The pet industry market has grown over the past few years, which has given almost everyone in the market new and exciting possibilities.

The American Pet Product Association (APPA) found in Pet Industry Market Size, Trends & Ownership Statistics that the total amount spent in the U.S. on pets is growing all the time. Spending also went up, from $90.5 billion in 2018 to $103.6 billion in 2020, and is expected to reach $109.6 billion in 2021. The study confirmed that the annual costs of pets keep going up from year to year.

Because of COVID-19, hundreds of vet businesses have had to move their operations online, which has also helped the pet industry grow.

In the same way, the field of mobile pet care apps is going forward very quickly.

There are now apps for pet care that make it easier for pet owners to get in touch with their vets and offer a variety of services.

The wide range of features in current software has led to a technological stack dilemma. Which computer language should I use to make the best dog care app? How do you tell the difference between good pet apps and average ones?

A good way to get started and avoid potential problems is to make an MVP version of the app. With this pilot choice, business owners can keep an eye on the good points and find the bad ones.

There are a lot of great features that every vet mobile app should have in its MVP release. This post will go over them.

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9 things that the best veterinary app for phones should have

9 things that the best veterinary app

It’s important to note that a vet care app really only involves two people: the pet owner and the veterinary center. That means you will also have to make two different kinds of apps. What each app needs to be able to do is a little different.

Take a look at these 9 qualities that the MVP solution must have. These are them:

Panel for owners to manage

The administrative panel seems like an absolutely necessary part of keeping the communication between the center and pet owners running smoothly.

Veterinary professionals can handle all the requests, text or video messages, and other messages that come in.

Veterinarian staff can see new appointments and handle existing ones in the admin dashboard.

It’s also very helpful for pet care workers because all the information about a pet and its owner is kept in one place.

Options for onboarding and authorization

The customer needs to make an account and be approved as a user in order to get services. Members may be more likely to keep using the service if it has a log-in option built in.

Profile of Pet

The general information about a pet is shown in the pet profile part. A pet owner can talk about their pet’s personality, behavior, and eating habits.

In this part, too, you should list the general information, like the breed, color, age, and weight.

The veterinarian can add to and change information about a pet’s possible illnesses and overall health.

This choice is very helpful because it lets the pet parent be very picky about the pet’s background.

How to pay and view order history

Because there are different subscription plans, cat owners can choose the one that best fits their needs.

You can set up a contract that pays for itself every month or every year. The customer could also choose a flat fee.

Most of the time, the vet clinic decides how and when to be paid by looking at the qualifications of the staff veterinarians, the type of advice services, and the length of the subscription period.

Set up an appointment

This feature lets pet owners pick a vet and set up a time and date that works for them to see their pet.

When the customer has simple questions, they can also text or email their chosen veterinarian.

You can have a meeting in person or over the phone or video call.

Calls with video and sound

Having a video or voice call with a vet doctor can seem very important in case your pet starts to show symptoms or gets hurt.

People who own pets can either set up a video and audio chat with an expert vet or go in person.

Live Chat

Pet owners can talk to pet care providers directly through an online chat tool.

A doctor can get the information they need about a pet’s changing health problems through a text, voice, or video message.

Integration of Google Maps

People who own pets can look for a vet center in the area. The search results will be shown on the map in the way that works best for you.

For obvious reasons, the “heat map index” feature that lets you see how busy each vet station is right now can be a nice extra.

Pet’s medical records

This part has all the legal medical information about a pet’s long-term illnesses, vaccinations, and allergies.

Parents of pets and vet staff can use this to look at a pet’s health data or see a list of all the paid visits that pet has had in the past.

The program made for vet service providers might have extra features. For example:

  • taking care of orders
  • money made
  • every day reports
  • status of a busy or inactive user
  • Index of heat maps.
  • Some nice-to-have mobile app features and extra functions that could be added in the next steps of the product’s development could be:
  • Don’t forget
  • Notifications for push
  • Articles and movies that teach
  • Reports in PDF
  • Events on Facebook
  • Watching over food
  • work out
  • Rates and reviews
  • Help with
  • Following GPS
  • giving first help.

Thanks to these useful features, both the business owner and the pet owners will be able to talk to each other quickly and comfortably.

Additionally, the aforementioned core set of features has been added to the following doctor apps:

You can get 11Pets from the Google Play Store and the PetCoach App Store. You can also get Rover from the Google Play Store and the PetDesk app.

Stack of Technology

Stack of Technology

The Flutter framework and the Dart computer language were used by Appic Softwares to make the best software for the project.

Even though Flutter is still pretty new, it has already become one of the most popular computer languages.

Want to know why? Check out our post on Why You Should Use Flutter to Make a Mobile App in 2023. You will learn why Flutter is becoming more and more popular among coders. As well as why people love the apps that are made with Flutter.

Appic Softwares set up a strong Agora SDK technology to make video and audio streaming possible. The Agora Web SDK library, Agora Real-time Communication (RTC), and Agora Real-time Messaging (RTM) have all been added.

Because the Agora SDK doesn’t have chat features for Flutter web options, our team had to use a JavaScript language along with a Flutter web plugin.

In this way, Appic Softwares was able to create a very useful mobile app for pet health that lets vet business owners and pet owners safely and reliably talk to each other on a single platform.


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