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Modernizing the way you list your menu or service.

NoLimitQR is an advanced QR code generator that assists businesses to create, track, and manage custom QR codes with ease.

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About NoLimitQR

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NoLimitQR helps businesses of sizes to quickly create a QR code and enhance their marketing, operations, customer engagement efforts, and more. It has a user-friendly interface through which customers can build custom QR codes and help them take the QR game to the next level.

It even has robust features and also provides robust customer support.

It has been used by various businesses across different industries ranging from retail to hospitality helping them upscale customer experience in their store and drives more revenue.

Benefits Of NoLimitQR

  • Property searching
    Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Detailed property
    Streamline Operations
  • Making property
    Real-Time Performance Tracking
  • Customized Filter
    High Data Security
  • Categorized property
    Customizable Branding
  • Categorized property
    Third-party Integration

Key Features Of NoLimitQR

To tackle the need of our client, we equipped this project with several features-

  • Multi-purpose QR codes

    You can create QR codes from NoLimitQR for various purposes such as promoting social media accounts, creating a menu, event registration, online payments, and many more.

  • Customizations

    The QR codes can be customized as per the brands' identity. It comes with various design templates through which customers can change colors and apply logos, assisting them to provide branded experience to their customers.

  • Performance Tracking

    NoLimitQR provides report and analytics features through which users can track their QR code performance by checking metrics such as scan count, location, and time of the scan.

  • Team Collaboration

    NoLimitQR enables businesses to collaborate with their employees and assign them tasks, grant permission, share campaigns, and more.

Product Management

Project Approach

01 Planning

The project started with our business analyst team understanding the requirements of our clients and developing a project plan for them. During our interaction, we informed them about the estimated time and budget to complete their project.

02 Platform Development

Once a strategy was created, our analysts discussed it with the developers ensuring that all the ideas were discussed. Then we started developing their project using top-notch technologies. We ensured that all the client’s ideas are covered in the development.

03 Third-Party Integration

We added a feature in their application that allows NoLimitQR’s customers to connect the app with Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Helping customers to perform their marketing operations with ease.

04 Security & Privacy

We implemented security and privacy features in their software such as password protection, data encryption, and user access control.

05 Launch

In the end, we used the latest tools to launch their application to launch their software, making sure that it’s bug-free and includes all the features.

Technology Stack Used

Executing requirements
  • Executing requirements Laravel
  • Executing requirements HTML
  • Executing requirements CSS
  • Executing requirements Bootstrap

Client Testimonial

Miro Gordan

“Very satisfied with the customer service of Shubham. Avinash was taking care of my project and has been very helpful and answered all my questions. He was very professional and replied very fast and with the proper knowledge for my project. We worked on a QR code menu platform and will be happy to continue further development of this project.”

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