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Appic Softwares is a leading astrology app development company in India that provides custom solutions regarding app development and helps you bridge the gap between astrologers and the ones seeking astrological insights.

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Astrology App Development Solutions Provided By Us

Features Add More Features

If you have an already created solution related to astrology and you are planning to expand it then we can help you with it. Have a look at all the features that we can include in your Astrology app.

Astrological-API-Integration-ServiceAstrological API Integration Service

To help you include more astrological details in your app/website we can integrate several astrological APIs such as moon phase API, Doosha API, Panchang API, Kundli API, and more.

Ready-Made-Astrology-AppReady-Made Astrology App

We have created a ready-made astrology solution that is feature-loaded and holds all the astrological elements. Click on the link below to learn how our app works.

Check-Astrology-App-Development-PricingCheck Astrology App Development Pricing

If you have a tight budget but still are willing to start an astrology business online then we can help you. Check out the list of pricing that suits your budget.

Our Astrology App Development Services

Appic Softwares have a solid 6+ years of experience in mobile app development and can deploy various features in your astrology apps. Let’s have a look at some of the features that we can include in your astrology app-
Love Horoscope

Your customers can connect with astrologers and discuss their love life queries. Moreover, we can also add a section wherein astrologers can write descriptions around different zodiac signs and their love interests.

Horoscope Reports

This feature would contain brief information on a person’s daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly happenings as per their zodiac signs. Additionally, the customers can even talk to an astrologer through voice, video, or text chat and get more information.

Health & Wealth Report

A report that would include all the information related to a customer's health and wealth. Here too the customers can talk with astrologers or just read the report posted by astrologers on the mobile app page.

Connect With Therapists & Astrologers

Your customers can connect with a therapist to solve their mental issues or even an astrologer to get an insight into the coming future. You can charge the customers on per minute interaction.

Marriage Report

We can also include a marriage report feature where your customers can easily match different “kundlis” ( comparison between two natal charts ) and check their compatibility. Additionally, you can even provide dates on which your customers can get engaged or married.

Sell Stones

A portal wherein you can list and sell different types of stones like gemstones, rudraksh, and more through a secure payment feature.

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Astrology App Development Features We Can Include In Your App

Appic Softwares can help you create a feature-loaded astrology app with features like-:

Secure Payment Gateway


Video, Voice, & Chat Integration


Celestial Calendar


Appointment Booking


Push Notifications

Payment Options

Analytics & Reports


Admin Panel

Classroom Forums



Data Management

Our Astrology App Development Process

Appic Softwares astrology app developers follow a defined path of astrology app development which ensures that all your ideas are implemented. Let’s dive in and check out our process-:
Business Analysis

The process starts with our business analysts listening to your ideas and then creating a strategy for all the features that can be included in the app. The strategy created will be future-proof so that it’s easier for you to scale your app.

App Development
Mobile App Development

Our analysts then discuss the strategy with our astrology app developers. They then start crafting your app keeping in mind to include all the features in your app.

Mobile App Testing
Mobile App Testing

Up next, our mobile app testers will conduct a 360-degree overview of the app and will also ensure its security. We prioritize security as, customers will be sharing details on their personal lives and thus, it should be kept safe from cybercriminals.


At the end, we will launch your app on Android and iOS. We will even track its performance and make changes as per your demand to ensure that the app is always trending.

Why Choose Appic Softwares As Your Astrology App Development Company?

From a wide array of reasons, we have gathered the top four reasons why you should choose Appic Softwares as your finance app development company. Let’s find out-
Custom Design

We have an in-house team of UI/UX designers that can custom-build a unique app design. The design will be user-friendly so that it’s easier for astrologers to upload content and for customers to access the content. Moreover, our designers ensure that the created page provides branded experience to your customers.

Post-launch Support

Appic Softwares provide 180 days, 24X7 customer support after launching your app that too without any additional charges.

We Use the Latest Technologies

Appic Softwares use the latest technologies like AI, Blockchain, Big Data, and many more while developing your app, which helps you stand out from your competitors.

Secure App Development

We are an ISO-certified firm that strictly complies with NDA policies. Additionally, the app we create is of high security that ensures the safety of your customer’s data.

Technology We Use To Build Your Astrology App

Appic Softwares use a wide range of technologies while developing an app, let’s have a look at some of the technologies-:
Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to make it easier for users to access your app. Through AI users can conduct voice searches, get product recommendations, biometrics, and so on.

Big Data

Through this technology, you would get reports of the app that tells you how successful your strategies are working. Some of the reports that you can get are app traffic, customer experience, ease of use, and so on.


To keep the data on your app secure, we use Blockchain technology. Blockchain makes it impossible for cybercriminals to alter the data saved within the system.


This technology makes it easier for your customers to interact with astrologers and share their thoughts with them.


The duration of creating an astrology app depends on the list of features you want to integrate into your app. However, Appic Softwares ensures that your project is developed within the set timeframe.

Just like duration, the cost of developing an astrology app depends on the features you want in your app. Appic Softwares will help you create a strategy in which all your features would be included at a low price.

There is no fixed duration for updating an app, it depends on the changes you want to make to it. The changes can be due to customer suggestions or your own marketing need. Appic Softwares post-launch support will ensure that you always stay trending.

Some of the technologies that Appic Softwares can deploy in your astrology app are-:
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AR/VR
  • Blockchain
  • BigData
  • Gamification
  • And many more.

Appic Softwares can launch your app on both Android and iOS. Moreover, we can also develop PWA applications for you.

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