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Custom Chat Integration Services

To assist your customers in instantly communicating with you, or with each other, Appic Softwares provides chat integration services. The integration will be fully customized per your brand to scale up customer experience.


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Our Engagment Model

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Fixed Hiring
  • Dedicated Team

5+ Years Of Chat Integration Experience

We have assisted several clients across industries such as Ecommerce, Fintech, Social Media platforms, and more with custom Chat integration, allowing them to upscale their customer experience. Our team of front-end and back-end developers can assist you in integrating a custom chat functionality that can assist you in increasing sales, providing customer support, or even creating a community for your customers.

Why Do You Need To Integrate Chat In Your Software?

Integrating chat into your software will allow users to swiftly communicate their queries or interact with other members of the app. You can even run sales campaigns through the chat functionality. Down below we have listed 3 reasons why you should have a chat functionality in your store:



It's simple to share text and multimedia messages, hold audio and video chats, and communicate with friends, family, and coworkers.


Customer Service

It's simple to share text and multimedia messages, hold audio and video chats, and communicate with friends, family, and coworkers.



Connecting with customers with an instant messaging app is highly recommended. Fast, clear, and comprehensive communication is ensured, leading to a pleasant shopping experience.

Integration Process Followed By Us

Compatibility Check

Our developers will be conducting a thorough check of your site's requirements before integrating Chat into your store.

Begin Integration Process

Once we have selected the team that best suits your tech stack, we will next move forward with integrating Chat into your platform.

Maintenance & Support

You can even hire dedicated developers from us on an hourly basis and let them manage your store’s maintenance.


Will Choose A Method Of Integration

Up next, we will cross-check your tech stack and then decide on a team that will carry out the integration process.

QA And Testing

After the integration is completed our QA will test for bugs and make sure it’s bug-free.


Requirement Analysis

In order to fully comprehend our clients' unique business needs, obstacles, and goals, we work directly with them.


Model Selection

We choose the best pre-trained generative AI model, or a combination of models, based on the indicated demands. This could include specific image-based generative models or well-known models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.


Data Integration & Fine Tuning

We incorporate the generative AI system with the client's data sources, including text, photos, and other types of information. In addition, we adjust and refine the chosen model to match the domain-specific data and business requirements of the customer.


Testing & Evaluation

The integrated generative AI system is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to full implementation. This guarantees high-quality output generation along with performance, accuracy, and compatibility with the client's operations.


Support & Maintenance

In order to keep the generative AI integration current, effective, and in line with any shifting business needs or technology breakthroughs, we offer continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Advantages Of Integrating Chat Functionality

In case you're still unsure if your company needs chat software, the following are the primary advantages that instant messaging offers to both you and your clients:

Real-Time Communication

If your clients have a query they can quickly resolve it using the chat functionality and continue their journey.

No Communication Barrier

As all the queries of your customers are getting resolved there will be no communication barrier which will reduce the product return rate in your store.

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Easy File Storage And Sharing

Chat functionality will assist you in easily sharing or getting files like product images which reduces product return or allows you to check if the product is fine before accepting the product return request.

Create A Community

Through this customers can interact with each other and solve their queries. This reduces your customer support efforts.

Our Engagment Models


Dedicated Development Team

Our developers use state-of-the-art cognitive technology to provide our clients with customized solutions and superior services.

  • Agile procedures
  • Open-minded pricing
  • Billing per month
  • Maximum adaptability
  • Ideal for software/product firms, MVPs, and startups

Hire Dedicated Developers

Our team extension concept is intended to help clients who want to add the specific knowledge required for their projects to their teams

  • Adapt to demand
  • Efficient and economical
  • Billing per month
  • Avoid the headaches of hiring
  • Open-minded pricing

Project Based Model

Our team of software development specialists provides support to our project-oriented strategy, which is aimed at attaining project objectives and facilitating client collaboration.

  • A dedicated project manager
  • 95% of the projects were completed on schedule and under budget.

Features We Can Integrate Into Your App

Your goals will determine the features you require from messaging software. Because of this, feature development is essential since it will affect other elements like time, money, and technology stack. Our staff is prepared to assist you in identifying things that can wait till later and including the essential elements you truly need.



The main purpose of any conversation software is this feature. It should be possible for users to text each other, change their messages as needed, and search chats and messages for the information they require. Smooth, rapid messaging is essential.


Audio and Video Calls

Chat apps with phone integration are becoming more and more popular. Users can communicate in real time and save money on cell calls. Additionally helpful is group phoning, particularly for social groups and business teams.


Group Chats

Group chats allow users to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones, just like group calls do. Colleagues can talk about significant issues, pals can share amusing videos and memes, and family members can interact across time zones and distances.



Even the most basic message is made more enjoyable by amusing, poignant images. They make it easier for people to express their feelings, which makes the conversation more vibrant. Additionally, people may find your customized stickers to be a desirable feature.


Cloud storage and backup

Everyone wants to always be able to access their messages, but nobody likes when their device is overloaded with cache. Without taking up any of your important storage space, cloud storage makes all of your files and texts accessible from any device.



Chatbots improve the usability and intuitiveness of chat programs. They can assist companies with marketing initiatives and take on monotonous duties for the team. Additionally, chatbots with intelligent or automated responses can be used.


Security And Privacy

Guaranteed data security is now a major factor in users' decision to use a messaging service. Advanced encryption makes your app trustworthy by preventing hackers from accessing private data.


Voice and Video Attachments

It should be possible for your messenger to transmit any kind of attachment, such as papers, videos, audio files, maps, and other specially designed attachments that are pertinent to a specific chat app scenario.


Link Preview

Customers will be ecstatic when you use this function. A messaging software displays a brief sample of a page with a title and some text or image when someone sends a link to another user.


Statuses And Typing Indicators

Another addition to a chat app's user-friendliness is the ability to display status updates to users. Message statuses such as "sent," "seen," "read," and "edited" should be visible to users so they can determine whether the person on the other end is typing or not.

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last 3 months and the communication has been great, and if we have any urgent deadline they are always there to help…"

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last past 6 months as an extended team and the experience has been great, they have great work ethics…"

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Integrating chat in your store can help you provide swift support to your customers and can also assist you in increasing sales.

The cost of integrating chat totally depends on your tech stack and the UI/UX customization you want to have in your store. Moreover, you can even hire dedicated developers from us at just $15/Hr and you can manage the integration.

The time depends on your tech stack. However, most of the time would be consumed when we will be carrying out your customization.

Here are the advantages of chat integration:
  • Real-time communication
  • Faster support
  • Improved productivity
  • Little or no barrier to communication
  • File storage and sharing
  • The highest conversion rate

Here are the reasons to choose us:
Verified expertise
We're prepared to demonstrate chat apps that we've developed for esteemed customers.
Superior coding
Our chat app developers provide well-examined and tested solutions.
Suggested by former customers
Clutch and GoodFirms have evaluated us as a 5-star software development company.
Fantastic design
The conversation software will be made incredibly visually appealing for users by the UI/UX design team.

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