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Unleash your creativity: Build stunning applications through no-code technology.

What Is No-Code Development?

Through no-code technology, we can create eye-catching applications that are easy for you to manage and gives branded experience to your customers at the same time. These technologies use virtual interfaces and drag-and-drop features to create your application.

No-code technologies have their own pros such as faster development time, easy integration with third-party applications, comes with pre-built components, and so on. You can create a wide range of applications from no-code technologies such as websites, mobile apps, workflows, dashboards, and so on.

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Benefits Of No-Code Software Development

  • Low-code-development
    Reduces software development and deployment time
  • Visual-programming
    Reduces cost of development
  • Drag-and-drop-development
    Greater agility
  • Rapid-application-development
    Easy to customize
  • Citizen-development
    Easy third-party integration
  • Workflow-automation
    Improved scalability

No-Code Platforms We Work On

Here are some no-code platforms we can use to develope your application-

App-building-software Salesforce

Appic Softwares can help businesses of all ranges from startups to enterprises with Salesforce solutions. We follow a process of salesforce development that ensures that all your requirements are met and the created application is easy to surf.

We have a team of experienced developers that can help you implement your ideas in your software.

Codeless_development Pega

Pega can be used for business process management or customer relationship management. It helps businesses to streamline and automate their operations. Through this, you can upscale customer experience, improve customer engagement, and include artificial intelligence capabilities.

Just like Salesforce, Pega also provides some industry-level solutions such as Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service, and Pega Healthcare, that can be tailored to your needs.

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No-code technologies can be used to create a variety of applications ranging from e-commerce to customer relationship management systems. Appic Softwares can help you create such technologies with ease.

The duration of no-code software development depends on the list of features you want to include in your application. However, our business analysts will make sure to discuss the cost of the project before we start developing it.

There are various platforms through which we can help you create applications like-

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Power apps
  • Pega
  • OutSystems
  • Webflow
And many more.

The cost of no-code development depends on the features you want to integrate into your software. However, we provide competitive pricing compared to our competitors.

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