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A marketplace rendering community-based resale services.

TagHawk is a resale marketplace offering various communities a better experience to sell the used items. It usually works on tags; they are exclusive networks of concerned communities.

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2019 - Present

About TagHawk

TagHawk About Us

Taghawk defines what resale market can serve? It offers a community-based resale marketplace where one can easily find the needed commodity and one can easily post its surplus or resale commodity in communities. These communities exchange their interested requirements according to the needs of the party.

This meets the requirements in a defined manner with better communication and bridges a gap between demand and supply.

Benefits of TagHawk

  • Community-based resale marketplace
    Community-based resale marketplace
  • Risk-free cashless payment
    Risk-free cashless payment
  • In-app transportation solution
    In-app transportation solution
  • Minimize time, cost, and effort to furnish your new place
    Minimize time, cost, and effort to furnish your new place
  • Easy browsing and searching for the product in need
    Easy browsing and searching for the product in need
  • Can Connect to community news streaming
    Can Connect to community news streaming
  • Simplified searching for local sellers and buyers
    Simplified searching for local sellers and buyers
  • Secure chat and communication features
    Secure chat and communication features

Project Approach

Delivering solutions focus on unique ideation employing updated market trends.


To deliver community-based marketplace where:

  • Products resale transpire within the formed communities.
  • Easily formable communities known as tags, such as universities, charities, hospitals, organizations, schools, clubs, etc.
  • Transaction of inter-communities and intra-communities is open for all.

Reducing travel hassle by providing items for sale near you. Also works on the local market providing opportunities to localities to transact easily.


In-app transportation solution.


Cost reduction at every step from sellers and buyers. To provide buyers with effortless purchases.


Developing easy communication solutions to the communities, to facilitate healthy contact.


TagHawk has faced some rough challenges while integrating all the features together; some of these were:

  • Bringing communities together
  • Integrating community listing
  • Coordinating complicated functionalities such as location, community listing, etc.
  • Integrating third-party APIs
  • Application design changes and UI development
  • Working upon security parameters

Product management

Creating a resale marketplace was not an easy task. Our team had worked on its various parameters to integrate the unique ideation of the product in the documentation. The client brief was stated accurately and approved to proceed with app development.

The idea of the product was based on the tags- which are resale communities that help people to find their goods easily. Analyzed the product requirements and other necessities according to the documentation.

Initiated with app designs; wireframes and XD development. After finalizing we commenced working on UI & UX app designs.

Development was started on the backend and frontend with timely testing so that the app proceeded according to the requirements stated in the project documentation.

TagHawk - Product management


Mobile Frame

One-stop solution to buy and sell items

Rendering solutions in an identified way to develop an app by fulfilling all the resale market necessities.

  • Risk-free and cashless payment options are available.
  • Community-based mobile marketplace assists in selling the products in the local market with the ease of location tracing.
  • Helps effectively to reduce time, cost, and efforts in searching for necessities.

Bringing enormous communities together to create a healthy marketplace.

  • Communities of all the domains can be registered by the individuals.
  • Anyone from anywhere can join the community to take advantage of the community services.
  • On the new product update in the community notifications will be sent to all the community members.

Listing diversified commodities in accordance to the communities

The commodities in the app were listed according to the communities providing items for sale nearby.

  • The app helps in reducing transportation costs and other moving charges.
  • The commodities can be uploaded by the individual after creating an account on the application.
  • Product listing is created according to the communities.
  • Can trace the location of the product enlisted in the community.

Steady designs for interactive and appealing application

The UX design of Taghawk is simplified. It has features such as login, location access, product listings, communities, search, filter, rewards, etc. The base color used is blue and was inspired by the logo of the product. All the functionalities were arranged delicately delivering better UX designs.

TagHawk is developed to render simplified resale services with a very sleek design for the utmost user experience.

Steady designs for interactive and appealing application

Technologies assisted TagHawk to be the best e-resale marketplace

To develop a simplified resale app with eccentric functionalities incorporating the product ideation

TagHawk - Technologies
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Backend: Node.JS
  • Admin Panel Frontend: Angular
  • Application: Native Android and Native iOS

Product support and maintenance

In this phase, we ensured that our product carries all the quality standards. It should be reliable & relevant. By enlisting all the bugs and fixing them in a unified manner we maintain our product quality.

Our product has gone through rigorous testing which is directed towards the enhancement in the application. After delivering the product we provide 84 days support and maintenance.

Achieving the product objective as desired

We had started this project to incorporate all the features and to deliver the output exactly as per the promoter's ideation.

Our development process faced ups and downs and enormous technical issues in the implementation of complex functionalities, but with the team of the best developers, we resolved all the complexities and reached our goal.

Achieving the product objective as desired

TagHawk success story

TagHawk is one of the best projects we can adore. A distinct application solving market problems and unveiling a unified solution to all.

  • Offering people effortless service to buy or sell items within a community, and to avail various community services such as new product notification.
  • It focuses on the local channels or local buyer-seller communities by offering them tags. Tags such as building, university, neighborhood, club or interest group, etc.
  • TagHawk is an initiative to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers while minimizing time, cost, and efforts invested in the search of products. It is a risk-free domain facilitated by a cashless payment system.
TagHawk success story
TagHawk success story

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