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Know The Cost Of Hiring Developers

Software Maintenance And Support Service

Stay light years ahead of your competitors by ensuring smooth software maintenance support from us.


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About Us

Appic Softwares is a leading software development company situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We have an experienced team of professionals who have assisted various industries ranging from Ecommerce to Healthcare. We ensure 100% stability and reliability of your software while adhering to customer acceptance.

Software Maintenance And Support Services Offered By Us


Secure And Stable App

Know about application support and maintenance models that cover all bases, including round-the-clock availability and secure access protocols to address your company's needs.


Minimal Downtime

Learn the accepted principles of app maintenance, including adaptive, corrective, preventative, and perfective approaches. Make sure your applications are working smoothly with little downtime.


High Performance

With our strong tools and proven knowledge, you can now get in-depth performance evaluations of your software and tailor apps to fit your company's needs.


Feature Customization

In order to make highly focused improvements and adjustments, it is recommended to hire seasoned professionals in the field to examine your business thoroughly while staying true to your specialization and vertical.

Approach Followed By Us For Maintenance And Support

Requirement Collection

Collecting your development initiative's documentation and process specifics is the first step for our teams. In terms of upkeep goals, this helps get things straight.


Once your maintenance process is in place, you can be confident that it will undergo thorough testing to guarantee that your software maintenance activities will be stable.

Release And Reporting

For documentation and future reference in maintenance, make use of teams with selected knowledge to compile replies and activities into readable reports.


Infrastructure Stability Evaluation

To gain a thorough comprehension of your processes and utilities, deploy software maintenance teams to assess the IT infrastructure's extensibility and scalability.

Testing Phase

In this stage, the team checks the MVP for errors and fixes them. This encompasses UAT in addition to functional and integration testing. Performance and security tests are also carried out by this organization.


Discovery Phase

Throughout the discovery phase, our team focuses on comprehending the problem that the MVP aims to resolve and determining the intended audience. This includes determining the MVP's goals and scope, as well as performing market and user research.


Design Phase

The team creates the MVP's design, which comprises the UX and UI, during the design phase. In order to ensure that the MVP is user-friendly, our team also creates prototypes and wireframes.


MVP Development

The groundwork for the MVP is laid by the team. Part of developing anything is writing code, connecting it to other services and APIs, and configuring servers and databases. In addition to using automated testing and doing frequent code reviews, the team ensures quality.


Testing Phase

In this stage, the team checks the MVP for errors and fixes them. This encompasses UAT in addition to functional and integration testing. Performance and security tests are also carried out by this organization.


Launch And Maintainance

In the launch phase, our team releases the MVP to the production environment and makes it accessible to users. Also, in order to gather data for future updates to the development process, our team helps you with maintenance as well.

On-Demand Support Services That Benefit You

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch app maintenance solutions and maximizing the functionality of your business apps for trouble-free delivery. These are the on-demand services we offer, ranging from bug fixes to task tracking:

OS And Server Maintenance

When it comes to IT transformation, our developers take a look at your IT business strategy, on-payroll resources, technology, and more. If necessary, we will evaluate your current applications and recommend operating system changes and system migration:

  • Operating System Updates
  • App Server Migration
  • Linux To Windows Migration

DevOps Solutions

For both established businesses and new ventures, automating software delivery procedures is the key to a secure and scalable infrastructure. The establishment of a contemporary company culture gave rise to our DevOps maintenance system:

  • DevOps Consulting Services
  • DevOps Configuration Management
  • DevOps Testing Services

Third-Party Maintenance

When it comes to fixing software issues and meeting your specific support needs, our staff of developers and support specialists is well-trained in the following areas:

  • Tech Advisory Service
  • Tax, Regulatory, And Compliance Updates

Software Maintainance And Support Engagement Model


Dedicated Hiring

Hire dedicated developers who will solely manage your software. You can hire a dedicated developer starting at just $15/Hr. You can even hire experienced developers from us and let them handle your support and maintenance.


Hire A Team

Hire a team of developers that includes a QA and a project manager. You can hire them by interviewing every single person and then create your own team. You will be managing the team on your own, there will be no interference from your side.


Project Based

In this engagement model, we will be managing all your future needs by choosing a team. We will be managing the team and will be providing a weekly work report to you on regular basis.

Gain Our Exceptional Expertise Of Maintaining Software

Facilitate enormous but sustainable expansion for your corporate app by selecting the maintenance plan that best suits your company objectives. Efficiently fix issues and bugs while bridging gaps in your IT ecosystem.

Adaptive Software Maintenance

Deploy our maintenance specialists to fine-tune your program so it continues to run optimally in harmony with the changing conditions, retaining stability and utility, whenever your software environment experiences severe changes.

Corrective Software Maintenance

Now you can minimize instances that lower the quality of your UX by deploying maintenance teams with hands-on knowledge in finding and repairing bugs and eliminating glitches. As part of routine maintenance and emergencies, perform necessary repairs.

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Preventive Software Maintenance

To keep up with the always-changing IT industry, you need to re-engineer your software. Improve current operating traits by adding new, useful features and removing old, unnecessary ones.

Perfective Software Maintenance

You may extend the life of your corporate application and increase its performance by adding features. Obtain game-changing features for industry-leading usability and eliminate problems stifling performance to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Software Product Maintainance To Scale Up User Experience

Revitalize old software and include new, relevant technology with the help of software product maintenance services that adhere to industry-standard, genuine procedures.


Ongoing App Enhancement

Get extra help with your process apps, such as addressing bugs, analyzing and solving problems, and having on-call assistance, to make them stronger.


App Maintainance/Support

Maintain a steady pace of business by engaging in app modernization operations on a regular basis. Our support experts are available 24/7 to assist you.


Perfective Upgrades

Come up with flexible features for your business app, and we will build it. Improve a plethora of new features and functions to remain competitive.


Performance Monitoring

To conduct thorough process analysis and provide adjustment suggestions based on technical needs, hire a team of skilled quality analysts.


Technical Improvement

Improve the performance of your workplace apps by altering their DNA. Optimize technological frameworks, rewrite code, and reorganize app architecture.


Security Review And Compliance

A professional team will ensure a smooth process by conducting periodic and continual checks on the app's functionality and compliance criteria.


SLA Driven Software Support

Robust software support is essential to meet your company requirements, such as network uptime, speed, and customer service availability.


Backup And Recovery

Give your business data to our dynamic servers, and we'll keep it safe while making it easy to access with correct authentication.

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last 3 months and the communication has been great, and if we have any urgent deadline they are always there to help…"

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"We have been working with Appic Softwares for the last past 6 months as an extended team and the experience has been great, they have great work ethics…"

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The cost of software maintenance and support depends on your project size and the number of resources you require for your project. For example, we provide dedicated resources at just $15/Hr, and that gets multiplied by the number of resources you hire.

We will assign a dedicated project manager for you that will ensure all your requirements are smoothly managed. Moreover, if you are willing to hire a dedicated developer then you can avail a free project manager by hiring a developer for at least 3 months.

The goal of application support is to set up reliable and adaptable operational procedures that work well without you having to lift a finger, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. We optimize your solution to make it reliable in any environment, adjust your application to changes both foreseen and unexpected, and handle troubleshooting.

Reduced system downtime, improved security, and increased performance are all benefits of application maintenance services. This helps provide a better user experience and win over loyal customers.

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