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Here is a 4-step process followed by us that ensures our experience gives a boost to your startup:


A Complete Business Model Consultation

Right from the beginning we are assisting startups with their software development and thus we know exactly what it takes to be at the top. We would start by having a proper consultation of your idea and then move ahead.


We Know The Value Of Branding

Every project is built by creating a brand identity, and we ensure that from the beginning your identity is unique and all the development is related to it. We also make sure that the funnel of your software is perfect so that customers never face an issue.


Achieving Goals Efficiently

We want to get your product to market as quickly as possible, in contrast to most developers who are just interested in selling you as many hours of work as possible. We will only invest development resources into your product for as long as it takes to see a return on investment.


Sharing Know-How

We have established Appic Softwares and witnessed the emergence of several potential businesses, as mentioned earlier. Regularly, we interact with projects that are either growing, entering new international markets, or introducing innovative breakthroughs.

It’s tough out there and getting into the market with the best plan is crucial. Unlike others, we will be assisting you in having a clear strategy that you should follow to attain maximum output from your idea.

At Appic Softwares, we know that the true potential lies in unlocking the complexity of a business. We will solve these challenges for you by finding the pain point and finding a solution.

Appic Softwares
Helps In Ideation
We have a business unit that helps in guiding you to the right imagination.
You need to hire a business consultant separately for ideation.
They usually need to gain the right amount of experience.
We know how important branding is and thus we take the initiative and deliver the best branding.
You need to take the onus of branding.
They might or might not help, it depends on your budget.
Process & Standards
We have standardized our policies and processes.
You need to check their process.
You need to check their process.
You can scale up and down at your convenience
You need to re-onboard.
We might face some challenges in scaling.

Our Modus Operandi

We have a defined goal i.e. to assist startups in gaining the most out of their idea. Here are all the services we offer that can help a startup.

App Development

We help startups and enterprises to have a complete app solution that is easy to scale and futureproof.

MVP Development

Get a complete MVP for your idea to know if the product fits the market.

Product Design Sprint

We follow a 5-day product design approach that reflects your vision and brand image.

Full Cycle Product Development

From Proof of Concept (PoC) to QA and launch, we help startups in every aspect of the business so that it’s easier for every startup to scale.

AI Development

Every new startup needs to have some sort of AI functionality that helps them automate tasks or even scale customer experience.

Startups That We Have Worked With

Aavas Finance

Aavas Financiers is a leading home loan-providing company that serves across the country and look after customers’ financial needs.

View Case Study



Laiqa offers a wide range of health and wellness products at a competitive price. Laiqa has a user-friendly UI built with Shopify that allows customers to shop efficiently.

View Case Study


Klassbook is a virtual learning center that holds the need of present and future generations. We created both a mobile app and a website for them.

View Case Study


Rocca Box

Rocca Box comes with dynamic features and an effective property-hunting process. We included a dedicated search bar, description page, and more in it.

View Case Study


With the help of technology, organizations and enterprises may use MetrikFlow, an EcoEmission Analyzer, to help them lead the sustainable transition with confidence and achieve climate targets.

View Case Study


Inspiring Customer Reviews


Appic Softwares specializes in assisting startups with MVP development, product consulting, software design, development, testing, and post-launch support.

Answer: We collaborate closely with startups to ideate, prioritize features, rapidly prototype, and build MVPs that validate concepts, allowing startups to test the market with minimal resources.

Our process involves initial consultations, requirement gathering, project planning, iterative development, regular feedback sessions, and post-launch maintenance, ensuring transparency and client involvement at every stage.

Yes, we offer comprehensive product consulting services to refine and shape startup concepts, providing insights on market viability, feature prioritization, and scalability.

Our expertise spans a wide range of technologies including but not limited to, web development (React, Angular, Node.js), mobile app development (iOS, Android), cloud solutions (AWS, Azure), and more.

Absolutely, we help startups scale their products by incorporating user feedback, optimizing performance, adding features, and ensuring scalability to meet growing demands.

We encourage active involvement from startups throughout the development cycle, fostering collaboration, and providing regular updates and feedback sessions to ensure alignment with their vision.

We implement robust security measures, strict access controls, and adhere to industry best practices to safeguard project confidentiality and data security at all times.

Yes, we have a portfolio showcasing successful collaborations with startups across various industries. Check out our case studies to see how we've helped other startups achieve their goals.

Our dedication to understanding the unique needs of startups, combined with our agile approach, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering high-quality solutions, sets us apart in enabling startup success.

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