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Property Management Software Development Services

Our company creates exceptional property management software that adheres to all of the stringent regulations that are present in both residential and commercial real estate.


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What Is Property Management Software?

Property managers can automate back-office, financial, and administrative tasks with the use of property management software, an app-based software solution. Features like online tenant portals, electronic leases, document storage, maintenance tracking, and online payment processing are frequently included in these solutions. From solo landlords to property owners overseeing thousands of units, property management software offers benefits to a broad spectrum of users.

Our Property Management Software Development Services


Cloud Based PMS Development

Services for custom cloud-based property management systems are offered by our professionals at Appic Softwares. Through these services, property managers can monitor all activity around the clock and have access to leasing and property information.


Property Management CRM Services

For property managers, our specialists create and integrate CRM programs that hold contact details, leases, move-in and move-out dates, and marketing collateral. Portals for submitting and establishing guidelines for criminal background checks and eviction history searches are part of our CRM.


Custom Software For Property Management

We offer full-cycle software development services, which include design, MVP construction, quality control, and continuing assistance. We will carefully examine your company's requirements in order to provide superior property management software.


Property Management Software Audit

We conduct an analysis of your present property management software to find hidden expenses, shield you from technical debt, modernize outdated systems, and shorten the time to market.


Commercial PMS Development

Regardless of your role as a landlord, property manager, agent, or broker, our property management software solutions will increase sales by 200% and double your delivery speed.


Listing Portal And MLS Development

From the ground up, we can create a property listing gateway that works flawlessly with your CRM, email marketing campaign, corporate website, mobile application, and more.

Our Property Management Software Development Services

Requirement Gathering

Analyze the project's scope correctly and develop a plan.

Product Development

Use documentation to begin the actual development process.

Project Launch

Lastly, we will launch the app on the preferred platform (iOS or Android).


UI/UX Design

Give each app a distinctive and user-friendly design.

In-depth Testing

Thoroughly test to ensure that all faults are fixed before launching


Requirement Analysis

In order to fully comprehend our clients' unique business needs, obstacles, and goals, we work directly with them.


Model Selection

We choose the best pre-trained generative AI model, or a combination of models, based on the indicated demands. This could include specific image-based generative models or well-known models like GPT-3 and GPT-4.


Data Integration & Fine Tuning

We incorporate the generative AI system with the client's data sources, including text, photos, and other types of information. In addition, we adjust and refine the chosen model to match the domain-specific data and business requirements of the customer.


Testing & Evaluation

The integrated generative AI system is thoroughly tested and evaluated prior to full implementation. This guarantees high-quality output generation along with performance, accuracy, and compatibility with the client's operations.


Support & Maintenance

In order to keep the generative AI integration current, effective, and in line with any shifting business needs or technology breakthroughs, we offer continuous support, maintenance, and upgrades.

Why Choose Appic Softwares For Property Management Software Development?

Hands-On Experience In Real Estate

Software creation with your needs in mind.

C1 English

Open, honest, and straightforward communication.

man man

Speed And Accuracy

95% of the projects were delivered on time and within the set budget.

Tech Proficiency

Our skilled developers can assist you in creating a future-proof application.

Various Types Of Property Management Softwares Provided By Us


Hotel Property Management System

You can benefit from a seamless and streamlined front and back office management of your hotel with a tailored PMS system. All operations, including invoicing and assigning rooms, are automated and controlled by a single computer database.


Residential PMS Development

Benefit from Residential PMS that is customized for you. We'll bring you an all-in-one, time-saving solution that combines data tools, streamlined operations, payment options, and much more.


Real Estate Sales And Workflow Management

We provide custom software development for document sharing, marketing email campaigns, sales, workflow automation, and many other repetitive operations.


Industrial Property Management Software

Are you looking for an industrial property management software that combines payment, booking, and accounting features into one? You will find our services to be quite beneficial.


Commercial Property Management Software

Are you a renter, property manager, or commercial landlord? In either case, our commercial PMS software development services will be an ideal alternative for you; we can integrate reservation channels, data tools, bookkeeping functions, and any other model into one.

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In 2020, the size of the global property management market was estimated to reach 13,88 billion USD, and the COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a beneficial demand shock for the industry. The market is predicted to reach 28,21 billion by 2028, having grown by 8.7% in 2020.

The cost of creating a custom real estate property management system depends on the list of features you want in your app. Also, the UI/UX of the app also influences the cost of development. However, you can expect the cost of the app when developed by Appic Softwares to be in the range of $10,000 to $50,000.

The duration to develop a Property management solution depends on the list of features and the look of the software. You can expect the app to be developed within 3-12 months if developed from Appic Softwares.

  • Software for managing residential properties
    Navigating multi-family housing and several properties is made easier with online residential property management software. Thus, the development of PMS software helps to focus and organize the job. Online residential property management software comes with space management, marketing, eWallet app payments, and maintenance management features.
  • Software for Managing Commercial Properties
    Owners of office buildings or retail locations can manage their properties more effectively and smoothly with the use of commercial real estate property management software. They can benefit from online payment collection, rent modification scheduling, online reporting, lease data collection, and property maintenance features with PMS software development.
  • Property Management Software for Apartments
    Software for managing apartment properties makes landlord easier and offers a more organized, safe method of overseeing the entire leasing procedure. Creating this kind of property management software facilitates effective communication, resident screening, marketing, leasing, rent collection, and maintenance tracking for landowners.
  • Property Management Software for Hotels
    For their hotel operations, the hotel industry has always favored property management software development. Therefore, effective hotel property management software facilitates online bill payment administration, room booking, data collecting, and check-in and check-out.

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