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Know The Cost Of Hiring Developers

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Engage our generative AI engineering team to discover and take advantage of generative AI's vast potential for your company.


Hire Dedicated Generative AI Developers From Us At Just $18/Hr

Our Engagment Model

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Fixed Hiring
  • Dedicated Team

Why Hire Generative AI Engineers From India?

Hiring Generative AI engineers from India can be a strategic decision for several reasons:

  • Talent Pool: India has a vast pool of highly skilled and educated professionals in the fields of technology and computer science.
  • Cost-effective solution: You can hire an experienced Generative AI developer from us at just $18/Hr and let them manage your store.
  • Start-up Ecosystem: India has a growing ecosystem of AI startups, fostering an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship. Hiring from this sector can bring your team a blend of creativity and practical problem-solving skills.

Our Generative AI Engineering Services


Data Analysis

The adaptable generative AI developers at Appic Software are skilled in training machine learning models and data analytics. Use their knowledge to fully explore the potential in your data. Our GenAI engineers, with backgrounds in statistics, programming, and data visualization, enable businesses to easily manage complex data, extract insights, and improve data strategy.


Domain-Specific LLM Development

Experience domain-specific LLMs with AI that understands your business language. We begin by comprehending the unique domain, data, and business needs you have. After that, using your unique data, our experts refine a foundation model to make sure it understands the nuances of the language used in your sector and offers unparalleled relevance in comprehending and producing content in your area.


Generative AI Solution Development

Our generative AI solutions may meet your demands whether you want to improve your customer-facing systems, personalize your engagement methods, or streamline complex procedures. Our generative AI development approach includes all stages, from design and conception to thorough testing and implementation, to make sure the final product satisfies your unique requirements.


Strategy Development And Consulting

To assist you in making well-informed decisions regarding your AI activities, our generative AI engineers provide strategy formulation and consulting services. We handle everything to provide your company with strategic insights, from evaluating technology and creating implementation plans to minimizing risks and guaranteeing scalability, all the while keeping an eye on changing market trends and your company's demands.


Integration & Optimization

Our generative AI engineers carefully integrate GenAI solutions into your current workflow to guarantee a smooth transition into the operations of your company. Furthermore, their knowledge extends beyond integration; they optimize the solutions for optimal performance and maximum value, providing a comprehensive strategy to raise the productivity and efficiency of your company.


Performance Monitoring And Maintenance

Our specialists are skilled in maintaining and improving the GenAI systems we provide for our customers. Our all-inclusive services include routine model upgrades, performance monitoring, and fine-tuning to maintain your GenAI systems operating at maximum effectiveness. Because of their capacity to satisfy your changing needs and continue to produce high-quality solutions, they become an invaluable asset to your company.

The Development Process Followed By Our Generative AI Engineers

Requirement Analysis

Identify and record the project's precise requirements, goals, and limitations. Knowing what stakeholders anticipate from the finished system or product is essential.

Design & Development

The solution's architectural plans and detailed specifications are created, and then it is developed using a calibrated model to guarantee that it satisfies the specific needs of the client.

Maintenance & Support

In the end, our Generative AI Engineers will be working towards making the software more secure and quick. Our developers will be working constantly to make your software better.


Strategy Building

Create a strategic plan that outlines the choice of generative AI models, training methodology, resource allocation, and deployment strategy based on the objectives of the project.


Test the generative AI system thoroughly, making iterative improvements to ensure higher output quality and reduce biases.


Requirement Analysis

In order to fully comprehend our clients' unique business needs, obstacles, and goals, we work directly with them.


Model Selection

We choose the best pre-trained generative AI model, or a combination of models, based on the indicated demands. This could include specific image-based generative models or well-known models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.


Data Integration & Fine Tuning

We incorporate the generative AI system with the client's data sources, including text, photos, and other types of information. In addition, we adjust and refine the chosen model to match the domain-specific data and business requirements of the customer.


Testing & Evaluation

The integrated generative AI system is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to full implementation. This guarantees high-quality output generation along with performance, accuracy, and compatibility with the client's operations.


Support & Maintenance

In order to keep the generative AI integration current, effective, and in line with any shifting business needs or technology breakthroughs, we offer continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Why Hire Generative AI Engineers From Us?

Proficient Knowledge Of ML & Other Technologies

With their in-depth understanding of ML, deep learning, and neural network architectures, our generative AI experts can develop genAI models and solutions that produce imaginative and contextually appropriate content.

Knowledge Of Data Mining And Analytics

Strong mathematical skills in linear algebra, calculus, probability, and statistics are demonstrated by our generative AI developers. These skills are essential for effective data mining and analytics.

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Commitment To Excellence

Our generative AI engineers are committed to delivering the best possible results for every generative AI project, from the very beginning to the end, and are driven by a passion for innovation and perfection.

Complete Knowledge Of Key Generative Tools

Our generative AI engineers provide excellent generative AI solutions and custom models using their knowledge of Python, frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, and sophisticated models like DALL-E, Midjourney, and ChatGPT.

Our Engagment Models


Dedicated Development Team

Our developers use state-of-the-art cognitive technology to provide our clients with customized solutions and superior services.

  • Agile procedures
  • Open-minded pricing
  • Billing per month
  • Maximum adaptability
  • Ideal for software/product firms, MVPs, and startups

Team Extension

Our team extension concept is intended to help clients who want to add the specific knowledge required for their projects to their teams

  • Adapt to demand
  • Efficient and economical
  • Billing per month
  • Avoid the headaches of hiring
  • Open-minded pricing

Project Based Model

Our team of software development specialists provides support to our project-oriented strategy, which is aimed at attaining project objectives and facilitating client collaboration.

  • A dedicated project manager
  • 95% of the projects were completed on schedule and under budget.

Development Expertise Our Generative AI Developers Have Experienced In


Chatbot Development

Our Generative AI developers can help you elevate your customer experience. The bot will not only engage but will also conduct meaningful conversations which enhances your brand’s communication and customer satisfaction.


Voice Assistant

Provide your customers with quick voice support in a sophisticated voice and let them quickly get answers to their queries. This allows you to have quick and hands-free software and provide robust customer support.


Predictive Analysis

With the assistance of your data scientists we can leverage predictive analysis which performs rigorous cross and upselling. Moreover, they can forecast trends, optimize operations, and more.


AI Companion App Development

Get a personalized AI companion app that solves all customer queries and even interacts with them at any point in time. Moreover, our developers can even integrate an AI companion into your system and enhance customer support on it.

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Inspiring Customer Reviews

"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last 3 months and the communication has been great, and if we have any urgent deadline they are always there to help…"

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last past 6 months as an extended team and the experience has been great, they have great work ethics…"

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The generative AI experts at Appic Softwares are skilled in creating domain-specific generative AI models that produce original text, music, and visual outputs that are pertinent to your company. Our professionals use cutting-edge methods like deep learning to give machines the ability to mimic human-like creativity. In addition, our group specializes in creating genAI solutions that are customized to meet your unique requirements. We offer thorough advice to guarantee these solutions are utilized to their full potential as well as easy integration into your current IT architecture.

In addition to helping with design optimization and user experience personalization, generative AI may automate content production. Therefore, hiring generative AI experts can improve more than only content creation for your company. They provide unique genAI models and solutions that improve productivity, efficiency, and process optimization while saving a significant amount of money. No matter what business you work in, our generative AI engineers can help you fully utilize this technology because of their vast expertise in working with a variety of industries.

Because of their extensive experience developing and implementing generative AI models and solutions for a wide range of use cases, the generative AI engineers at Appic Softwares stand out. Their engagement with clients from many industries provides them with a sophisticated understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with incorporating generative AI models into real-world scenarios.

Our developers are skilled with technologies like DALL-E and ChatGPT, frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, and programming languages like Python. They are knowledgeable in collaborative teamwork, machine learning principles, efficient problem-solving, and data processing. They also continue to be committed to lifelong learning, keeping up with the most recent developments in the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence. Our engineers' broad skill set enables them to tackle a wide range of AI problems and provide specialized solutions that cater to the particular needs of customers in different sectors.

The cost of hiring Generative AI engineers totally depends on the duration you are hiring the developers for. We provide developers at just $18/Hour.

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