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Astrology API Integration Services

Are you looking to expand your Astrology app and planning to integrate various Astrology APIs into your software? If yes then you are at the right place, Appic Softwares can help you integrate multiple Astrological services into your software, and help you generate more revenue.


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Types Of Astrological APIs That Appic Softwares Can Help You Integrate

Daily Horoscope Insights

Now you don’t have to write the astrological insights related to sunshine. Through the Horoscope integration service, on your app/website, you don’t have to type in the requirements daily. The API would automatically update the correct insights.


Kundli/Birth Chart Integration

Let your customers know the details of their Kundli by integrating the Kundli/Birth Chart API into your app. They only need to fill in their Name, Date and Time of birth, and Place of birth, rest the API would provide them with the desired information.

Kundli Matching API Integration

Through this integration, customers can know the details of their partners, whether they have a future with them or not. For this too, they only have to add a name, place of birth, DOB, and time of birth for both males and females to gain the knowledge.


Panchang API Integration

Let your customers know the right time to buy stuff or the right time for anything. Panchang will inform your customers when to do or purchase things. The API would automatically include all the desired data; you don’t have to manage things constantly.

GemStone Matching API

Through this API your customers can find the GemStone that matches their sunshine. By entering their name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, they would get an exact list of gemstones that their customers can wear.


Moonphase API

The "Moon Phase API" is an application programming interface (API) that provides information about the current phase of the moon. This can be used by you to provide more knowledgeable insights to your customers.

Chat/Call API

Let your customers connect with the astrologers through a chat or call functionality. Astrologers can provide better insights and can open a door to monetize your app.


Payment Gateway API

If you are planning to monetize your business then we can help you integrate different Payment Gateways into your store. The payment gateway would also help your Astrologers get the desired payment for the service they provide on your app.

Love Calculator API

By just entering some generic details of both humans, anyone can check their compatibility and if they have a future together. This API can help you gain more traffic on your app or website.


Chinese Astrology API

Chinese astrology can be the unique element you're looking for to breathe life into your website and app. Give your users access to their Chinese zodiac sign, personality traits, and year forecast. Engage users in new ways.

Manglik Calculator API

Through this API customers can check if they are manglik or not. Moreover, they can even check for remedies on your app/website.


Tarot Card API

A Tarot Card API is an application programming interface that provides access to information related to tarot cards, tarot readings, interpretations, and other related content.

Western Astrology API

Western astrology, commonly referred to as tropical astrology, is an extensive astrological platform that provides a wide range of features and capabilities for both individual and business use.

You may include a variety of astrological knowledge and customized horoscopes into your app or website with the help of our simple-to-use APIs.


Vedic Astrology API

Vedic astrology is a long-standing, sophisticated practice that provides significant insights into the universe's mysteries.

You may quickly and simply access a wealth of Vedic astrological knowledge and incorporate it into your app or website with the help of our user-friendly APIs.

Natal Chart API

You get natal planetary positions, house cusps, aspects, and more in a single API. Obtain the moon phase, dominant hemisphere, dominant element, and dominant mode at the time of birth.


Transit & Forecast API

We can provide personalized transits with bespoke orbs or current sky positions of the planets. Additionally, the API will provide customized transit interpretation APIs on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.

Planetary Return API

Our SR computations and interpretations API thoroughly covers Solar Return, which is its most common application. Additionally, planetary returns API for Saturn, Node, Jupiter, and other planets are available.


Dosha Analysis API

One of the most distinctive aspects of Vedic Astrology is the ability to identify doshas in the Kundli. Our dosha APIs include the most common doshas as well as their corrective actions.

Personalised Gochar API

The positions of the planets in the sky on a specific date and location are known as gochar or transits. The APIs will provide both customized gochar information depending on the birth chart and significant planetary shifts like the transit to a sign or nakshatra, among other planetary transits.


Krishnamurthy Paddhati API

KP APIs include a variety of KP astrology components, including cuspal charts, planet and house aspects, sublords up to three layers, and planet significators.

Lal-Kitab API

The Lal Kitab APIs are special in that they include the Lal Kitab chart, a thorough description of each planet in each house, and their appropriate treatments.

Based on Lal Kitab principles and with the aid of their treatments, the APIs provide lak kitab debts accrued in Lal Kitab Kundli.


Numerology API

Our accurate and professional Pythagorean Numerology APIs will delight your users. Numerological reports such as life path numbers, soul urge numbers, challenge numbers, and much more are all covered by our APIs.

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Learn about our specialized services that seamlessly integrate astrology-related data and features into your applications, enhancing user experiences.

Discover the benefits of enriching your app with real-time horoscopes, birth charts, compatibility analysis, and more, to keep users engaged.

There are various data that you can access through the APIs integrated by us such as

  • Daily Horoscope Data
  • Kundli/Birth Chart Data
  • Vedic Astrology Data
  • Kundli matching information
  • And many more.

We will take care of API integration, you don’t need to have any technical expertise to integrate the API.

Yes, we can customize the astrology features in your app. We can add various features such as Chat, Video Call, AI, and more.

Yes, we can customize the astrology features in your app. We can add various features such as Chat, Video Call, AI, and more.

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