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Drupal Mobile App Development

Drupal Mobile App Development

Appic Softwares is a leading Drupal Mobile App Development Company that has previously worked with clients across different industries and countries.


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Our Engagment Model

  • Hourly Hiring
  • Fixed Hiring
  • Dedicated Team

Drupal For Mobile App Development

The main application of Drupal is for web-based content management. But! The back-end of developing mobile apps is its primary functional area. Basically, it responds to requests and events and serves as a data source for mobile applications. Additionally, it keeps track of your content, user administration, business logic, and search capabilities. On the other hand, your app can operate at the front end and use Service modules in Drupal.

Drupal can be used in two different ways:

  • Building a mobile application using a Drupal website that has been established.
  • By utilizing data models in API formats like JSON, RESTful, and GraphQL, Drupal enables you to construct native, hybrid, and PWA mobile solutions.

Native Drupal Mobile App Development Services Offered By Appic Softwares

Drupal is not just a web-based development platform, it can even be used to create and manage the backend of a mobile app. It provides you with user management, content management, and more.

Native Mobile App Development Capabilities Offered By Drupal
  • A Google Play or App Store app's ability to charge for services
  • Subscriptions and in-game purchases made through Google Play, the Game Store, and other app shops
  • Native mobile app networks' in-app advertising
  • Access to the camera on the smartphone to take photos or videos
  • For caching, gain access to the device's file system.
  • Contacts on the device are accessible
  • Access to the device's gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, and map
  • native map capabilities

Types Of Drupal Mobile Apps That We Can Create For You


Native Mobile App Development

Appic Softwares can help you create a native mobile app that can perform all the functionalities and help you store data. Connect with us now to get a robust native Drupal app developed by the best Drupal developers.


Drupal iOS Native App Development

Drupal can be used as a backend technology to maintain and store data on iOS devices. If you are planning to create software using Drupal for iOS then Appic Softwares experienced Drupal developers can help you create apps that are fully customized and bug-free.


Android Native App Development

Develop a native Android app that matches your requirements with the assistance of our top-notch Android app developers. We will be assisting you from ideation to launching the Drupal-powered Android app.


Hybrid Drupal App Development

Although Drupal is not a Hybrid app development platform, we can still create Hybrid functionalities and help you launch your app on both iOS and Android with the same functionalities. This will help you create a standardised UX for your customers and they won't feel alien when they are using some other OS.


PWA App Development

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are being promoted as the direction that mobile apps should take in the future. PWAs combine the responsive design of currently-existing websites with additional JavaScript to speed up page response for users and handle times when an Internet connection is not available.

Our Engagement Model

Appic Softwares operates in three different types of engagement model that makes it easier for you to choose and avail of our services.

Hire Drupal Developers Hourly

The Time and Material strategy's main focus is on small and medium-sized businesses because these projects are challenging and drawn out. T&M is also appropriate for ongoing projects that require support or maintenance, as well as for initiatives that are being tested.

  • Ill-defined project concept
  • Flexible workflow
  • Unspecific target market
  • High standards of control

Dedicated Team Of Drupal Developers

The methodology of the Dedicated Team is especially advantageous for enterprise undertakings. We typically observe two scenarios: one in which a committed team is formed to start developing a product from scratch, and the other in which a committed team is formed to continue doing so.

  • Ideal for complicated projects
  • Continually working together
  • Targeting the global market
  • The desired degree of involvement

Why Choose Drupal For Mobile App Development?

Here are the top 6 reasons why choosing Drupal for mobile app development is a better choice-

  Robust Content Management

Drupal is renowned for its powerful content management capabilities. When building mobile apps, having a solid foundation for content management is crucial. Drupal's flexible content types and structured data make it easier to organize and deliver content to your mobile app consistently.

  Scalability and Flexibility

Mobile apps often need to grow and adapt to changing user needs and evolving technology. Drupal's modular architecture allows developers to add or modify features easily. This scalability and flexibility are valuable for long-term app development and maintenance.

  Open Source Advantage

Drupal is open source, meaning it's cost-effective and has a large community of developers contributing to its growth. This translates to a wealth of modules, themes, and resources available for building mobile apps without incurring high licensing fees.

  API Integration

Mobile apps frequently require integration with external services, APIs, and databases. Drupal excels at API integration, making it seamless to connect your mobile app to various data sources, third-party services, or social media platforms.

  Responsive Design

Mobile responsiveness is essential for modern mobile app development. Drupal's theming system and responsive design tools ensure that your app looks and functions well on a variety of devices and screen sizes, enhancing the user experience.

  Security and Community Support

Drupal prioritizes security, and its active community continually addresses vulnerabilities and releases updates. Choosing Drupal for your mobile app development means benefiting from the collective expertise of a vast developer community dedicated to maintaining the platform's security.

Our Drupal Mobile App Development Process

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    We will begin the development process by getting to know your company and your requirements for a CMS. What kind of design are you searching for? What are the prerequisites that your project must meet? What more qualities are crucial? Here, we go deeply into your business and discover your aims and objectives. This phase of the Drupal development process is crucial since it allows us to learn more about your business and the features you desire in a CMS.

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    We will construct the web application you wish to design during the development phase. We want to make sure we are meeting your demands and developing a solution that will meet them, so this involves working with your company, conducting market research, and much more.

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    Although development is usually considered to be the "meat" of the Drupal process, it is by no means the only crucial phase. Design for user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) are equally important. This pertains to the style, feel, and overall experience of the website as well as the visual appeal of your online application. Your web application will have a user experience that is as strong as its structural integrity thanks to the skill of our UX/UI designers.

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    A crucial step in the Drupal development process is QA testing. The QA engineers will carefully test your web application during this stage or these steps. It is true that finding flaws and problems for the development team to fix is a part of that, but there is much more to it than that. The QA team's primary goal is to verify that the website is of the greatest caliber possible in terms of aspects like performance, functionality, load capacity, and more.

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    It's time to launch and release your web application to your audience after discovery, development, design, testing, and any other procedures we both think necessary for completing your project effectively. However, web apps do require maintenance and upgrades, just like any other technology product. We are available to help you and maintain your product current.

Why Appic Softwares For Drupal Mobile App Development?

High-Standards High Standards

Appic Softwares holds its employees and projects to incredibly high standards. You may be confident that your Drupal developers are the best available as we exclusively hire the top 1% of tech talent. We also adhere to these principles when building web applications for you or alongside you. These characteristics produce outstanding, superior products.

Seamless-CommunicationSeamless Communication

We are timezone synchronized with the US, and every member of our team is English-speaking. This indicates open communication, which is crucial to the development process, especially when work is being outsourced to a third party. We are here to make communication as seamless as possible since we understand that you want to be able to work together with your partner's team members.

Dedicated-Project-ManagerDedicated Team With A Project Manager

Our teams will always provide your company and project their complete attention. You will have more time to focus on your main business if you outsource your technical requirements to a partner organization with subject-matter expertise in your industry. You don't have to worry about your website's specifications because we will take care of the rest.Moreover, you would also get a dedicated project manager for you who will ensure that the development process runs smoothly.


With you, we will be completely open and transparent throughout the Drupal development process. We are available to respond to inquiries and keep you updated on our progress. We think there shouldn't ever be a surprise. The project manager will inform you about the progress and the work done by the developers throughout the week.

Range-Of-Specialities Range Of Specialities

Are you trying to find a developer for Drupal? UI/UX designer? QA (quality assurance) engineers, perhaps? yet another tech expert? We're here to assist you with anything you need. The IT industry's employees at Appic Softwares cover a wide spectrum of specialties, including programming, design, QA testing, and everything in between.

PricingPricing Is Never A Problem

For Drupal development, you don't have to rely on pricey providers. The nearshore outsourcing strategy used by Appic Softwares is a practical choice for high-quality Drupal development. Compared to hiring full-time, in-house developers and even onshore freelancing or part-time services, it is significantly less expensive.

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Drupal Mobile App Development refers to the process of using the Drupal content management system to create and manage content for mobile applications or to build mobile apps with Drupal as the backend.

Yes, Drupal is a suitable choice for building mobile apps, especially when you need a robust content management system to organise and deliver content to your mobile app effectively.

While basic coding knowledge is helpful, you can use Drupal's user-friendly interface and pre-built modules to develop mobile apps without extensive coding skills. More complex features may require coding expertise.

A responsive website adapts its layout and design for various screen sizes, including mobile devices. A mobile app, built with Drupal or other tools, is a standalone application installed on a user's device, providing a more interactive and customized experience.

Yes, Drupal can be used to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms by leveraging cross-platform development frameworks or creating separate apps for each platform.

Drupal offers various modules and tools for integrating third-party APIs seamlessly. Developers can configure and customize these modules to fetch and display data from external sources in the mobile app.

Security is crucial when developing mobile apps. Drupal provides robust security features, but it's essential to keep the platform and modules updated. Additionally, follow best practices for secure coding and user authentication.

Yes, it is possible to build native mobile apps using Drupal as the backend. Several frameworks and technologies, like Flutter or React Native, can be used to create native apps while connecting to Drupal for data management.

To ensure cross-platform compatibility, you can use cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter or React Native. These frameworks allow you to write code once and deploy it on both iOS and Android platforms.

There are numerous online tutorials, documentation, and Drupal communities where you can find resources to learn about Drupal Mobile App Development. Additionally, you can explore Drupal-focused courses and books for in-depth knowledge.

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