throughout the course of the project's development.

On-Time-Delivery On-Time Delivery

Our pet care app development company is frequently recognized for its timely and successful project completion. We were able to accomplish our deadlines because every member of our team worked together flawlessly. Having successfully finished multiple projects, we have a high percentage of satisfied customers.

Support24*7 Support

Clients can receive faster solutions to their questions with our round-the-clock support. We have a proactive technical support team available to help you with any Pet Care App-related issues you may be having. With this strategy, our Pet App development company works around the clock to satisfy your needs.

Advantages of Pet Care App Development

Creating a Pet Care app might be quite beneficial for a provider of pet services. Certain benefits that the app can offer will help the firm grow quickly.

Performance Measuring

With the help of the latest pet care applications, business owners can monitor the functioning of their main departments. It's true that regular monitoring can help uncover flaws.


The primary goal of businesses is to satisfy clients and give them an improved experience. An On-demand Pet Care solution can be tailored to the preferences of its users.


Using the Pet Care App, pet care service providers can benefit from having a simple and organized scheduling system.


Any service firm can expand by offering additional services, but marketing is a difficult undertaking. Pet Care service companies can easily advertise their recently added services by using Pet Care Applications.

Information Management

Pet care applications have the capacity to store pet owners' personal data. Thus, pet care service providers will find it easy to handle the data.

Benefits Of Choosing Appic Softwares For Pet Care Development Services


Experienced Team Of Pet Care App Developers

Appic Softwares have an exprienced team of Pet Care App Developers that have previously built so many apps and it can also help you in building an customized pet care app.


Responsive Customer Support and Feedback

Appic Softwares are crucial in establishing credibility, guaranteeing client contentment, and consistently enhancing the features and capabilities of the app.


30 Days Free Post Maintenance

Once your software is launched we would be providing 30 days of free maintenance which would allow you to make changes as per your customer’s requirements.

More Reasons To Choose Appic Softwares For Pet App Development Services!

  • 200+

  • $10M+

    Raised for startups
  • 15+


Experienced Team Of Developers

We work around all the latest technologies

Our developers follow the agile development method

We follow the COE model of delivery

Customer satisfaction is our motto

An ISO-certified firm that signs NDA

You would get a dedicated team with a project manager

95% of the projects were delivered on time and within the budget of the customers

Industries We Serve





Inspiring Customer Reviews


We will enforce strong data encryption, secure payment processing, user authentication, and adherence to data protection laws (e.g., GDPR or HIPAA, based on the app's purpose).

The particular requirements of your project will determine the technology stack to use. Frameworks enabling cross-platform development like React Native or Flutter or native app development (iOS and Android) utilizing languages like Swift and Kotlin are popular options. We here at Appic Softwares have an experienced team that has worked on various technologies like Swift, Kotlin, Javascript, and many more.

Employ digital marketing techniques such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising, and collaborations with pet influencers. Providing feature-rich and easy-to-use software will also aid in drawing in and keeping consumers. And Appic Softwares will be happy to help you with this too.

To keep informed, read about developments in the business, engage in pet-related forums and groups, go to conferences on pet care, and connect with other industry experts. Watch for new developments in technology and user behavior as well. You can also learn from the blogs that we post about Pet Care Software Development on the Appic Softwares website.

Features, design, development hours, and app complexity are some of the variables that affect the price. For a basic app, it can cost a few thousand dollars, while a feature-rich platform may require a significant investment. We at Appic Software can guarantee you that we will provide you with the best App at the best price in the market.

Your app may be made profitable in a number of ways, such as through in-app advertising, one-time purchases, one-time premium memberships for additional features, affiliate marketing for Pet-related items, and collaborations with Pet Care providers.

It might be a wise decision to broaden your app's services to address more diverse pet care requirements. Nonetheless, every new service needs to be well thought out and implemented.

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